Condolences for Gwynne Skinner


Kat Yrizarry posted on 1/12/18

Lighting a candle so others can find their way out of the darkness. Gwynne will always be in our hearts.


Lisa Perkins posted on 12/13/17

Gwynne’s passion for Hillary was exciting. I had never seen nor imagined a childlike Gwynne. I saw that the day Gwynne competed to be a delegate to the DNC. Gwynne was determined, passionate, and thrilled to be part of what many of us wanted to be HISTORY. I will always remember Gwynne’s passion, commitment, and concern for others. Brave, confident, and loving. I cherish the memories I hold for how Gwynne made me feel like I was stronger in this world, I could do more. Blessings, Gwynne. You’ve inspired more than you know. Celebrate in gentle peace knowing you kicked it here on earth.