Condolences for Marilyn Christine Cameron

Alan Hamilton (Clark County Food Bank) posted on 10/5/21

Clark County Food Bank was a beneficiary of the beautiful life of Marilyn Cameron. With her husband Gerry, the Camerons were generous and caring, wanting to make sure that the people in our community were taken care of and helped. We appreciate the beautiful tribute that was written here and have good memory of Marilyn’s graceful and true beauty, the delightful sense of humor, and the sparkle and joy she brought to every situation. Many thousands of people in our community were helped and served because of Marilyn’s desire to give. The hungry have been fed, and this life is the reason why. You will be missed, but your legacy lives!


Stephanie McMurphy posted on 9/30/21

My favorite memories of Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Gerry was when they would take me out for our birthdays. It was so sweet of them but because Gerry and I shared birthdays it was extra special.


Kelly Medici posted on 9/30/21

One of many lovely memories I have of Marilyn was the occasion of her 40th birthday. Mr C, as I called him, had put extremely large lawn signs in the neighbors yards so any drivers approaching the house could read the message GUESS WHO’S FORTY! With a prominent arrow pointing to the Cameron home. Marilyn was slightly embarrassed but pleased as well with the attention and good wishes she received from all. It was a beautiful and fun party that I was lucky to attend as a friend of her daughter Susan. I can still see Marilyn’s face at the unexpected arrival of a dear old friend she hadn’t seen in ages. She will be missed by everyone who knew her. Much love to all her family.