Condolences for Ronald Anthony Pileggi


Sandra Rabello Pileggi posted on 8/15/22

My dear stepson I miss you so very much, words cannot even express!! I am so thankful of all those special moments we shared together and how you felt protective over me, how you and I ganged up on your dad to tease him!! I will forever treasure these moments. I love you with all my heart!!


Carson McLeod posted on 8/6/22

Yo, so check it, my man BIG RON or DRON for short, comes from when I was living in Treehou5 about 5 years ago. Me and Nelson Mandingo would be late night chillin, watching "The X Files," and then up from the depths would come BIG RON, and he would head for the kitchen. He would sneak a couple snack-y-poos and then head back to the basement, from whence he came. The other memory I have is him screaming at his computer. I later realized that he was playing PUB-G, and I understood where he was coming from. My first roommate in the Marine Corps used to scream at his TV, and it gave me flashbacks of living in Tr33Hou5. And ultimately, all I can say about BIG RON is that he had the biggest heart. He was immensely selfless, and cared more for those around him than himself. He took the time to ask about my day and always cared if something was off or wrong, and gave his input respectfully. BIG RON, brother, you will be missed. I love you.


Mary Palumbo posted on 8/1/22

The few times I crossed paths with Ronnie he always left me with a feeling of love and laughter. His smile is most memorable and permeating in my mind. That smile radiates in glory now. Oh love and prayers for all the family and friends. Comfort and grace in this time of passing through the valley. Love, Mary and Shaun