Condolences for William Albert “Al” Bailey

Lynette posted on 12/20/19

I so enjoyed knowing Al in Tai Chi. I loved his sparkle, and hearing bits of stories from his long life. He said he worked building Mt. Rushmore (not carving, but schlepping). In honor of his work on Mt. Rushmore, and our deep respect for Al, we made a photoshop card for his 100th birthday, with Al's smiling face on Mt. Rushmore. Rest in Peace, Al.


Smokey posted on 12/19/19

I SO loved knowing Al and "Tai Chiing" with him for the last five years or more! Visiting with Al was always such a fun and learning experience! He was a Fellow of vast life experiences, a loving heart, Happiness and Humor that Flowed through Him, always. I miss him...yet my memories of "Al" are joyously with me, always!


Andy Huckfeldt posted on 12/6/19

As a South Dakota native I was pleased to meet Al at Tai chi class. I was always impressed by his positive attitude about life! God bless.


Lou Anne Henriques posted on 12/6/19

I was honored to know Al through our Tabor Heights United Methodist Church. He was a positive example to me of graceful aging, especially as I watched him perform Tai Chi with his Hollywood Senior Center class aided by his walker.


Lou Anne Henriques posted on 12/6/19

I was honored to know Al through our Tabor Heights United Methodist church. He was a fine example of graceful aging to me especially as I watched him perform his Tai Chi class movements with the aid of his walker!


Claudia Shobert posted on 12/5/19

Al was an inspiration to me. I admired all the wonderful qualities that made him the special person that he was. He had intelligence, wit, charm and a caring heart. I met him late in life through the Golden Dragons Paddling Team. Wish I had known him earlier in my life. Al was kind, compassionate, and a true gentlemen. sadly there are few people like that in the world today. He will be truly missed.


Suzanne Thornton posted on 12/5/19

Albert, Yes, I will miss such a kind engaging friend as Al. A man, a gentleman, along with being respectful and open to all. What I know most about my friend was how fully he participated in this life he was given. I only experienced the ending years, but I saw a runner, paddler, team mate and captain, a host, a lover, a boat captain, a good conversationalist and listener, a friend to many many people. We will miss him, especially February 4th. My love to Al's family and all his friends. Sue Thornton


Barbara Weeks posted on 12/5/19

I will always have wonderful memories of Al, from our Golden Dragon boat races. He was part of "The Greatest Generation".