Condolences for Steve Tichenor

John DuVal posted on 5/23/22

I am just now finding out about the passing of Steve Tichenor. God speed old friend. Steve is also survived by his first wife Patricia Ostrom of Champaign Illinois. We all met Steve shortly after he arrived in Oregon in the summer of ‘72 with another friend from Oregon he met while stationed in Texas with the USAF. Steve became our bands mechanic, tech guru and around Mr. Fixit. Zany and larger than life with a sharp sense of humor and always up for a party. For ten years we all lived the life of rock&roll outlaws, misfits, international “importers” and general pranksters. It was a great ride and like all such things came to an end too soon when most of us drifters off to our own corners. Lost all track of Steve for almost thirty years for which i am most sad. I hope someone posts up when the celebration of his life will be happening. Rest easy old friend. See you on the other side.


Martin Henninger posted on 5/23/22

Steve was an incredibly positive, dynamic spirit amongst the people he called his friends and I was honored to be counted as one of them. We shared a relatively short period of our lives together, maybe ten years all told, but he extended his generosity to me on many, many occasions, the most selfless being the repair of my first car after a nightmarish road trip on snow and ice coming home from a gig in Madras with my rock band. I learned how car axles were replaced and what happens when a wheel bearing goes out and you're far from home! He did this in the driveway of my parents home, an operation that took several hours and asked for not a penny from me in recompense, instead encouraging me to keep playing music, a promise I made to him then and have continued without stopping all these 50 years later. The memory of his big heart and love of music will stay with me always, but especially his always positive go-get 'em attitude which lifted me up so many times as a very young man trying to navigate adulthood. I will miss him dearly and treasure his memory! God Bless you, Steve!


Toby Gershon Padgett posted on 12/15/21

Steve, I literally just found out you had passed. Please know, "My Cavallo Brother," that you are incredibly missed and deep in our thoughts. Rest In Peace, Fellow Trojan and Wonderful Friend.


Susie Sawyer posted on 12/9/21

Oh, Steve! My dear, dear friend of my heart. You were the kindest friend I've known. You with your beautiful soul, your giving heart, all ready to help wherever you could. You and your goofy jokes, your big ol hugs, and all the raucous laughter we shared. . We were a little crazy. Times with you made every day spent with you perfect. I have all these memories... and I'm sure going to miss you like crazy! You were one of a kind! One day, I'll see you again and I know you'll be there with arms outstretched and laughing.


Susan L Pare' posted on 11/24/21

Words cannot express the sadness I feel. The world's loss of a wonderful, caring man is heaven's gain. I'm sure his 'sainted' mother has welcomed him with open arms and they are sharing a good book. So long, Steve. You will be missed more than words can say.