Condolences for Charles James Ducharme

Colleen and Richard MacBeth posted on 11/3/19

Our deepest sympathies to the wife and family of Charles at this time of great loss. Also our sincere condolences to Carmen and David and his UBS family.


Joyce Gotsch posted on 11/1/19

My daughter met Charles recently and said, "No wonder your "financial calls" are so long! He's wonderful! So much fun!" Indeed I will miss those life talks dearly and extend my deepest sympathy to his work family, David and Carmen, and his personal family, of whom he spoke with such pride and love.


Terri Rhinehart posted on 10/31/19

I'm so sad to hear about Charles.My deepest condolences go out to his family and friends. I worked with him for many years as my company's trusted financial advisor. I will always remember his huge smile. He was such a kind man and always so generous with his time. RIP Charles. You are missed.


The Policar Family posted on 10/31/19

Sincere condolences to the Ducharme Family. His bright smile and positive attitude will be missed.


Dan Vetter posted on 10/29/19

I had the privilege to coach the David/Charles team as it was coming into being in the early 2000's. I looked forward to every meeting with the two of them. Charles was always positive, energetic, thoughtful, well-spoken, clearly brilliant; most importantly he welcomed you with that huge smile and his enveloping warm friendship. His life was a great gift for the (too short) time he was with us and he will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and with David.


Jean Rapp posted on 10/29/19

Deepest condolences to Charles's family and friends. I remember his sincere caring and warmth when he visited us at home. He was a super financially keen person. My heart goes out with compassion and prayers to Charles family.


Robbie Robinson posted on 10/29/19

I spoke to Charles a week before his passing. I remember him as a bright light excited about this chapter of his life. My condolences to his family. I was told God doesn't take people from us, He receives them. He just got one of the best.



Audrey Ward posted on 10/29/19

...such pleasure in every day


John and Martha Kraus posted on 10/28/19

Deepest condolences to Charles's family and friends. He was kind, generous with his time, great at his work and a sweet man. We are so sad to see him go.


Michael Ballard posted on 10/27/19

vaya con dios



john johansen posted on 10/27/19

Charles was a super financial person, he took care of our accounts and always kept us informed , he was our hero and we will miss him always. He always told John and I how much he loved his family and sports.



Douglas Bond posted on 10/26/19

Conversations that always centered around helping others and time with family.


zenette and larry wilks posted on 10/26/19

Larry and I are thankful that we met Charles and felt confident that we could trust him to manage our money He was friendly and confident.


The Don Hancock Family posted on 10/26/19

We are so very sorry for your loss. Our deepest gratitude for Charles’ ongoing support and guidance to our family. The Don Hancock Family


Katherine King posted on 10/26/19

I was just getting to know Charles as my financial adviser and was looking forward to a long relationship in that respect. I thoroughly appreciated his keen insight and advice. My heart goes out to Charles' family and friends.


Noah Wilskey posted on 10/25/19

Sincere condolences to the Ducharme family. Sending nothing but love and strength in this time.


Geoffrey Applegarth posted on 10/25/19

Deepest Condolences to Michele, Brinley, Joseph, Gay, Ann, John and Thomas. Charles will always be remembered as a bright light in my life and to all who knew him. Sending healing thoughts & prayers to his family.


Douglas Marshall posted on 10/25/19

Charles was a friend as much as a financial adviser. We spent far more time speaking of sailing, skiing and sportscars than anything else. He's a person I would have loved to know more of, but feel honored by the time we spent talking. My best wishes to all of his family and his friends and acquaintances as well.


Ray Nelson posted on 10/25/19

Over the years, I came to regard Charles as a friend as well as a trusted financial advisor. My thoughts and prayers are with his wonderful family that he was so proud of.


Corliss Rogers posted on 10/25/19

Oh, Charles - there has never been anyone more trustworthy or honorable in my life. You were a wonderful advisor and a sweet friend, and I will miss you forever.


Susan and Richard Vanderborg posted on 10/24/19

I really don't know what to say it was such a shock he was so full of life so up beat he will be missed my many my heart and prays go out to his family


Ray Nelson posted on 10/24/19

Over the years I came to regard Charlens as not only my financial advisor, but a friend. His efforts have contributed toward my being able to enjoy a worry free retirement. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family which II know he was so very proud of. He will be missed but his legacy as a person who was always there to help others will live on.



Monica H. Schneider posted on 10/24/19

I admired and so appreciated Charles. I will miss his wise counsel and his helpful manner.


Gene Day posted on 10/24/19

Charles made the world a better place and he made my life a better life. Thank you, dear friend.


Jay Abramovitz posted on 10/24/19

Charles was such a fine gentleman and conscientious supporter. I am glad to have known him and saddened to see him pass.


David Greger posted on 10/24/19

All who knew Charles will forever miss that HUGE smile! As business partners we forged a deep friendship that extended well beyond our office walls. I am so grateful for the seventeen years we worked alongside one another. Fair winds and following seas. You will be missed dear friend. David Greger