Condolences for McKinleey Mangum

Ellen R Chase posted on 11/7/19

You were so loved Angel McKinleey and you brought so many people together today. I know you will watch over all of us, dance on the clouds and be that perfect little girl you were meant to be, you have others with you up there that welcomed you at heavens door RIP McKinleey



Laurie T Beine posted on 11/6/19

🎉Happy Birthday Beautiful🎉 🎀Angel Mckinleey Ann Mangum!🎀I'm so sorry I never got to come over and play with you sweetheart! 😭 You are a beautiful soul and so loved! 💞 Today I will celebrate your life With cake🎂 and balloons🎈


Mama / Kayla posted on 11/6/19

Baby girl your an angel now looking over all of us! Keep dancing in the sky sending us messages and me and daddy love you always and forever life isn’t the same and never will be your on my chest and words can’t desribe the pain and heart ache with in me mama so proud of you!!! I love you monkey Mama❤️


Eliza Gandee posted on 11/6/19

Baby girl, you’re beyond beautiful. Your heart was pure gold. You were truly one of the happiest kids around. Your family loves you so much and you are missed so much words cannot describe. Look over and protect your family. Be wild & be free baby girl!


Michele Huff posted on 11/6/19

Hey my little frenchfry,I'm gonna miss my little fishing & hunting buddy.Just won't be the same.Without you fishing & throwing my bait overboard. Could only wish you watch over us and laugh with your funny face to keep our lines filled with fish and your songs in our hearts. Love you Knucles (Great UncleJoe)



Tony Papasadero posted on 11/6/19

Beautiful little Mckinleey girl you lite up my life from the day you were born and made me a better my heart is broken but I know you are looking over all who loved you and shining bright for all to see just like you did for me. Papa Loves You baby girl.


Peggy Papasadero posted on 11/6/19

I will miss u forever my little angel. I hope u r in heaven shaking ur booty to the shark song!! I love u baby girl. Love Nana and Uncle Dom


Peggy Papasadero posted on 11/6/19

Baby girl I miss you so heart is broken one day I will find out why god took such a perfect child from us. Love you so very much shake you booty. Baby shark song do do do...



Peggy Papasadero posted on 11/6/19

I miss you so much my heart aches.God took you from us for a reason you were too perfect. I will always love you .my baby girl..shake your booty.....



Peggy Papasadero posted on 11/6/19

Miss you so heart aches.but I know your shaking your booty in heaven. I will love you 4 ever.


Kelsie Norton posted on 11/5/19

Rest easy beautiful baby girl. You are very loved and have always been. Watch over your parents, grandparents, and all other loving family members, as they need it more than ever before. Sweet dreams angel.


Kiona Crayton posted on 11/5/19

McKinleey my sweet sweet girl. Your papa said it the best; your spirit was just too pure for this world. You are so missed. Watch over your family baby girl, they are hurting most. Smooches my lil diva. Keys & Avondre



Miranda Hopkins posted on 11/5/19

Rest In Peace Sweet Angel. May you fly high and and Dance in the Sky.