Condolences for Gerald L. Cogan


Carol Cogan Koranda posted on 9/19/21

I miss you every day, my dear brother. Rest in peace. With my love.......


Steve Waksman posted on 9/16/21

Dr. Cogan was my first dentist when I moved to Portland in 1971. He was not only an outstanding dentist but a wonderful and kind human being. His memory is indeed a blessing.


Dennis Keenan posted on 9/16/21

It was a blessing and joy to work with Gerry when he created Willamette Dental Group, and when I was with Cascade Health Care. He was a real leader and innovator. Also, he took good care of my teeth for many years, and I enjoyed his wonderful sense of humor. May God rest his soul.


Arnold and Elaine Cogan posted on 9/16/21

We and Gerald and Zadell were married four days apart in 1952 and our first children, Laurie and Mark, were born a day apart in 1956. He was a special brother, brother in law and uncle to all our children and we have many fond family memories.


Bonnie Craft posted on 9/14/21

Dr. Cogan, This makes me very sad! You will be very missed. I really enjoyed working with you for so many years. Rest now & be at peace.


Mark Cogan posted on 9/13/21

Dr Gerald Cogan was a tireless and passionate advocate for protecting our constitutional rights and freedoms. He was a steadfast supporter of the ACLU and the Democratic Party. Please re-read the Preamble to the US Constitution. He was devoted to the ideals of our country, and was writing a book based on the Preamble. He was a man who took to heart the admonition of the prophet to love justice and mercy and walk humbly with the Eternal. He will be missed.


Cindy Compton posted on 9/13/21

Such a kind man. Enjoyed working with you Dr. Cogan. Condolences to the Cogan family.



Robert Finkelstein & family posted on 9/13/21

Wonderful man; fond remembrances; an honor to know you.


Kim Feltz posted on 9/13/21

Daniel & Lisa - you’re in my prayers. I’m sorry for your loss and offer my sincere condolences for comfort during this time of loss. I admired him greatly.


Lisa Craft posted on 9/13/21

Oh, this makes me sad. 🥲 Such a sweet man. RIP Dr Cogan…My condolences to the Cogan family.


Marie A posted on 9/13/21

Enjoyed working with you so many years


Cheryl Cogan posted on 9/11/21

So sad to hear, המקום ינחם אתכם. (Hamakon yenachem etchem). Condolences to all the extended family; to Uncle Gerald's siblings, his children and his grandchildren.