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Mary posted on 8/4/20

My heartfelt condolences for your loss. Please find comfort in the knowledge that God promises to end all suffering. Before long, God will wipe out every tear from our eyes, and “death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things (will) have passed away.”(Rev. 21:3,4). May this promise from God give you comfort now and a real hope for the future. My deepest sympathy.


West Haven Care Staff posted on 7/22/20

We had an amazing time taking care of Magdalena in the last few years of her life. We will miss her smile and her loving personality!


Ted Walker posted on 6/24/20

I knew Floyd better then you but I admitted your drive and you being so out going. I always wanted to go to the yearly giant garage sale but we had moved to Salem and then on to Gig Harbor, WA where Floyd visited. My sympathy to the family. You are greatly missed. Ted Walker.


Michele Henney posted on 6/18/20

As the first Program Manager of the Gerry B and Marilyn C Cameron Center for Finance Center, I benefited directly from Gerry and Marilyn's generosity and support of the Lundquist College. I am honored to have held that position and greatly appreciate the opportunity. The Camerons personify the ideal alumni - giving back so that others can come forward. Thank you Gerry.


Sarah Nutter posted on 6/18/20

Gerry Cameron was one of the first people I met when I joined the Lundquist College of Business at the University of Oregon. His passion for his alma mater combined with his and Marilyn’s commitment to making the world a better place was truly inspiring. He will be sorely missed by those that knew him well and forever remembered for his commitment to giving back to support our students - with scholarships that enabled them to complete their studies, by his support of our outstanding faculty, and the programs that contributed to an excellent educational experience. He will continue to inspire not only me but future generations by the role model he has left for us to follow.



SHUNTINA BILBREW posted on 6/17/20

missing you every day grandmama. You were my best friend. love you always and forever.



SHUNTINA BILBREW posted on 6/17/20

You were the best dad that God blessed me with. You and I were thick as thieves I miss you every day. I'm so glad my girls had the bond they had with you. Love you forever dad.


Amber C. posted on 6/10/20

I miss you more than words can comprehend! You were genetically my grandmother but you took the responsibility & raised me as one of your own children, no words can express how grateful I am for you. I'm at peace knowing that you're with God & no longer struggling but my soul will never rest until I'm joined again with you in heaven. I love you Grandma, love your darling B. <3


Nyssa H posted on 5/27/20

Grandma, I miss you dearly. I definitely hit the jackpot on Grandmas because I couldn’t image my childhood without you. Every birthday, every holiday, you and Papa made sure to be there. You raised The most incredible children who have made a huge impact in many peoples lives, Including mine. I will forever cherish our memories together. And I promise I will continue to make gingerbread cookies each year to keep your memories alive. WE LOVE YOU. And I will see you again some day. ❤️ -Nyssa


Lisa posted on 5/22/20

While I may not have known you a great deal, I still knew enough about you to know that you were taken away much to early in your young life. And, what a beautiful smile you always shared. My heart goes out to the family for your loss. You're all in my thoughts and prayers.


Dave and Barb Van Kleek posted on 5/21/20

Comfort and peace to all of Maribeth's family. But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 15:57


Dave and Barb Van Kleek posted on 5/21/20

But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 15:57 Comfort and peace to all of Maribeth's family.


Emily Livingston posted on 5/21/20

Our deepest sympathy and condolences to the Corrigan family! Maribeth was a true blessing! She touched our lives (through preschool) as well as so many others. So sad to hear to hear this news. She will always and forever be in our hearts. Praying for you all to be able to find peace, and healing through this difficult time.


Michelle Arko posted on 5/21/20

Maribeth was the preschool teacher for both of my kids, Taylor and Chloe. She was so encouraging and always made sure they felt cared for and loved. I couldn’t have asked for a better preschool teacher for my children. She was always behind the camera and I loved getting pictures from her showing what my kids were up to. I seemed to always run in to her somewhere and we would catch up and swap kid updates. She had such a heart for people. My prayers are with your family.


Raymond Smith posted on 5/20/20

Wow...where do I start. I feel like we were robbed of a good friendship but I know God got you in a better place. For the three yrs I've known you I always thought that you were the kindest person around. The talks about how awesome your kids are and your passion for God and Jesus Christ. You were by far the most funniest person I met since I moved to Oregon 34 years ago. I'm going to miss you so much. Your passing is on the same day as my son who would be 13. Say hi to Ryan for me. God bless you Maribeth.


Griselda H. posted on 5/20/20

My husband Frank and I will never forget she was kind to come to us while we were in the church service. We were going to be marry in few months i the back then..She was kind to introduce herself to us and wanted to take our pictures on our wedding day in church free of charge""..She is going to be miss """.We are sorry we have lost a wonderful person""Sister in christ""


Lisa Nicholson & Family posted on 5/20/20

Dearest Corrigan family, we are so sorry to hear about our absolutely wonderful Maribeth. We are devastated along with you at the loss of such an amazing, photo taking, Jesus loving woman. Our families life will be forever touched by the woman we knew as our beloved preschool teacher at precious lambs! She was high energy, creative and so much fun🥰! The parties, celebrations, art projects, out door activities, her love, care, creativity, generosity and no nonsense😘! We thank you for opening your home to us for the fabulous parties she would throw... the pool, the multi water slide fun house, cotton candy just to name a few of the fun things she thought of and shared! Know she is missed, that you are loved, being prayed for and that we are sending you all a huge hug. Love to you all, the Nicholson Family


Hilda “Bobbie” posted on 5/20/20

My sister Maribeth... If you knew us growing up you know that we were polar opposites and sometimes like oil and water. She was the older sister that hated when I ransacked her closet and take her clothes especially that yellow and black cardigan sweater that she loved. I was also that little sister that would use all her hair spray ( Aqua Net) and lip gloss then fill it up with water so she wouldn’t notice.... I’m sure she knew but still let me do it because I was her little sister. My sister was sometimes a badass doing crazy stuff as a teenage and little did she know I wanted to be a badass just like her too. Maribeth loved taking pictures but didn’t really like being in them...She was such a romantic and loved reading and watching romantic comedies. She had the best smile with those dimples; Not to mention she had this contagious laugh. She laughed when she was happy, sad, and nervous. I’m sure that laughter got her through some pretty tough times. She lived for her 5 children and I know she is looking down on them as their Mommy angel. My best memory of us was when she visited San Diego and we went downtown to do a little sister bonding. At the ended of the night we were dancing on the stage with my other sister Aleen. She was always so poised so it was AWESOME seeing her have so much fun dancing and singing to some Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, and AC/DC. As sisters we would fight, argue, shout, cry, laugh, and LOVE but that’s what we do... We are and will always be sisters. Rest In Peace Ate...


Carol and Bill posted on 5/20/20

We love you all so much. We are praying for God to comfort you all through this horrible time. Maribeth will be greatly missed, but we know she is in Jesus’ loving arms. Know that our hearts are hugging you all sooooo tight and we mourn with you. 😪🙏


Barb Williams posted on 5/20/20

My prayers to Jesus Christ our savior go out for the Corrigan family. May God hold them in his hands of love.


Aleen posted on 5/20/20

My sister Maribeth spent her life on earth loving and providing for her children. She was taken from us too soon but she will continue watching over them from Heaven. I was blessed to have been able to share in her life and witness her selfless generosity. She will be missed and will never be forgotten. May her soul rest in peace.



Roger and Nadine Vizi posted on 5/20/20

Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Corrigan family. Maribeth was a wonderful servant of God. We will always remember her warm, loving smile. She is now in our Savior’s loving arms. She will be missed by all who knew her.


Mary, Owen, Hugh and Lynn posted on 5/19/20

In loving memory of Maribeth Tiu Corrigan, Our deepest sympathies from all of the Corrigan family in the UK. Our thoughts and prayers are with all Maribeths' family and her friends in USA



Paul Corrigan posted on 5/19/20

Beloved wife and mother to our 4 beautiful children Catriona, Marylynn, Samantha and Lilibeth. Life may pass away, but love will last forever. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.


April Stickler-Stout posted on 5/15/20

Dearest Dawn, I wish I had met your beloved Kyle and had the pleasure of hearing his laugh. It seems he had so much of you in him: a twinkle in his eye, able to light up a room, and never met a stranger. I can appreciate the beautiful person he was because of the many absolutely wonderful accolades throughout this writing. Such a warm and loving story, such a genuinely full life. While I am glad that family, friends, and Kunna were there to greet him, my heart is heavy. I pray for your comfort and healing, my Dearest Dawn. You are always in my heart. I love you very much.


Patti Fagen posted on 5/15/20

My heart is breaking for you all. sending love and prayers🙏💔



Simone Schinko posted on 5/14/20

We didn’t know each other but I know that you were much loved by your parents. Lighting a candle for you from across the ocean.



Khaled kharoufeh posted on 5/14/20

Early on in 2013 is when I met this beautiful soul, we both started working at Wells Fargo together around the same time, shortly after we were banker coaches together on the same team. Kyle had a very special way of connecting with ANYONE and his laugh is something I am going to miss dearly. Rest In Peace my friend and you will always be remembered!


Dell Kelleher posted on 5/14/20 first baby LOVE who became a Loving man. Craddling his spirit close to my heart ❤



Julie K Fredrick posted on 5/14/20

I'm so sorry for your loss Richard, Dawn and Lauren. Kunna was waiting for him for sure. Hugs.


Eric Burbano posted on 5/9/20

Roger was a friend who is missed. Though not in contact for quite some time, he was considered the best of friends. Much time was spent with him studying at PSU and UofO Dental school. I recall “all-nighters” for organic chem. hearing the neighbors lawn mower the next morning as we finished our studies and were departing to take that final exam. Those habits carried over to Dental School. As dentists doing simple procedures for each other, we’d start at 3:00PM and still be at it at 9:00PM talking and laughing much. His sense of humor and his puns were always enlightening. Roger in essence, was a deep, kind, and thoughtful person often pondering our existence and it’s meaning. He is missed for more than the time since passing, and that will continue. Roger, we hope to see you “on the other side” with or without the RX-7. Heartfelt condolences to all who knew and loved him. Joyce & Eric


Wendy Roberts posted on 5/9/20

I had the pleasure of caring for him on occasion at Regency, he was such a sweet man! He would call me "Bentley" even though he knew my real name was Wendy. Twords the end I'd give him a kiss on the forehead before leaving his room, he would smile and kiss my cheek. We would have icecream "dates" as well. He loved his coke, and his icecream. He is missed GREATLY! 😭



Kaye and Rudy silvestrini posted on 5/4/20

Our prayers are with you .thank you for raising a charming son.


Delores Warner posted on 5/2/20

So sorry to hear of Nate's passing, Lori, you were so good for him, a wonderful wife and companion. I know you have many memories that will help bring you comfort and help in healing your loss. Thinking of you with deepest sympathy.


Barbara Neidig posted on 4/29/20

Dear Family, my family is very saddened to hear about Kyle's passing. I remember, my son, Harper and Kyle on a few play dates at our homes and at school in the Japanese Immersion Program. It is unimaginable to lose someone this young. I found a few photos of Kyle and Harper here at our house; and I am sending them to you. Love to all of you.


Christina Self posted on 4/29/20

I was so deeply saddened to hear about Kyle. He was a student in my third grade class in the Richmond JMP. I remember a sweet and kind boy with a supportive and involved family. His class was memorable for me because it was the year of 9/11. There was a lot of emotion to start the year and that seemed to spark extra kindness among classmates. My heartfelt condolences go out to Kyle’s family, Cole, Marsha, and Amanda.


Kim Ross posted on 4/24/20

Mary Lou was my 4th grade teacher at Lincoln Park, during the days her brother, Ron, was Principal. She and my Mom (room Mother) became best friends that summer and for the next 50+ years! Mary Lou went camping with our family (George and Edie Bucholz) year after year and always had her “Misty” with her. Later on, after my parents passed, I would travel to Portland from AK or TX and seldom missed an opportunity to meet her for lunch. we talked on the phone too. She was a dear member of our family. I’m so sorry I didn’t know of her passing until much later. My condolences to all her nieces and nephews. She is greatly missed! ♥️♥️🙏♥️♥️


Bev Vonfeld posted on 4/22/20

Kyle, I knew you from the day you were adopted by my close friend, Marsha. Always a free spirit and a kind heart. Rest in peace.



Mariko Tanaka posted on 4/22/20

Kyle, Thank you became my family. The first time I visit the US you and your family treated Chio and me very well, that's why I decided to visit Portland several times. One day we went to a pool and played there, I saw your wonderful smile. You treated us like real old sisters, I was glad to be that. The days we stayed together is my treasure, I can't say well but it's true. I hope the last time you didn't sufferer anything and stay happy place forever. Thank you again Kyle I'll never forget your smile and the fact I had little brother in Portland. Love you.


Jill Zarnowitz posted on 4/22/20

To my loving mother, I miss you so much. Dad grieves losing you. He loved you. You gave him purpose in life, especially in these elder years. You have done much more than we could write in the obituary. I have so many loving memories of you. I love you forever.


Sara posted on 4/21/20

Patrick, Henry and Frances remember Kyle as a sweet young man. We are all sad to hear the news. Prayers and kind thoughts to the family.


"Artist Jill" posted on 4/21/20

Kyle was one of the first people I met after I lost everything and was on the street. His kindness, love, and warmth helped me when I thought I no longer mattered. Rest well, you beautiful you. Thank you for sharing your energy with me. Thank you for teaching me. Your demons never overcame your genuine spirit.


Don Lawse posted on 4/7/20

I am very sorry to hear of Elsie's passing. We send each other many letters over the years concerning the family genealogy (Brown side). She was a great inspiration to me in my research. She will remain in my thoughts and prayers.


Jeff Libby posted on 4/5/20

Lance and I did a poor job of keeping in touch over the years. Our years that coincided in Iowa City in the early to mid 90s are the years that I became friends with Lance. Lance was truely a good man and will be sorely missed.


Edward Morgan posted on 4/2/20

Over the last year and a half I have gotten to reminisce with Don our Italian families’ connections. I have enjoyed surprising him with photos from the past, and looked forward to our few minutes of connection at Sunday mass. My prayers & sympathy go out to Joanne and the family.


Norton Johnson posted on 3/30/20

After I moved from Chicago to Portland in 1969, I needed to find a dentist who was available on Saturdays. Luckily I found Dr. Amiton, whose office was on SW Yamhill, I believe. I remember him as being very cheerful and efficient. Thank you, Roger! But as they say, life goes on.


Kathrine Nash Grinnell posted on 3/29/20

In 1969, i was his dental assistant 1 eve per week and on Saturdays. He was so very kind to me when I made mistakes. Dr. Amiton encouraged me to further my education and, on his own, sent a recommendation letter for a summer semester at University of Iowa Dental school (For Me!) It included a large stipend. two summers! Became an A student due to his encouragement. Thank you Roger.


Paul S posted on 3/29/20

Marshall and I started High School together. We each had an older brother separated in age by years of war. They both past this last week. Roger was in college at U of W. He had "Playboy" Magazines and liked Dave Brubeck. I mean how cool was that! Thanks, I will remember.


Mark L Gundert posted on 3/25/20

Very sad to hear of Lt. Herb’s passing. He flew with my father in Korea in 1951. He contacted me a gave me pictures and documents about my father that I am very grateful to have. My father was KIA on Oct. 3, 1951. Lt. Leonard A Gundert, VF 874, on board the USS Bon Homme Richard. God bless you Herb.


Susan Mosler posted on 3/23/20

Good memories from high school. Condolences to those he left behind.Had there been a funeral, I would be there with his family.


Debbie Levin posted on 3/22/20

Remembering Roger as a sweet man with a funny sense of humor and a wonderful dentist. He was my family for over twenty years and I loved him.


Roberta Michaels posted on 3/15/20

I am so sorry to hear this news about your mom. May her memory be a blessing.


Robin Bodner posted on 3/14/20

Sorry about your loss of mother & grandmother


Randall J Lakefish posted on 3/13/20

The Lakefish family offers its deepest condolences.


Ruth Klampert posted on 3/13/20

Fred Weiss was my mentor when I started working for Aries Prepared Meat Company. I couldn't have asked for a kinder: more patient, knowledgeable person to teach me what I needed to know. Fred knew more about meat than anyone, and he loved sharing his knowledge with me, and with anyone else who was smart enough to listen to him. He had some excellent "sayings" that he also liked to share and one that comes to mind is,"You only have one chance to make a good first inpression." He spoke so loveingly about his daughter Elle. He loved his wife Rose and loved to tell me how they met, and how he asked her to marry him. Fred was a humble man, and a good human being. He was one of a kind!


Anna Carlgren posted on 3/3/20

My condolences on the loss of your dear Sue. We met in 1990 in Santa Fe when we served on the board of the New Mexico Repertory Theater. She had a personality, energy and talent that I was delighted by in the years I knew her. My sympathy, Anna Carlgren


Bonnie (Hodson) Vandiver posted on 3/2/20

My deepest condolences to Gertie, Karen, Steve, and the rest of the family! May you find peace in the midst of the heartache, knowing that there's a big celebration going on in heaven!


Janet Cermely posted on 3/2/20

Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Fred face to face, we developed a friendly business relationship through phone conversations over a several year period prior to his retirement. He was always positive, kind and caring. The world has lost a true gentleman. Rest in Peace, Sir.


Carolyn Metzenberg posted on 3/2/20

Our hearts are sad for you, Gertie. Art was a kind man and he will be missed!!


Fred Nathan posted on 3/1/20

Beryl: Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and remembering your glamorous Sue and her lovely singing that lit up the room. Hope you are comforted now by so many wonderful memories of Sue. Love, Fred and Arlyn Nathan


Milton and Lorrie O'Neill posted on 2/29/20

Our love and prayers are with you at this time.



Michelle Andrejczuk posted on 2/27/20

I miss you Grandma and Love you very much! You always took care and watch over us and I eternally Grafeful for the time I got with you. You will never be forgotten and I hope I will continue to make you proud!


OWEN posted on 2/27/20

Our deepest condolences to the family.


The Joseph Theriault Family posted on 2/26/20

We are Sorry to hear of David's passing, My father served with him on the So. Dak. and preceded him in death 15yrs. ago, My mother is still living & would like to extend her sympathy to all of you, she & my farther visited Portland a couple times to see David, he was the last of the group of friends my Dad shared from the War. We will keep the family in our thoughts & prayers.


Gwendolyn Snyder posted on 2/23/20

I was a classmate of Andrews and I am so sorry to hear about his passing and I wish his whole family the best


Christina sleeper-nelson posted on 2/20/20

She and Joe were godparents to Bruce and my kids after saving my daughter's life in a fire. Endless nights and days of spending all of our free time together. She was my best freind, the sister I never had. I will never forget her and our bond we carried over 39 years. I love you Rhonda and the angels don't know what's in store fore them. You will be the light in the heavens.


Lydia Benzar posted on 2/15/20

I took care of Fred in my Adult Care Home for almost three years (3 years would have been in June if he was not in a hurry). Fred was very kind,very respectful and very classy. He liked beautiful things.He was very thankful for everything I did for him and thanked me many times. He appreciated the care and the time we spent with him.Fred also told me many times “tell your husband he has a beautiful wife “ ,to which I always answered :”you tell him “. He enjoyed when I read him the story of David and Goliath,David and Bathsheba,the story of creation. I was honored to care for Fred and I will miss him. He will be irreplaceable .


Alison Weiss Bostrom posted on 2/14/20

2nd cousin Fred was always #1 to Me. I cherish the times we shared whether it be for a meal, at a temple service or a concert. He was very kind and expressive. I will always appreciate the enthusiasm at which he greeted us when we would surprise him with a visit. He was accepting and kind to my dad, his cousin Herb when others were not. It was a gift to see the two of them together. Fred will be missed, our time together will not be forgotten. He was a respected and loved man and the care and attention Elle and Sherri gave to him will not be forgotten. I know you will Rest In Peace Freddie Weiss, you were a good man.


Jeff power posted on 2/13/20

I was one of Fred's care givers for over four years and he was like an uncle to me. He loved it when I took him shopping at Fred Meyer and Subway for a tuna sandwich. I'm going to miss the way he always greeted me with a big smile and his positive outlook on life. I feel fortunate to have known Fred and his family over the years. I'm going to miss my visits with him very much. Rest in peace Fred.


Robin Bos posted on 2/13/20

Fred was the kindest and gentlest soul I ever knew. He would always greet me with a big smile and an " I'm so glad your here"! Always positive, humble and ready to show his great sense of humour and welcoming spirit. He was one of the good guys and I will miss him terribly


Robin Bos posted on 2/13/20

I was Fred's caregiver for 2 years. He was the most kind and loving souls I knew.


Robin Bos posted on 2/13/20

I have never met a more kind, loving, welcoming soul. Always positive and he had a wonderful sense of humour. He was one of the good guys and I'll miss him. Love you Fred


Robin Bos posted on 2/13/20

I was Freds caregiver for 2 years and Fred made each workday pleasant. He was always kind, humorous, generous with compliments and he always welcomed me with a big smile and an " I'm so glad your here". He had a beautiful soul and I will miss him. Love you Fred


Nanci, Issie, Elisa Goldman and Mildred Dolman posted on 2/12/20

Sally will never be forgotten; she lit up the room. It was always a pleasure seeing her in Toronto. Sending love and condolences to the entire family.


Sherri Hart posted on 2/12/20

Fred Weiss was a wonderful man. He loved his daughter more than anyone else. His humor and laugh you could count on everytime you saw him. He was devoted, caring, genuine and humble. He was of old school and treated everyone with respect. He will be terribly missed and never to be replaced. Shalom Fred. I love you.


Sharon Flaherty posted on 2/12/20

It was so very nice to meet your Fred the thing I will remember the most about you is your kind face I could see it thru your eyes. And of course our first meeting when I landed in your lap I think I was avoiding trippping on the cat. I know you’re a very lucky man to have a daughter that cared so deeply for you that was so apparent in everything she did you always came first and that’s a wonderful trait she must’ve learned her caring from you. Sorry I never got to meet your lovely Rose that you spoke so highly about. I wish you safe passage on your next journey until we meet again may you be surrounded in the warmth of Gods love.


Sharon Danson posted on 2/12/20

We have such fond memories of Sally from her visits to Toronto. Our thoughts and love are extending to the whole family. May her memory be a blessing Sharon and Peter Danson.


Mark Montchalin posted on 2/11/20

Dear Margie, Well, another year is over and this time we're graduating seniors. I'm going to miss good old Roosevelt High something awful, aren't you? Especially certain people. I sure hope you don't stay in California this summer forever. I'm counting on going to college with you. I hope we can be as good friends at the University as we have been in high school. We have had a lot of fun, haven't we? Staying overnite at each others houses, those college mixers, the junior class (male that is), bicycle riding--just lots and lots of things. I'll never forget. You've sure been a swell friend to have, and I really appreciate your advice and counsel (spelling?) I'm a person that needs understanding, I think, and you've given me that. And I've had the feeling that if all else should fail, I'd still have Margie. Honestly, your name is on every single page of my diary, and that's just an example of how much you mean to me. I hope we can always be friends like we have been. I hope we are for all four years of college. And even if one of us should get married before that I hope we'll remember each other. And even when we're both married and maybe move away, I hope we will always keep in touch with each other. In closing--to the most wonderful pal a gal ever had. Love, Janet A note found in the Roosevelt High School Yearbook of '47-48 "Strenuous Life"


Patty & Ed Peterson posted on 2/11/20

Prayers for the whole family. Lots of Love.



Patty & Ed Peterson posted on 2/11/20

We'll miss you Auntie but know you're pain is gone and at peace with our Lord Jesus.


Mike Montchalin posted on 2/4/20

The last few years of Mom's life were spent with Mark and son Vincent. Vincent and Mark were excellent care-givers. Vincent learned the songs that Mom liked and would play them for her even as she became less and less responsive over the years. He would still play them for her and sometimes hold her hand. He played Chubby Checker's Twist & Shout and then played Tumbling Tumbleweeds by The Son's of The Pioneers and held her hand as he had every night for years. It was time for bed. It was time to gather her up for bed, and he realised that she had passed.


Brenda Fivecoat posted on 1/29/20

Paul always had a smile for everyone. He will be missed.



Ray Bertolino posted on 1/13/20

We were good friends for more than 40 years. God bless you, Nick.


Elspeth Farmer posted on 1/12/20

I knew Nick in both college and law school where we were classmates. His smile, energy and commitment to public service still shine in my mind. May his memory be a blessing.


Julie Vigeland posted on 1/9/20

Nick's passing brings inconsolable grief for the loss of a treasured friend and never-to-be replaced Portland leader.



The Browns posted on 1/9/20

Thank you for all that you have done for Portland. Bless you and your family and may you rest in love.



Loraine posted on 1/8/20

Words cannot express the sadness, the grief, the loss...


Mary Roberts posted on 1/7/20

Hello and condolences on the passing of your mother. I am Vivian Myers youngest daughter. JoAnn is my oldest sister and Carol and Donna have already passed. In our younger days we were a really close family and I also remember outdoor picnics in the yard of Uncle Dick and Aunt Harriet's house. Life changes and family's go there separate ways, but the love and memories always remain. Know that my family shares your loss and wishes you all a good and loving life.


Vivian JoAnn Herring posted on 1/7/20

My Christmas card came back last year and I was wondering what had happened to my Aunt. I called down where I last visited her and they wouldn't give me any information. Our cousin Richard Myers and I have been trying to get ahold of one of her children but to no avail. My Mother was Wilma and Richard's dad was Clarence. Our Aunt Betty and Wilma and Clarence have all past away. My phone number is 503-760-0977 if any one wants to get ahold of me. I am so sorry to hear of her passing as I used to stop at her house for many years on my way home before I retired from the City of Portland. She was always outside working or playing with the dog till she went into the place on 60th and Division. She did give us some info when last we visited her. She truly loved my Uncle Dick. I do remember picnic's in the back yard around 4th of July. I have such wonderful memories. Hope to hear from some of or all of my cousins Hugs JoAnn


Don Beazely posted on 1/7/20

I am saddened to hear about Jay's death. He was a great classmate ('64) and clubmate (Sigma Tau Service club). I always enjoyed Jay's energy and positive outlook. He also made me laugh on many occasions. May deepest condolences to Jay's family.


James Boscole posted on 1/6/20

The Bodners were neighborhood friends of my parents, we played with their children. Jay was a fun, smiley, happy friend..We shared holidays together as well..Great family...Jay's father owned a toy wholesale business so Jay always had the newest toys to play with & share...sorry to see him to the family...


penny harrington posted on 1/5/20

Paul was always helpful and kind to me. When i was worrying about taking my first promotion exam, he called me into his office and gave me notes that he had kept about the questions he remembered from his promotion exam. It helped me get an idea of what the exam would look like. He told me it was common practice for sergeants to mentor their subordinates and since none of the women on the department had been through that process for sergeant, he felt that I had worked hard and he wanted me to succeed. That was an act of kindness that I have obviously never forgotten.


Steve Rosier posted on 1/5/20

Such an honor to have known Uncle Dave. He and Aunt Ruth raised a wonderful family that are carrying on his legacy of love and grace. He was always so kind to me and seemed genuinely glad to talk. He was a man of love and grace.


trevor chambers posted on 1/5/20

I knew marcus from provo, utah.. sure it's been 37 years but still a damn shame


trevor chambers posted on 1/5/20

I knew Marcus from provo, utah. its a damn shame



Mira and Vlad Kaufman posted on 1/4/20

We would like to express our sincere condolences to Rabbi Joshua Stampfer's family.


Cliff Henke posted on 1/4/20

I still cannot believe he is gone from us. I spoke with Jack late last summer, and while he wasn’t feeling well, he was still actively engaged in bus rapid transit work throughout our industry and we looked forward to getting together to catch up this past fall. It is why this feels so unfair for all of us who knew him as a colleague and loved him as a friend. To me he was a mentor in navigating the often-nuanced world of consulting practices as well as a trusted partner in building our firm’s reputation and BRT business. There are so many fond memories of Jack I will share. The first was in 2006, when we were asked by the Federal Transit Administration to represent U.S. BRT expertise at an international conference in Cuenca, Ecuador. The conference presiding official, the mayor and the dean of the civil engineering school at the university there, took a special liking to Jack, and lobbied him intensely to come help implement his vision for BRT in his city. On the evening before the conference, Ecuador qualified for the knock-out rounds of the World Cup of soccer for the first time in its history. The whole country erupted in celebration as is common with such events. On the final morning of the conference, Jack and I were scheduled to speak, but a revised schedule was circulated that morning, with a two-hour “coffee break” inserted between my panel before and Jack’s panel after said break. The new break was designed to allow the conference attendees to watch the game Ecuador had against Germany that morning. All of the panelists were also issued Ecuador national team jerseys, and we proudly wore them as we speak. I still have mine to this day and I am certain Jack had his. My other memory was of another international trip, this time as invited speakers at another international conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I was scheduled to be the conference chairman, meaning I would introduce panelists and moderate questions from the audience. But then I came down with a case of laryngitis during the trip over! Jack and several of our colleagues insisted that I follow through, and “that it wasn’t that bad,” though I could barely speak. There was Jack in the first or second row center, encouraging me, giving me tea and honey and slipping me what I believe to be a hot toddy during the lunch break at the pub across the street. All of it did make me feel better, and the audience cut me some slack and gave me encouragement, even though at times they could barely hear me – all of it encouraged first and foremost by Jack and our Parsons Brinckerhoff colleagues on both sides of the Pond. These are just some of many memories, of course. Our time together became fewer between as we both got busier thanks to our successes, and lately, our illnesses. But all of them were so simultaneously fun, enlightening and rewarding. Because he treated me like family, I am sure his family misses him dearly, even more so now that he is not here. I certainly do. But our memories and love for him, and his reputation and the deep respect he had in our industry, remain. I am grateful we at least have that, and that he is at peace with no more struggle and pain.



Jean Saso posted on 1/4/20

I still feel you are with me, mom. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones up in heaven. We sure missed you here on Earth. Rest in Peace, Mom. Tina & April love & miss you, too. Your daughter, Jean


Cheri DeLay posted on 1/2/20

To the Bodner family- I met Jay years ago with my ex-husband at the trade shows in Vegas. What a great guy. I joined him and a few other runners each morning for a run. He was truly a kind, fun person. I was saddened to come across this. Please accept my heartfelt codolances.


Jan Rishel posted on 12/29/19

So sorry to hear of Dave's passing. Know you all will miss this wonderful man of God. Looks like heaven got some good one's this year. Praying for you.


Tom Freitag posted on 12/26/19

I have very fond memories of working with Cliff at Hearthstone. He was a gentle and thoughtful man and always ready with a good story!


Raizie Axman posted on 12/25/19

Dear Robin, Michael and I were shocked and saddened to hear of Jay’s death. We will always remember him as a kind and generous person. We hope the many happy memories of him will sustain you, Elana, Rob and Jeremy as you mourn his loss. Jay was a real “mench”


Raizie Axman posted on 12/25/19

Dear Robin, Michael and I were shocked and saddened to hear of Jay’s death. We will always remember him as a kind and generous person. We hope that happy memories of a long history together will sustain you, Elana, Rob and Jeremy as you mourn the loss of a real “ mench”.



Donna posted on 12/21/19

I still miss your friendship every day Kathy. I know you're soaring with the angels, but I still miss your friendship.


Lynette posted on 12/20/19

I so enjoyed knowing Al in Tai Chi. I loved his sparkle, and hearing bits of stories from his long life. He said he worked building Mt. Rushmore (not carving, but schlepping). In honor of his work on Mt. Rushmore, and our deep respect for Al, we made a photoshop card for his 100th birthday, with Al's smiling face on Mt. Rushmore. Rest in Peace, Al.


Smokey posted on 12/19/19

I SO loved knowing Al and "Tai Chiing" with him for the last five years or more! Visiting with Al was always such a fun and learning experience! He was a Fellow of vast life experiences, a loving heart, Happiness and Humor that Flowed through Him, always. I miss him...yet my memories of "Al" are joyously with me, always!


Naomi Rhoades posted on 12/19/19

Hanging with You, David and Ivan in the car at women's forum talking and listening to music and chilling, all of us enjoying each others company and having a fun time talking to Molly 💙💙 miss you Gigi thank you for helping me after my car crash understand what was wrong with my ribs and neck thank you for having an insane amount of knowledge inside that beautiful brain of yours. I'll always cherish the memories I have of us. You were truly a brilliant shining star


Nancy Saso posted on 12/18/19

I think about you everyday mom and will think about you every day until I die I miss you so much. You were such a wonderful woman and nobody can compare to you. Thank you for everything you've done for me in my life I appreciate everything. Your loving daughter, Nancy. Please feel free to visit me in spirit, until we meet again.Love forever Nancy


Jean Saso posted on 12/18/19

Mom, I don’t want you to worry about anything. I’m taking care of David, April & Tina. Come visit us once you get settled in Heaven. I still need you to walk beside me in life. We all love you and miss you more than words can say.



Barbara Eborall posted on 12/18/19

Joan, Your wonderful daughter did you proud with the lovely obituary she wrote about your and your life. What a generous person you were. I sure learned more about you than I ever knew. I am so glad I got to be a small part of your life. May you rest in peace Dear Lady. Barbara


Pierre and Michelle Hancock posted on 12/17/19

Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of loss. What a blessing to know it is only a temporary goodbye. He was such a wonderful man!


Jean Saso posted on 12/14/19

Mom, I hope you have now reunited with Blackie, Star, Boots, Shasta, Bobby and your mother. We here on Earth miss you more than words can say. Nothing in my life is the same without you by my side. I will always love and admire you. You were always there for me and I for you. I love you very much. 💞💞💞


Andy Huckfeldt posted on 12/6/19

As a South Dakota native I was pleased to meet Al at Tai chi class. I was always impressed by his positive attitude about life! God bless.


Lou Anne Henriques posted on 12/6/19

I was honored to know Al through our Tabor Heights United Methodist Church. He was a positive example to me of graceful aging, especially as I watched him perform Tai Chi with his Hollywood Senior Center class aided by his walker.


Lou Anne Henriques posted on 12/6/19

I was honored to know Al through our Tabor Heights United Methodist church. He was a fine example of graceful aging to me especially as I watched him perform his Tai Chi class movements with the aid of his walker!


Claudia Shobert posted on 12/5/19

Al was an inspiration to me. I admired all the wonderful qualities that made him the special person that he was. He had intelligence, wit, charm and a caring heart. I met him late in life through the Golden Dragons Paddling Team. Wish I had known him earlier in my life. Al was kind, compassionate, and a true gentlemen. sadly there are few people like that in the world today. He will be truly missed.


Suzanne Thornton posted on 12/5/19

Albert, Yes, I will miss such a kind engaging friend as Al. A man, a gentleman, along with being respectful and open to all. What I know most about my friend was how fully he participated in this life he was given. I only experienced the ending years, but I saw a runner, paddler, team mate and captain, a host, a lover, a boat captain, a good conversationalist and listener, a friend to many many people. We will miss him, especially February 4th. My love to Al's family and all his friends. Sue Thornton


Barbara Weeks posted on 12/5/19

I will always have wonderful memories of Al, from our Golden Dragon boat races. He was part of "The Greatest Generation".


Rod Sacconaghi posted on 12/3/19

It is so sad to see our dearest friends no longer in our lives, but the memories will live forever


Lara (Corcoran) Dawson posted on 12/2/19

Kris, my memories go back to elementary school, Lakevale, and Bethany. You always made me smile. I remember creating dance routines with you while Stephen was laid up on the couch in a cast to try to make him laugh. I remember pink flowers on your bedspread. Playing in the waves with you at the beach. We were always laughing together. It's been years, but I cried when I heard the news today. May your family find peace.


Pastor Carmen Wong posted on 11/30/19

Dear Luke's Family, Old and Young, Far and Near, I celebrate Luke's well accomplished and life and share your sadness with you. May you find comfort, peace, love, strength, joy, and hope in the following quotes with the Lord's promises & His own resurrection: “I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love." -- Leo Buscaglia "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." - John 3:16 "25 Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. 26 And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?” 27 She said to Him, “Yes, Lord, I believe that You are the Christ, the Son of God, who is to come into the world.” -John 11:25-27 With Love & Prayers, Pastor Carmen Wong


Bill Owen posted on 11/28/19

Connie And Larry Are Always With Us!!!!! We Love Them!!!!!!!



Jeannie Woehl posted on 11/28/19

I met Connie when we worked at Westridge Elementary School. As school secretary, by her beautiful smile and gentle ways, she was loved by all adults and especially children. My husband and I took an unforgettable float trip with Connie and Larry through the Grand Canyon via the Colorado River. Connie and Larry were part of our Westridge book club for many seasons. An amazing couple that will be dearly missed. 💕



Cyndi posted on 11/28/19

I worked with Larry for 10 years and spoke with Connie frequently. We always talked Yankees.. we even went to 2 Mariners games when the Yankees visited.. great people who will always be remembered


Maria Ingham posted on 11/27/19

You were one of the best students I ever had. I will miss you and remember you in my daily prayers.


Wanda Snuggs posted on 11/26/19

Rest in peace sweet lady.


Susannah Weaver posted on 11/23/19

Rest in peace, Kris. My condolences and love to all.


darius posted on 11/23/19

dear Rich I am dumb, plumb struck, and torn. an old friend instantly, as someone who has had experiential mourn. I am at a loss to imagine burying an oath. know that everyone who has known you is asunder at your loss. With deepest respect dairies


Brongaene Marnia Griffin posted on 11/23/19

I remember Kris as one of the most hilarious and joyous people I've met. I am deeply saddened that she is gone and wish all her loved ones the best.


rachel taylor brown posted on 11/23/19

Shocked and so saddened by this news. Kris, you will be missed. I'll especially miss your sense of humor. Heartbroken. Rest in peace, lovely person. xoxoR


Debbie Blankenship posted on 11/22/19

Thoughts and Prayers are with you and your family Steve at this difficult time.


Delores Goldsby posted on 11/22/19

I will miss our rides on the max and talks at the bar. I will miss you you greatly my friend.


Lynda Shallanberger posted on 11/22/19

Kris you were loved and so many will miss you I used to really like your Facebook posts about your Lola and pictures of your wonderful looking cooking💜



Shalene B posted on 11/22/19

I can't even begin to explain how heartbroken I feel. I will truly miss our chats and hugs. West Club bar at Moda will never be the same without you. R.I.P dear friend.



Kathy d Moody posted on 11/22/19

You will be missed by many


Kristen Vineyard posted on 11/21/19

It is difficult to find words of condolence when something so precious has been lost so suddenly. There are no words - it simply takes your breath away. I will be holding the Strackbein's and the Ritsma's close to my heart. Kris was a vibrant loving person and her spirit will live on in our memories of her - her charm, her wit and the closeness she shared with her friends and family. I loved sharing my recipes with her, she was a talented cook! and she often put her own spin on them - and the results were always fabulous! I will miss talking to her about old rock bands that we used to know, and sharing the surprises of a life lived well loved. She will be dearly missed by all. My love goes out to all.


Debbie Jacobus(Harriet's roommate & caregiver) posted on 11/16/19

Thank you all for sharing your mama/gma with us. (@SilverCloud) I knew the very first day that I met Miss Harriet that she was my kind of woman; down to earth, persistent. sassy. chatty, not afraid to say it like it is & some lol, a little bossy lol but yet one of the most loving caring giving ladies I've ever met. I knew we would have a special bond. And we most definitely did. I already miss our chats, laughing with her about our safe but dysfunctional looking transfers sometimes(thankful nobody was around to see it heeee) & im really going to miss those hugs & high 5s throughout the day. :( I love that little lady & my heart is heavy. She was an amazing woman & I feel truly blessed to have had her as my roommate & family these last couple years. Cheers to you Miss Harriet Meyers. Hope your flying free my friend. Until we met again... Another angel can now use her wings. I love you till the day after forever!



Debbie Jacobus(Harriet's roommate & caregiver) posted on 11/16/19

Thank you most you all for sharing your mama with us. I knew the very first day that I met Miss Harriet that she was my kind of woman; down to earth, persistent. sassy. chatty, not afraid to say it like it is & some lol, a little bossy lol but yet one of the most loving caring giving ladies I've ever met. I knew we would have a special bond. And we most definitely did. I already miss our chats, laughing with her about our safe but dysfunctional looking transfers sometimes(thankful nobody was around to see it heeee) & im really going to miss those hugs & high 5s throughout the day. :( I love that little lady & my heart is heavy. She was an amazing woman & I feel truly blessed to have had her as my roommate & family these last couple years. Cheers to you Miss Harriet Meyers. Hope your flying free my friend. Until we met again... Another angel can now use her wings. I love you till the day after forever!



Izabela Daszkiewicz posted on 11/16/19

To Pamela and family, my sincerest condolences. My prayers are with you and may she rest in peace.


Olivia Trice posted on 11/13/19

Lesley was my teacher, friend, and confidant. I learned to trust again because of her. She taught me to open my heart. I shared many laughs, and tears with her. It was a gift and an honor to know her. She will be dearly missed. My condolences to the family and loved ones. Her light will always shine.


Olivia Trice posted on 11/13/19

Lesley was my teacher, my friend, and my confidant. She introduced me to Breathwork, she told me the truth about myself when I most needed to hear it. She made me laugh, I shared my fears with her, and there were a few tears shed as well. She helped me learn to trust again and to have an open heart. She was an inspiration to know. It was an honor to have crossed paths with her. I am only now just learning of her passing. She has come into my mind so many times this past year. I was shocked to learn of her fate. She will be dearly missed. Her life held so many adventures and there were many more in store, no doubt. My condolences to the family and loved ones. Sincerely, Olivia



Your son kelly jones posted on 11/12/19

My dad i miss you and love you.



eva mosley posted on 11/9/19



Carina Nutting posted on 11/7/19

I'm so missing you. The times I was able to spend with you are in my heart always. I'm sorry I didn't know you had passed late. I've been sick so many times and healing is taking longer than expected. I wish I could have seen you one more time. Love you Mom and Ron too


Ellen R Chase posted on 11/7/19

You were so loved Angel McKinleey and you brought so many people together today. I know you will watch over all of us, dance on the clouds and be that perfect little girl you were meant to be, you have others with you up there that welcomed you at heavens door RIP McKinleey



Laurie T Beine posted on 11/6/19

🎉Happy Birthday Beautiful🎉 🎀Angel Mckinleey Ann Mangum!🎀I'm so sorry I never got to come over and play with you sweetheart! 😭 You are a beautiful soul and so loved! 💞 Today I will celebrate your life With cake🎂 and balloons🎈


Mama / Kayla posted on 11/6/19

Baby girl your an angel now looking over all of us! Keep dancing in the sky sending us messages and me and daddy love you always and forever life isn’t the same and never will be your on my chest and words can’t desribe the pain and heart ache with in me mama so proud of you!!! I love you monkey Mama❤️


Eliza Gandee posted on 11/6/19

Baby girl, you’re beyond beautiful. Your heart was pure gold. You were truly one of the happiest kids around. Your family loves you so much and you are missed so much words cannot describe. Look over and protect your family. Be wild & be free baby girl!


Michele Huff posted on 11/6/19

Hey my little frenchfry,I'm gonna miss my little fishing & hunting buddy.Just won't be the same.Without you fishing & throwing my bait overboard. Could only wish you watch over us and laugh with your funny face to keep our lines filled with fish and your songs in our hearts. Love you Knucles (Great UncleJoe)



Tony Papasadero posted on 11/6/19

Beautiful little Mckinleey girl you lite up my life from the day you were born and made me a better my heart is broken but I know you are looking over all who loved you and shining bright for all to see just like you did for me. Papa Loves You baby girl.


Peggy Papasadero posted on 11/6/19

I will miss u forever my little angel. I hope u r in heaven shaking ur booty to the shark song!! I love u baby girl. Love Nana and Uncle Dom


Peggy Papasadero posted on 11/6/19

Baby girl I miss you so heart is broken one day I will find out why god took such a perfect child from us. Love you so very much shake you booty. Baby shark song do do do...



Peggy Papasadero posted on 11/6/19

I miss you so much my heart aches.God took you from us for a reason you were too perfect. I will always love you .my baby girl..shake your booty.....



Peggy Papasadero posted on 11/6/19

Miss you so heart aches.but I know your shaking your booty in heaven. I will love you 4 ever.


Kelsie Norton posted on 11/5/19

Rest easy beautiful baby girl. You are very loved and have always been. Watch over your parents, grandparents, and all other loving family members, as they need it more than ever before. Sweet dreams angel.


Kiona Crayton posted on 11/5/19

McKinleey my sweet sweet girl. Your papa said it the best; your spirit was just too pure for this world. You are so missed. Watch over your family baby girl, they are hurting most. Smooches my lil diva. Keys & Avondre



Miranda Hopkins posted on 11/5/19

Rest In Peace Sweet Angel. May you fly high and and Dance in the Sky.


Jane and Larry Kunkler and Family posted on 11/4/19

Our heartfelt sympathy to the Lakefish family in the loss of their beloved mother and grandmother. Sending love and prayers at this difficult time.


Celia Murphey posted on 11/4/19

I will miss my sweet cousin. I have memories of her as a child so patiently playing with me even though she was 9 yrs older.


Jeannette Harris Chesney posted on 11/4/19

Jimmy, I am so, so sorry at hearing the loss of your son. I know that no words can possibly help, but I would like to share an old Irish saying that helped me cope with the loss of family and friends: "Death leaves a heartache that no one can heal, but Love leaves a memory that no one can steal" Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you!


Terrance posted on 11/4/19

Ms. Marilyne will be missed by many. Prayers to the Lakefish family.


randy alligood posted on 11/4/19

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and Andrew's friends. I am sure you are very proud of him and his contribution to you and the rest of us on this earth. He won't be forgotten. Grace and peace to you.


Julie Morris (from high school) posted on 11/4/19

Dear Jimmy, I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a child is the hardest thing to endure. My thoughts and prayers will be with you, your wife and all the family and friends of Andrew. He sounds like an amazing man and wonderful musician.


Izzy P posted on 11/4/19

I love you my ‘frog boy’. I’ll never be the same without the guy I considered my big brother. I know you’re okay now though. I love you more than words can explain.


dalewhitaker posted on 11/3/19

Jimmy, As a parent I can't pretend to imagine your grief and loss. My heart and prayers are with you and family. I am so sorry. Dale



Amy Sudlow Peterson posted on 11/3/19

So sorry for your loss. God Bless you and your family, may he comfort you in this time of need and always.♥️♥️🕯🕯😢😢



Jamie N Bena posted on 11/3/19

No retreat, no surrender. Gianni rest easy my friend. I'll see you again one day ❤️💯


Stephanie Morris posted on 11/3/19

May the many great memories you cherish help you both at this sad time. I am so sorry for your loss.


Colleen and Richard MacBeth posted on 11/3/19

Our deepest sympathies to the wife and family of Charles at this time of great loss. Also our sincere condolences to Carmen and David and his UBS family.


Susan Jane Carr posted on 11/2/19

May God bless Gianni and he will be at peace in Heaven.Sorry for your loss Denny and all your Family prayers for healing and comfort. God bless Susan Sudlow ❤


Caren Andrews posted on 11/2/19

Dearest Jim and Ester, I have no words other than I send love, white light and heartfelt condolences. I remember Andrew as a wonderful young artist full of ideas and quiet energy. Know I think of you as your community celebrates Andrew’s life. Holding you in the light, Caren


Joyce Gotsch posted on 11/1/19

My daughter met Charles recently and said, "No wonder your "financial calls" are so long! He's wonderful! So much fun!" Indeed I will miss those life talks dearly and extend my deepest sympathy to his work family, David and Carmen, and his personal family, of whom he spoke with such pride and love.


Mark Cristofolo posted on 11/1/19

So very sorry for the family's loss, way to young.


Terri Rhinehart posted on 10/31/19

I'm so sad to hear about Charles.My deepest condolences go out to his family and friends. I worked with him for many years as my company's trusted financial advisor. I will always remember his huge smile. He was such a kind man and always so generous with his time. RIP Charles. You are missed.


The Policar Family posted on 10/31/19

Sincere condolences to the Ducharme Family. His bright smile and positive attitude will be missed.


Jodi pickering posted on 10/31/19

Reading Andrew's writing was a gift, as his quiet presence was loudly disrupted by his powerful and creative words. I love how in one piece he described himself as peaceful, determined and wise.


Alan Berg posted on 10/31/19

Stan was one of the most wonderful people I've know. Wise, patient, a beautiful joy in iving.


Dan Vetter posted on 10/29/19

I had the privilege to coach the David/Charles team as it was coming into being in the early 2000's. I looked forward to every meeting with the two of them. Charles was always positive, energetic, thoughtful, well-spoken, clearly brilliant; most importantly he welcomed you with that huge smile and his enveloping warm friendship. His life was a great gift for the (too short) time he was with us and he will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and with David.


Jean Rapp posted on 10/29/19

Deepest condolences to Charles's family and friends. I remember his sincere caring and warmth when he visited us at home. He was a super financially keen person. My heart goes out with compassion and prayers to Charles family.


Robbie Robinson posted on 10/29/19

I spoke to Charles a week before his passing. I remember him as a bright light excited about this chapter of his life. My condolences to his family. I was told God doesn't take people from us, He receives them. He just got one of the best.



Audrey Ward posted on 10/29/19

...such pleasure in every day


John and Martha Kraus posted on 10/28/19

Deepest condolences to Charles's family and friends. He was kind, generous with his time, great at his work and a sweet man. We are so sad to see him go.


Michael Ballard posted on 10/27/19

vaya con dios



john johansen posted on 10/27/19

Charles was a super financial person, he took care of our accounts and always kept us informed , he was our hero and we will miss him always. He always told John and I how much he loved his family and sports.



Douglas Bond posted on 10/26/19

Conversations that always centered around helping others and time with family.


zenette and larry wilks posted on 10/26/19

Larry and I are thankful that we met Charles and felt confident that we could trust him to manage our money He was friendly and confident.


Ric Kelperis posted on 10/26/19

I worked with Gary for many years, he is in our hearts and prayers. He is in peace now. Debilitating disease is a terrible thing. RIP my friend!


The Don Hancock Family posted on 10/26/19

We are so very sorry for your loss. Our deepest gratitude for Charles’ ongoing support and guidance to our family. The Don Hancock Family


Katherine King posted on 10/26/19

I was just getting to know Charles as my financial adviser and was looking forward to a long relationship in that respect. I thoroughly appreciated his keen insight and advice. My heart goes out to Charles' family and friends.


Noah Wilskey posted on 10/25/19

Sincere condolences to the Ducharme family. Sending nothing but love and strength in this time.


Geoffrey Applegarth posted on 10/25/19

Deepest Condolences to Michele, Brinley, Joseph, Gay, Ann, John and Thomas. Charles will always be remembered as a bright light in my life and to all who knew him. Sending healing thoughts & prayers to his family.


Douglas Marshall posted on 10/25/19

Charles was a friend as much as a financial adviser. We spent far more time speaking of sailing, skiing and sportscars than anything else. He's a person I would have loved to know more of, but feel honored by the time we spent talking. My best wishes to all of his family and his friends and acquaintances as well.


Ray Nelson posted on 10/25/19

Over the years, I came to regard Charles as a friend as well as a trusted financial advisor. My thoughts and prayers are with his wonderful family that he was so proud of.


Corliss Rogers posted on 10/25/19

Oh, Charles - there has never been anyone more trustworthy or honorable in my life. You were a wonderful advisor and a sweet friend, and I will miss you forever.


Susan and Richard Vanderborg posted on 10/24/19

I really don't know what to say it was such a shock he was so full of life so up beat he will be missed my many my heart and prays go out to his family


Ray Nelson posted on 10/24/19

Over the years I came to regard Charlens as not only my financial advisor, but a friend. His efforts have contributed toward my being able to enjoy a worry free retirement. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family which II know he was so very proud of. He will be missed but his legacy as a person who was always there to help others will live on.



Monica H. Schneider posted on 10/24/19

I admired and so appreciated Charles. I will miss his wise counsel and his helpful manner.


Gene Day posted on 10/24/19

Charles made the world a better place and he made my life a better life. Thank you, dear friend.


Jay Abramovitz posted on 10/24/19

Charles was such a fine gentleman and conscientious supporter. I am glad to have known him and saddened to see him pass.


David Greger posted on 10/24/19

All who knew Charles will forever miss that HUGE smile! As business partners we forged a deep friendship that extended well beyond our office walls. I am so grateful for the seventeen years we worked alongside one another. Fair winds and following seas. You will be missed dear friend. David Greger


Aubrey posted on 10/24/19

Even after 2 years I still think about how amazing of a teacher she was. She helped me find my creative voice when it came to writing. She was so kind and supportive and I'll never forget what a joy it was to be able to get feedback from her on something I was working on, or anything like that. I'm so grateful for her.


Kelsey Rasmussen posted on 10/22/19

Dear Esther and Jim, I remember my moments with Andrew when we were kids as well as if it were yesterday. I think fondly of meeting Andrew in gymnastics camp, where I was delighted to find a fellow half Asian friend. I was struck by Andrew's genuine love for life and thoughtful nature. I look back fondly at a playdate we had at your house where he introduced me to his guinea pigs and we floated paper boats down the stream running alongside the sidewalk. I also recall a trip our families took to Calistoga, where I was able to spend more time with Andrew. I am so sorry for your loss, but I hope you find comfort in the fact that Andrew will be remembered by the people he impacted forever. -Kelsey Rasmussen


Julia Roehl posted on 10/21/19

My fondest memories of Andrew were in our Bay School mandarin class. His sense of humor always made everyone laugh. I will always remember him for his musical talent, and his performance at the talent show. He will truly be missed. Sending love and prayers.


Millie Robson posted on 10/21/19

I am sending love to Andrew's family. He was known for his incredible sense of humor. I often find myself telling stories of the funny things he did throughout high school and college, and the impression of freedom that he has truly left on those around him. He was very kind, and part of that kindness showed in his constant desire to make others laugh.


Chau Trinh posted on 10/20/19

Dear Jim and Esther: words cannot express my profound sadness for you and Andrew. Although we haven’t met lately, the memories are alive of the times we spent together at the Ranch in Healdsburg. And the memory of what a cheerful, polite youngster Andrew was. Only time will reduce your pain and help you relive the sweet family memories. I will think often of you and keep you in my prayers and looking forward to seeing you soon. Love, Chau.


Daniel Dominguez-Moncada posted on 10/20/19

Although I never personally met Andrew, I am saddened by his passing. May Andrew rest in peace. And may his parents, grandparents, family, and friends be comforted in this time of deep loss and sadness.


Rita Rigotti Magionos posted on 10/16/19

We stood shoulder to shoulder and hand in hand as we said farewell to our dear Uncle Albert. It was a beautiful day at Willamette National and as we listened to Taps and the wonderful military salute and the folding of our American flay, and Father’s beautiful words, I knew that although we lost a magnificent mind, a true scholar, an individual with a strong faith, a lover of beauty and books and a very special Uncle that the lessons he taught me are more valuable than any precious gem. You will be missed by us all. God bless your soul as you begin your new life in eternity. We will meet again And such a strong faith


Julie Rigotti Cettina posted on 10/15/19

Today my dearly-loved Godfather, and Uncle Albert, will be laid to rest. Words cannot express the depth of emotion in my heart. As we say farewell, I will find comfort in the words, "May the choirs of angels come to greet you. May they lead you to Paradise. May the Lord enfold you in His mercy. May you find eternal life." Godspeed, Uncle Albert!


Jan Luckey posted on 10/14/19

Al was such a positive person. I always looked forward to seeing him. He always had interesting stories to tell. He will be missed by many people.


Jean Flynn Mitchell posted on 10/14/19

What a wonderful man! He shared his talents and knowledge with many, plus his strong Catholic faith. When I was at Marylhurst, he played my son-in-law in a play. His "wife" was named Jenny. Five hears later I had a baby named Jenny. He will be in my prayers.



E. Legler posted on 10/13/19

I enjoyed working with Sam at Reliable Credit. He was a very kind person and was always so nice to me.


John Ritter posted on 10/11/19

Al was a greet teacher at the unv .of Portland, he was a nice person, a fine actor and always fun to share some vino with. he can't be replaced, he was one of a kind.


David Tunno posted on 10/7/19

I owe a lot to Al Cereghino. He was not only a professor at the U. of P. where I graduated, but a mentor and friend. I have told many that he was the smartest person I every knew. I know he is thought of as a Renaissance man, and that fits. My brief connection with his Executive Theater program was a significant contributor to the start of my trial consulting career, as the firm that hired me required that experience. I was one of the lucky ones who knew Al Cereghino.


Rita Johnson posted on 10/7/19

He was one of the “coolest” & intriguing persons I’ve ever met. Very inspirational & a wealth of knowledge. A sunny disposition that would rub off on a person instantly. It was a honor to know him even tho brief, in the grand scheme of life. I met him in Lake Oswego. He lived directly below me. A remarkable handsome man who seemed to be a “step above it all” and one I claim in my personal “forever friend club”. He is a memorable individual. My thoughts and condolences to all family and I especially enjoyed meeting his nieces, Christina & Linda. May his good memories fill the holes in your hearts while he is gone on another great adventure.


Rita Rigotti Magionos posted on 10/6/19

So long for now


Christina Utter posted on 10/6/19

My Mom, Flora Cereghino Rigotti, had 3 siblings. Sophie, Stella and my “Uncle Albert”. For as long as I can remember, Uncle Albert helped nurture my imagination, creativity and curiosity. He would often leave me with more questions than answers, but that was meant to make me think. Since 2004, I had more time to reflect with Uncle Albert. Always the teacher, he would discuss the ‘art of slow looking’ at beauty; whether it be art, music, sculpture or the finest of details in faces. It’s difficult to say Goodbye. So rather like HYMN, let me say ‘so long for now’.


KC Cowan posted on 10/5/19

I got to know Arne when I did a story on him for Oregon Art Beat. He was a real flirt and so fun to work with. I met him several times afterwards for lunch and I treasure our outings. I JUST learned of his passing now. I would have attended his service had I heard about it in time. Condolences to his family. Arne was a great artist and I really liked him so much,


John Runyan posted on 10/4/19

Very fond memory of early ‘80’s visit to Ft Bidwell with my mother Alexis Runyan, and the very warm hospitality of Mac & Delores. With sincere condolences.



Nicole Cristoforo posted on 9/27/19

Thank you Mac for allowing me the privelidge and honor of caring for you ❤ you are missed...


Nadene Fern Goldfoot posted on 9/24/19

I am so sad to have just read that Sam passed away this past February. He was only 6 months older than me. Sam was most important to me during our high school years though he attended Lincoln and I attended Washington. The B'nai Brith in South Portland was where we met in our various activities. We hadn't seen each other for a long time, then finally did get together several years ago and managed to keep in touch. As an amateur genealogist, I have done his tree. May he rest in peace.


Laura Chambers posted on 9/13/19

Bye Dallas, from Corpus, lol for real loves


shirley ziemer posted on 9/12/19

dearest Gerry : biologically you were my aunt, but in reality you were my big sister, only 10 years older than me. you were my confidant, best friend, travel companion, and loved by my entire family, especially Ted, Meribeth,Lynne, Gary, David and Douglas.we will always miss you and remember you with love my


Ann Vigliotti Waugh posted on 9/11/19

Your gentle face and patient smile with sadness we recall You had a kindly word for each and died beloved by all. The voice is mute and stilled the heart that loved us well and true, Ah, bitter was the trial to part from one so good as you. You are not forgotten loved one nor will you ever be As long as life and memory last we will remember thee. We miss you now, our hearts are sore As time goes by we miss you more, Your loving smile, your gentle face, no one can take your vacant place.



Clara Locey posted on 9/11/19

I cannot state as eloquently the beautiful words Linda used to describe her Mom, my Aunt. Those words captured her love and generosity to all she loved or met. She was more than generous to me over the years offering nonjudgmental support and love. I remember her phone calls to our childhood home when would try to determine if my sister Kathy or I had answered the phone. So to cover both possibilities she combined both names and said “Clathy?” There are too many wonderful memories to mention but suffice it to say, all will remain in my mind and heart. Though we were separated by many miles, I thought of you often, spoke to you until you were unable to speak and missed having you near. I will always remember your kindness and love. I will miss you.


MarieCaulfield posted on 9/11/19

Sorry about Aunt Gerry


Dawnetta farlow posted on 9/5/19

Lindsay was my dad Martin farlow first cousin his mother flora and my grandmother Jerry are sisters I just found out about his passing and my condolences go out


Dawnetta farlow posted on 9/5/19

Lindsey was my dad Martin farlows first cousin my grams Jerry and Flora are sisters I just found out but my condolences go out to the family


Judith Sugg posted on 8/22/19

George was a cherished member of the Theosophical Society. He enjoyed our annual picnic -- and, in his 90s, won the croquet match! He is missed.


Rob Rickenbaugh posted on 8/21/19

Just was notified of Greg's passing. I remember him from Roger Bacon, and for being a wonderful person and great Spartan. Sad to hear of this. Prayers for Greg's family.


Mary Nelson posted on 8/17/19

My condolences to the family and friends of my Aunt Esther. Thanks to everyone who took care of her during her last couple of years here on earth. Now she is with her Savior and reunited with her husband Chet and my parents and many loved ones. I have great memories of Esther.



Tim Vanasen posted on 8/7/19

Watching Avengers movies together



Tim Vanasen posted on 8/7/19

I choose to remember Charles great personality, very condescending at times with lovebeing an intelligent man I will miss our conversations whatever we talked about was deep, especially The Avengers lol when we watched End Game together we both cried cause we understood the story I will remember you all my days Charles Rest in peace my his family I never knew may you find peace after you morn God bless you...


Randy harris posted on 8/6/19

Gonna miss you brother !! We had some good times and always made each other laugh! Crap we invented another use for duck tape and a 9/16 socket !! You’ll always be remembered for that hard head but tender heart !! Love you brother!! See you again one day!


Karol Allard posted on 8/5/19

Chuck was a really nice guy whom I was fond of. Even after all these years he still respected me and called me Aunt. I am happy to know that Maddy and Chuck shared the years they had together and their closeness remained if only by phone and text. I know Maddy will make Chuck proud of her as she continuous her life choices.


Janice Burkhead posted on 8/5/19

I met Mike & Margaret at St. Pius X church several years ago when we were attending daily mass. They were a lovely couple. I remember both of them fondly. My deepest sympathy to his family and friends. Janice Burkhead


Laura Bodford posted on 8/4/19

I will miss you Charles.Times at the mission were good with you there. Rest in Peace my Cowboys Buddy.


William Barber posted on 8/4/19

All those years of living by each other. Growing up in our teenage years. Listening to punk music and riding bikes. I'll see you on the flip side my friend.


William Barber posted on 8/4/19

All those years of living by you and growing up in our teenage years. I'll see you on flip side.


Rhonda and Douglas Stephens posted on 8/4/19

Our condolences to the family. We knew Chuck when we were teenagers and witnessed first hand his bike skills. He was something of a spitfire and will be missed.


Kathy & Jim Hoot posted on 8/4/19

We have known Chuck for 40 years. He was a special young man. Very determined to accomplish anything and everything. I will miss his comments to me under the guise as "mom". He touched our hearts! We will miss him. May he live on in our hearts. Until we meet again may he rest in peace. ❤



Troy Beltran posted on 7/28/19

Evelyn was a great person I known her over 25 years at Fred Meyers she always was nice helpful and love all her customers she worked in the old building in home improvement Dept for years and was so kind to all she will be blessed by all !! God bless



Laela posted on 7/27/19



Dennis Budworth posted on 7/20/19

I enjoyed working with Larry at PANG Base and his humor and kindness. God Bless.


Don Owen posted on 7/16/19

As many people before me he was a great mentor and adviser, of all things he talked me in to finishing school even when the cards were stacked against me. I hope you’re are finally resting in peace.



JoAnn Brown posted on 7/13/19

Dr. Gayde was a wonderful person and a super wonderful doctor. After many many doctors and tests she was that took the time to study my symptoms and listen to me and pulled it all together. She was the only one that diagnosed me properly and treat the condition. I.missed her after she moved north. I tried for a long time to locate her and thank her. I learned of her passing from her colleagues in central CAI was deeply saddened She spoke often of her sons and how much she loved them. I.miss til this day and that Brooklyn accent.


Kimberly & Stephen Bown posted on 7/8/19

We were very sorry to hear of Marsha’s passing. Sympathies to her family. A donation to OPB has been made in her honor.


Carole Pigman posted on 7/6/19

Sonny, thank you for reaching out to me and my children!



Thea Weiss Hayes posted on 7/5/19

My dearest mother Marjorie and father Benjamin, on this July 4th 2019 it is with great honor and an aching heart that I remember you with love and appreciation for everything you contributed to my life. Our 4th of July celebrations were a great part of my childhood, and you always made them special. Love Always, Thea


Brian Trembley posted on 7/4/19

I enjoyed time with your entire family years ago, and have searched for Beth and Jeff off and on frequently through the years. Your mother was such a happy lady. Didn't know about Al's passing until the obituary. Best wishes.


Laura posted on 7/2/19

So many memories, but every year about this time the memories and sadness fill my mind to a point where it’s hard to think of anything else. You’re missed by many people, all of the time. Levi wonders about you. I wish you were still here to see him, he’s incredible. We love you Spencer.


Sally Kenney posted on 7/1/19

Joan Murray, I have appreciated you giving me Marsha’s name to update my Documents for living in Oregon. What a shock to have Your Daughter gone! My thoughts are with you—— Sally Kenney


Cheri O’Neil posted on 6/30/19

My dear Marsha, Little did we know when I visited Portland last April and we met for happy hour that it would be our last. We have so many shared memories of our childhood friendship from junior high through high school in Kalispell, Montana. I will miss you! Rest In Peace.


Cheri O’Neil posted on 6/30/19

My dear Marsha, Little did we know when we celebrated our childhood friendship during happy hour in April that it would be our last. I’m grateful for that last time with you and for all our shared memories. Rest In Peace.


Ed Campbell posted on 6/30/19

I am in shock!


Kathy Ficken posted on 6/30/19

My dearest sister-You are loved and missed. Forever your family-The Fickens


rochelle teeny posted on 6/27/19

Faye was the perfect neighborhood Grama -and how lucky we were that she lived so close to us that my daughter and her granddaughter (Rhonda and Katelynn) could tromp back and forth a few blocks between homes and feel really "independent" -- just like the kind of woman Faye was--independent and strong. I will always remember her welcoming smile!


Joanne Devincenzi posted on 6/26/19

Dear Aunt Vida, Thank you for loving me and my family. You have always been a special part of my life despite the miles that separated us. I will always treasure all of my memories of time spent with you and the joy of those special moments. May you rest peacefully in the arms of Jesus as you look with upon the loving face of God. You are forever in my heart and I love you into eternity. 💕💕✝️ With prayerful condolences to all of your loved ones.


Raluca posted on 6/25/19

Ohhh, how I miss you sweet Faye! were such a joy! ... people like you make me go further... I truly wished I had you in my life a little longer :(.... until we meet again sweet Faye! Love Raluca


Rhonda T. posted on 6/24/19

Faye's house was always the home for her granddaughter, Katelynn, and I to have fun. Be it from 1st graders playing dress up in the basement while drinking seltzer water, to college students sanding down and repainting thrift-store furniture with Faye's tools. Through her open heart and the encouragement of imagination, some of my happiest memories are involved with G-ma Faye. With her wisdom, wit, and love, I'm confident she's watching over her family as the proud matriarch and strong woman she was and continues to be forever in our hearts. My condolences and prayers go out to the beautiful family Faye protected, guided, and raised.


Jake Teeny posted on 6/24/19

I am so sorry for your loss :( Although I never got to know Faye as personally as Rhonda did, she always seemed like an incredible lady. Moreover, she raised such an amazing daughter and grandchildren, it speaks to what a great person she truly was.


Susan Yonge King posted on 6/23/19

The Speciales lived 2 doors down from my parent's home on s.e. 60th. I have many memories of going to their home and sitting outside on the patio. Fay is always in my memories of Summer at 60th avenue. I will never forget. Thank you Faye.



Jill Speciale posted on 6/23/19

This amazing woman Fay Speciale was my mother. She was a force of nature and so very ahead of her time. She was an amazing role model to her children and grandchildren. I will love her and miss her everyday of my life. She lives on in the faces of my daughters Kelsey, Claire and Katelynn. My joy is knowing that she is once again with my father dancing in heaven.



Jill Speciale posted on 6/23/19

This amazing woman Fay Speciale was my mother. She was a force of nature and so very ahead of her time. She was an amazing role model to her children and grandchildren. I will love her and miss her everyday of my life. She lives on in the faces of my daughters Kelsey, Claire and Katelynn. My joy is knowing that she is once again with my father dancing in heaven.


Lim Family posted on 6/10/19

May the Lord be with you . Our prayers and thoughts will be with you and your family and may God help us in our sorrows.


Grant posted on 5/29/19

I’m so sorry for your loss. LBel will be missed. What has helped me in times like these is what Jesus said at John 11:25, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who exercises faith in me, even though he dies, will come to life.” I hope this will comfort you as it has me. If you need anyone to talk to, please feel free to reach out to me.


David and Frances Sessions posted on 5/26/19

Brom and Mary were good friends and fellow theatergoers at ART for a number of years. They were always upbeat and fun to be with. We will miss Brom and send Mary and the family our sincere condolences.


Kathryn Logan posted on 5/26/19

Brom was a great help to me when I became a new ALJ with the Employment shortly before he retired. He had enormous patience, and was a great teacher. My sympathies go out to his entire family. Rest in peace, dear man.



Sandra Smith Gangle posted on 5/26/19

I was an intern at ERB in 1979 and Brom was one of my great mentors. I still remember his gentle approach and his wise guidance as an impartial neutral, which helped me choose my eventual career as a laabor arbitrator. Thanks, Brom.


Jane Bowers posted on 5/24/19

I didn't know him, but I am sorry for your loss, Roberta.


Sheila Stanford posted on 5/19/19

Auntie was one like no others. Although our entire relationship was spent 3,000 miles apart I always felt close and loved by her, We would speak and share stories of our families, and send pictures . Her paintings whether on paper, canvas or rocks are my treasures and are always surrounding me. Love of family was everything to her and taught me a lot. Auntie will always be in my heart and mind.


Lindaci de medeiros posted on 5/19/19

Estou muito chocada, ao descobrir da morte da Anna!Estou há anos lhe procurando....Sinto profundamente..éramos muito amigas aqui no Brasil! Uma querida amiga, onde vivi lindos e doces momentos! Que Deus e os anjos te concedam paz e a sua luz possa trilhar sempre o caminho do amor e a paz...Com saudades éternas, sua amiga que te ama pra sempre, Linda!


Lindaci de medeiros posted on 5/19/19

É com muito pesar no coração que descubro agora, nesse momento, o falecimento dessa querida, linda e boa amiga, que me deixou muita falta no Brasil...Onde tivemos belos momentos e que Deus Pai todo poderoso e os anjos Anjos estejam nesse momento querida Anna, te envolvendo com júbilos de amor e paz...Com saudades e muito carinho, da amiga que sempre te amará... Linda


Carol Parshall posted on 5/18/19

It’s so very hard to lose a loved one and I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and the family 🙏🏻


LuCinda posted on 5/18/19

Just the other day, I was packing up some things when I came across the reindeer she painted for me. That was a beautiful gesture from a wonderful woman. My heart and love goes out to you and the family.


Melissa Schmeltzer - Jarchow posted on 5/15/19

I am so sorry for your loss. What a wonderful woman your Mom was. I will never forget her and her kindness and generosity toward me.


Randall Lakefish posted on 5/6/19

On behalf of the Lakefish family, please accept our condolences.



Tishana Price posted on 4/25/19

I just wanted to light a candle for Ms, Olga and my extended family. Sorry I was not able to be by your sides but you are in my heart and prayers. Love you Family.


Phil Andrews posted on 4/25/19

I worked indirectly with Dieter through much of my early career in Electrical Engineering, first at Lattice Semiconductor in the mid 1980's, and at Sharp Microelectronics, from 1988-1996. He was always a pleasant, witty person. Though I didn't work with him directly very much, I always had a lot of respect and admiration for him. I remember at Lattice, he was head of the Digital Signal Processing team, DSP for short, and we used to refer to it with the alternate name of "Dieter Spaderna Products". I was sorry to hear of his passing at a relatively young age, and express condolences to the dear family he leaves behind.


Michael Duffy posted on 4/20/19

It's in reading obituaries that we really find out about people's lives, and it's with the deepest regret that I did'nt really know grandma that well while she was on the face of the earth. Rest easy on the right hand of god, grandma. You're probably up there cooking Easter dinner and goodies for everybody!


Gerard and Judith (Levine) Spanier posted on 4/17/19

Leonard will always be part of the Levine family, and never forgotten. The family, even as it has grown, has ensured that his character, demeanor and values remain remembered.



Melissa ‘Mo’ Czinger posted on 4/9/19

Thank you Terry! You were an amazing guy.


Melissa ‘Mo’ Czinger posted on 4/9/19

Just found out about Terry’s passing. Wish I had known at the time I would of gone to the service. He was a great landlord and a great guy.



Melanie M Diamond posted on 3/21/19

Love you Marilyn. You are a classy, fun loving, warm and wise woman. I will miss you dear-heart.


Florence posted on 3/21/19

Marilyn was such a special lady. I loved visiting and seeing her often inThe Atwater. Kind, giving and thoughtful. Miss her.


Christopher Thornburg posted on 3/20/19

Dear Burke, Scott, and Maureen, We are so sorry to hear you lost your mom. Please accept our sincere condolences and know that we are thinking about you. Much love, Chris and Kristi Thornburg San Clemente, California


Mary Negravel posted on 3/17/19

Love and miss you everyday Dad...You were the most wonderful father


Anthony Jaramillo posted on 3/13/19

Hello Mr. and Mrs Craig I don’t know if you remember me but my name is Ivan Anthony Jaramillo. I used to go to ventura park with Isaiah. I had no idea what had happened to Isaiah until just recently checking my facebook. I’m so sorry for your loss. Isaiah was one of my bestfriends back in the days. He was one if the few people who would actually talk to me. He is also one of the reasons I joined the marine corps. We used to talk about the military a lot. He would tell me about how his brother is a marine and how cool he was. Those were good times. My prayers go out to you. I wish you well.



Msry Fitzgerald posted on 3/3/19

I went to school with Tom Lunt and still think about him from time to time. He and Robert Mahaffey came to Montana to visit me some years ago and we had a wonderful time. Tom Lunt was one of the most entertaining and brilliant men I ever knew. I admired him greatly, particularly the way in which he dealt with his health issues in the latter part of his life. I had the occasion to spend time with him and Portland and always loved watching how well loved his pets, both domestic and wild, were. He was an extraordinary highly sensitive man. Some of my fondest memories of my four years at Lewis and Clark College include times spent with Tom Lunt. I am grateful for the privilege of having enjoyed his friendship for all those many years. I miss him still.


Cousin Geri & Len Pearlman posted on 2/27/19

We are saddened by Sam's passing.May he rest in peace.


Jacques Le Roux posted on 2/25/19

Nous avions été heureux lorsqu'elle s'était rapprochée de vous à Portland près d'une côte où le soleil se couche du "bon côté". Notre famille était honorée de la compter avec Edward parmi nos amis et c'était toujours avec plaisir que nous nous rencontrions en France ou aux USA. De tout coeur avec vous trois et vos familles. Jacques et Madeleine


Kristin Raglione Stull posted on 2/21/19

Sending condolences to the family. I had actually been trying to get in touch with Ugo recently as I am Albert’s Grand Daughter and have been hoping to connect on the family and was not sure how and would love to get to know this side of the family . I would love to get in touch. So sorry for your loss, my few encounters with Ugo when I was young were memorable and he was such a great man.


Brent Kleintop posted on 2/19/19

So sorry for your loss. Tom shared many stories about Ugo with some of his work colleagues. He was obviously someone who lived a great life, raised a great family, was loved by many and will be missed. We wish the Raglione's peace in this difficult time.


Mary Bunday posted on 2/16/19

I was so very sorry to hear of Lee's passing. I did get to visit her and she was resting comfortably that day. Please know I will always have a very special place in my heart for her. She was a remarkable and courageous woman. I hope the family gets a chance to treasure the memory of this fine person.


Mary Botkin posted on 2/15/19

Chuck was my longtime friend, colleague and sometime co-conspirator. Chuck passed away in Mexico while on vacation with Robin. They were celebrating their 28 Anniversary. For those of you who did not know, Chuck had many health problems that he has been managing. Sometimes well and other times not well. Here is what I know about my friend Chuck. He served in the Army during the Viet Nam era, though not in a war zone. He was a member of Local 189 of AFSCME Council 75 for 28 years. He Served as President of Local 189 for 8 years, served on the Council 75 Executive Board, Chaired the Political Action Committee for 8 years during part of my tenure at AFSCME as the Political and Legislative Director. He was Chair of the local SubChapter of the AFSCME Retirees. He was an avid bowler, card and game player, had a remarkable memory for all things historic and..., was a spectacular Chair and parliamentarian, he loved good food, rare scotch, good whiskey and wanted his steaks Blood Red and barely warm. He was a sing-along person to any song he knew, loved Musicals, adored his wife Robin and could almost always make me mad as hell and laugh in the same 5-minute window. We shared our distaste for politicians with no moral compass or commitment to a cause, He simply had no time for people and elected leaders who were not altruistic. He always stood up for the right thing, like it or not! He was way too young, just 67 years old. Too young to be gone from all of us who loved and cared about him. We had many more card games to play, many more dinners to enjoy and many more laughs to have and plots to make for those on our joint list. Not long but well deserved, good and bad. Rest well my friend your duty here is done. Those of us who mourn will watch over your family and our friend Robin.


Sherry Baucom posted on 2/15/19

Chuck and Robin was my next door neighbors. He mowed the lawn and enjoying life.


Tanner Andrews posted on 2/2/19

Maury was my grandpa, more than a year after his passing I'm just learning of this and I am just heartbroken. There is no single word that could sum up the man that was Maury, caring, funny, informative, stern, fair and Grandpa. I will always cherish the advice you gave, the love you gave and the Lawnmower you let me ride cause I was too young to drive the 56' Caddy R.I.P. Grandpa love you always


Amie (Marie Jordan)daughter posted on 1/29/19

Hey cuz/bro I remember when we were little we where go stateville and go on Easter egg hunt at the jailhouse. I wish you was still here to talk to and tell you things and that you was going to be a uncle you always have a great personality and great head on should and that uhad spirit that brings me joy and happiness. I will always love you and miss you bro/cuz



Caroline Hartner posted on 1/21/19

So many wonderful memories of this wonderful woman. All our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. May God Bless you all, The Hartner Family


Angus Campbell posted on 1/17/19

On behalf of the Staff and Board of Directors of Caregivers Nova Scotia, I should like to express our sympathy to the Stein family. We are thinking of you all.



MARY E GOETZ posted on 1/16/19

Burt, you left this earth way to soon, yet I hope that you are in peace now that your spirit is free of your human form. Love and miss you.



Debbie Wu posted on 1/15/19

My condolences to the Stein family on Burt's passing. I hope your memories bring you some comfort as you celebrate his life.


Jessie Adler posted on 1/14/19

I was shocked to hear about Telsa. I didn,t know she moved . She was a very special person. Totally dedicated to the family. It took an "angel" to be able to live in that household, with her aunts and grandmother, and take care of everybody in the following years. Please accept my condolences. i would like to have the address of Franklin or Cherie.------PERFECT OBITUARY! ------Cousin, Jessie


BL Qualls posted on 1/9/19

To the family and friends,       I am very sorry to here of the loss of your loved one.        Where can we receive comfort when we grieve? 2Corinthians 1:3,4 in the Bible says:   " Praised be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of tender mercies and the God of all comfort,  who comforts us in all our trials so that we may be able to comfort others in any sort of trial with the comfort that we receive from God."   God comforts us by letting us know what happens to our loved ones when they die and gives us hope that hey will be brought back to life.  To see proof of this from your Bible ask any one of Jehovah's Witnesses to show you.         Also you can see a short vedio "Is There Hope for the Dead?"


Richard Schraudner posted on 1/6/19

Sonny, as his Mother, Father, sisters and brothers knew him had a full and colorful life full of loving close family. Always one of my closest uncles no matter how the miles separated us. My Mom would giggle like a teenager when he called. He is missed.


Laura Simon Champa posted on 1/6/19

So sorry to read about the passing of Telsa. Through my many years of friendship with Freddie, and even though I may not have personally met you, I feel I know the whole family. I always admired how devoted Telsa was to Freddie... even when Freddie rebelled against her sister's advice (like cleaning the house or going to the doctor). I always felt good being around Telsa as she was so easy to talk to and so giving of herself. I am certain your beautiful memories of your Mom, Grandma, great-grandma and friend will keep her alive in your heart.


Rick Shehorn posted on 1/3/19

Stan was my brother-in-law and a good friend. He was a gentle man with a sweet spirit. He loved family gatherings, intellectual conversations and trout fishing. He loved to read. He was a man of faith and I look forward to the day when we meet again.


Lorna. posted on 12/31/18

My Condolence to you and your family, Sir! Your Dad has touched so many hearts in Revere Ct , May he truly be missed!



Lorna Baulechong posted on 12/31/18

You will truly be missed Mr. Day! It was surely nice to have met you,one whole yr of me working in RC!


Christopher Day posted on 12/29/18

Dad I love you and you will always be in my heart. Thank you for being the best Father a Son could ever ask for. Love Chip


Kevin Reeves - son of Leigh and Sunny Reeves posted on 12/26/18

On behalf of my family, we extend our deepest condolences at the passing of my dad's last brother. My dad has fond memories growing up in Rochester and often mentions his brother. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. With best wishes and kind regards, Kevin Reeves - on behalf of Leigh and Sunny Reeves.


John Dickinson Reeves (Sr.) posted on 12/24/18

My condolences and warm thoughts to Uncle Herb's extended family. I spent a Christmas with him in New Jersey in 1961 while I was spending a year with G&G Reeves in Rochester. Fond memories of that visit return often. Warmest regards to all.



Rosine Sauvage posted on 12/17/18

I wished we had kept in touch, I miss you Haig, our world misses you..


Carolyn posted on 12/17/18

Love and miss you forever my friend.



Dawn posted on 12/16/18

Love you forever Alter Wiener


Lynette Deaver posted on 12/16/18

Alter called me one evening. I was so happy because I just read read his book. He told me I was the epitome of everything he wanted as a child. I loved him and he was my hero. R.I.P. Dear Alter.


Scott Phoenix posted on 12/15/18

Al loved coming to Patton Middle School (OR) because he so much enjoyed interacting with two particular teachers, one especially, who helped to develop the Holocaust unit based around study of "The Diary of Anne Frank." The 8th graders always entered artwork for the Sala Kryszek Art & Writing Contest. As you can see, the student who did this wonderful work found her inspiration in Al.


Ron Ostrander posted on 12/15/18

One of the books I value is 'With G-d at my side' by Menachem Taiblum with Cyndie Meyer. This is an autographed copy and Mr. Taiblum wouldn't even take any money for it. To Mr. Taiblum's family I express my sincere condolences.


Scott Phoenix posted on 12/15/18

Alter Wiener A numbers man A numbered boy, 64735. Some numbers don’t add up. Miles from Oswiecim (Auschwitz) 8 Mother’s death 1930 German invasion 1 9 1939 Forced fatherlessness 9 11 1939 The murdered (tossed into a pit) 38 Father unearthing 12 1939 Brother’s wrenching from home 5 1941 Alter’s disheartening deportation 6 1942 People in boxcar 80 Days underway no food, no water 1.5 Bodies in a room 8x10 24 Forced labor 6 1942 - 9 1944 Beatings, sadistic torture daily Lashes in exchange for seeking food 15 Shower of Schadenfreude 1 Precious possessions bowl spoon 1 each Sandwich 1 each for 30 days Concentration camp (months) 9 Pounds at liberation 80 Toes dead to sensation 2 Shoah relative victims 123. But some numbers do. Chrzanow, Poland birth 8 10 1926 Liberation 9 5 1945 Prediction of years to live By a Soviet doctor who had looked Into death and statistics But not into the soul of this Death-defying man. 2 Emigration to Palestine Years service in the Israeli army 1 Marriage of distance 19 3 1945 Birth of first son Emigration to U.S. 1960 Work at menial jobs to H.S. degree and Eventually accounting – a numbers man. Sons 2 Grandchildren 6 From a Name to a Number 4 2007 Reasons for writing it 3 -Obligation to tell his story, -People’s ignorance about the Holocaust, -Counteraction of those who deny it. Countless assistance to those in need and inspiration to live and accept. Addresses to audiences nearing 1,000 “Better, not bitter” “Hate hatred and shun violence.” “All Jews were victims but not all victims were Jews.” “I’m responsible for my own actions.” Elegant man, stylish man, accomplished man. Always clothed in a suit. And in his 90th year of life Only two vices! There is always hope. *dates in European manner day month year some just month and year


Sandy Fuller posted on 12/14/18

You have touched our family by spending time with us. What a generous spirit, sense of humor, and optimism for humanity. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and beautiful words.



Kimberly m Zappoli posted on 12/14/18

We did not know you personally but you have made a difference in our lives. We saw you leave this earth and learned of you after. Thank you Alter for changing lives and your love will go on for ever. God bless you and your family. Our condolences to all So very sorry for your loss.


Eva Mosley posted on 12/14/18

I meet Alter this year and I had the joy of visiting him and sharing one of his home cooked vegan meals.Alter was the most humble, kindest, loving man I have ever known and I will miss my beautiful friend Alter very much. He was a precious!


chris reed posted on 12/14/18

I am proud to say that Al was a friend of mine. I have known him for many years. Many years back now I went to do a video history with Al. He invited me to lunch (as did all the Survivors I interviewed) and I recall being a little nervous, knowing Al was vegetarian (actually vegan). I hoped I would be able to eat everything. Well, I couldn't stop eating it was so delicious. Al Wiener was a kind man, a man who connected so easily with students when he went to schools to give a talk. Al told me of a young Muslim girl who came up to him after his talk. She told Al he would probably hate her as she was a Muslim and he, a Jew. Al's response was that he would not hate her, could not hate her. You cannot be blamed for anything your ancestors did. They hugged. Al was indeed, a mensch.


Janet Nero posted on 12/13/18

Alter was a remarkable man. I first met him at my club, one of our members worked at a school he spoke at. He should serve as a teacher to all. We are stronger than we think and can survive and be thankful. He will be missed.



Lonni Finley posted on 12/13/18

Forever in my will never be forgotten. You are a true hero to me. All my love to you Alter Wiener. RIP my friend.


Cristina Heim posted on 12/13/18

My Dear Scabble King, You taught my family and I so much. You did not teach us just about loving each other and those around us, but about respect, friendship, accountability, hard working ethics, and perseverance. You put life into perspective and we are all forever changed for it. Thank you for everything and for pushing me to improve my Scrabble game. I will forever have a place for you in my heart. I love you dear friend. Rest In Peace my Friend!


Daniella Lednicer posted on 12/13/18

I had the great pleasure of meeting your father at my sister's house in Portland decades ago. He was an amazing human being. Our sincere condolences to you and your family. With Deepest Symathy, Daniella Lednicer and the Lednicer-Chu family


Kimberley Miller posted on 12/12/18

Al had a profound impact on me as a teacher, and on the lives of countless students at South Salem High School. I feel like I've lost a Grandfather. His work sharing his experiences during the Holocaust has been so important to building understanding across generations. I shall miss him always. Especially that smile and the twinkle in his eyes.


Nathan Schwartz posted on 12/12/18

Thank you Mr. Weiner for keeping the memory of the Holocaustalive for children in our schools and for telling your story to others to insure it never happens again. Rest In Peace.


Evelyn Stewart posted on 12/11/18

I so enjoyed knowing Francine in the French conversation group on Saturday mornings and in a smaller group where we met in homes. She was a delight and although she knew French better than most of us she was generous in only helping when asked. I have moved away now so do not attend but I treasure her friendship in the two groups


Denise della Santina posted on 12/10/18

What an incredible life. Though I knew few of the details, there was never any doubt that Francine was a woman of wit, grace, curiosity, intellectual prowess and generosity, all of which she showed and shared in countless (and often surprising) ways. I'll miss her smile, her parade of gorgeous scarves and pins, her perfect posture and her strength. There will always be a hole on the left side of the back row of the gym, and in our hearts.


Rachel Perlman posted on 12/10/18

Carlos Sposito. I was great friends with Debbi when we were 13/14 years old love to you both. Certainly miss you guys. Good to see your memorial online. Thank you so much. Your life such a gift you give. Blessed Be. Contact me Debbie. Love, Rachel



Rachel Perlman posted on 12/10/18

I remember your Dad Debbi, Love him and love you too. Thank you for being you carlo and your daughter Deborah . Miss you.


Judith Rice posted on 12/9/18

Francine was my French teacher over the past several years. I so looked forward to our Monday afternoon sessions. She was one of the most interesting people I ever knew. I never tired of her stories. I miss her very much.


Blake andMaria Miller posted on 12/9/18

An interesting life in troubled times . Your mother and dad were very determined and gifted people with lots of accomplishments. We understand the feeling of loss when a parent is gone . The memories and the knowledge of having lived a good life is what we hold and keep in our hearts ,


Vince Sylvia posted on 12/4/18

Hey Mark, I can't believe it's been more than 2 yrs since we last talked. I miss the stories of your girls, the funny things that happened at school or the misadventures on vacation! I miss all the funny inflection in your voice or the expression on your face at the punch line of whatever joke you were telling! It's been too long since we last talked and I wanted to say really miss our time together making your hair look great! Forever your friend Vinnie the barber



Diane Buckshnis posted on 12/1/18

Marie was such a class act and so sweet and warm. We all grew up together and attended St. Phillip Neri. Paul was my brother Tom’s best friend and Susan and I were kindered spirits often biking around Ladds and Laurelhurst together. Oh the fun we all had together. Marie always had a smile on her face and was so kind with her words of wisdom. I am sadden to hear this news and am in the Midwest and cannot attend the services or I would be there to celebrate her life. She has a special place in my heart as one of the “Holy Name moms” and my love and sorrow go to all the kids. Peace and love to such a wonderful family.


TONI GREVES posted on 11/27/18

I remember when Bonnie was little I loved fixing her curly hair. I would stand her up on the toilet and comb her hair she was so cute an a happy little face. I love you Bonnie. Cousin Jeannie


Jim Tatti posted on 11/22/18

my sincere condolences to you all.


Joe and Charmaine Tatti posted on 11/22/18

Joe and I as well as children, Collin and Julie have often remembered our visit many years ago to Portland. Your Father and Mother were very gracious hosts as was your Grandmother while we were there. We still laugh at the memory of Aunt Madeleine making her “quick quick sauce” and how delicious it was! Your parents taking us to see the devastation at Mt. St. Helen. We always enjoyed seeing your Dad whenever he came to visit either Uncle Gino and Aunt Mary or Aunt Natalie. So many lovely memories we have!


John V Fenton posted on 11/18/18

It is a privilege to have known Ray. A great man, who cared deeply about his family, friends,and his many employees..R


Will and Shirley Seelhoff posted on 11/15/18

We will remember the trip down to Mexico and all the other RV outting that we had with you and Jean. YOU will be missed happy RVing.


Fred and Donna Busselaar posted on 11/14/18

You are like a big brother to me and you gave us so many wonderful memories we will never forget. We will always remember you



Nancy Janes posted on 11/12/18

My prayers are with all of you.


DF posted on 11/10/18

My condolences to the family for the dear loss of Cheryl. May God who can bind up the wounds of the brokenhearted be a support for you during this difficult time. -Psalms 147:3


Judy Frauman posted on 11/10/18

I wish that I could be there to honor Jerry's memory. I am there in spirit.



Kenya and Duane posted on 11/9/18

You shall be remembered fondly Jerry



Kenya Powell posted on 11/9/18

You will be remembered fondly Jerry



Kenya Powell posted on 11/9/18

You will surely be remembered and missed by all



Teid and Carol Mcbee posted on 11/7/18

you will be missed by so many people that enjoyed your smile and you upbeat love of life.


Sharon Thomas posted on 11/6/18

My brother-in-law, Ray, was a super guy! Always enjoyed his sense of humor and his larger than life smile! I will miss him but I have many wonderful stories and memories that will be treasured. Peace and prayers are wished for his family.


Gabe Storm posted on 11/5/18

Ray was a very fortunate man to have created such a such a wonderful life and family. Wishing the Salvi family well and our thoughts are with you all at this time.


Jim and Judy posted on 11/4/18

Always a smile...could really light up a conversation. Will be sorrily missed.


Joni Simonton posted on 11/2/18

You did a beautiful job describing Ray's life. He indeed was a character that was loved by all who met him. I am so sad, yet when I think of him, I mostly smile...My heart goes out to all the family.


Sanderson Family posted on 11/2/18

We are all with you at this time in your sorrow We love You


MARC GOSSIN posted on 10/31/18

I hope you can allow your memories to bring you comfort. It was wonderful and loving for you to have him as a son. As well he was blessed to have parents and a loving family during his days here. Shalom


BL Qualls posted on 10/26/18

To the family and friends, I am very sorry to here of the death of your loved one. God told Isaiah what to write as recorded at Isaiah 26:19. It says: " Your dead will live. My corpses will rise up. Awake and shout joyfully, You residents in the dust! For your dew is as the dew of the morning, And the earth will let those powerless in death come to life." This will happen soon. In the mean time we can take comfort from the Holy Scriptures. Jehovah's Witnesses would be happy to study the Bible with you. You can make a request online or ask any one of Jehovah's Witnesses to make arrangements.


Sacramenta Landrum posted on 10/26/18

To the family and friends of Maxine please accept my deepest condolences. You will be reunited with Maxine again very soon right here on a brand new Paradise Earth under Jesus Christ Kingdom rule Daniel 2:44, that he taught his followers to pray to come in the Lord's Prayer Matthew 6:9, 10 no more sickness pain or death Life Without End Revelation 21:1-5


Sue Rader posted on 10/26/18

In 1960 I moved to Portland to be with my Aunt Evelyn Hedlund. I met Barbara at Laurelhurst Presbyterian church and was an inspiration to me in all she did! I especially enjoyed her book reports and fellowship with her ar the monthly Circle meetings. To this day she is an inspiration to me and I look forward to that special day when we shall all worship our Lord and Savior in heaven!


Jennifer Hooley posted on 10/22/18

My family attended Laurelhurst Presbyterian when I was growing up, which is where I met dear Barbara and Hal. My favorite memory is years later running into them at the ice skating rink at Lloyd Center and her comment as she watched the skaters , with a beam on her face. She pictured herself skating like they did one day in heaven, leaping and graceful. I am sure heaven is much greater than that for her, but I love thinking of her that way now! Love to her family and friends, and see you later, Barbara :)


Janie Pearcy posted on 10/22/18

Duane and family, my sincerest condolences for your loss. Maxine was a delight, and we all will miss her.


Dakota Ushigome posted on 10/19/18

Bev. I still think of you! You were such an inspiration to me and everyone who knew you at the gym. I was blessed to have gotten to know you and be in the presence of such radiant beauty. I’ll never forget you!


Diane Terry posted on 10/19/18

We/I have lost a dear and devoted friend and mentor. Her eloquent voice and wise commentaries about life will be greatly missed., May she rest in Heaven with Hal and her many family members and friends.


Friedrich-Franz v. Pressentin posted on 10/18/18

On behalf of the von Pressentinischen Familienverband (von Pressentin Family Association) I express my formal sympathy to Susan’s family. We received the news of Susan’s passing just before our family renunion in Prestin (near Schwerin in Germany) and in the presence of family members from South Africa, Germany and the USA we were able to say a prayer and read a Psalm in our private family chapel in her name. We hope that this we be of some comfort. Sincerely, Friedrich-Franz v. Pressentin, Former Chairman



Karl George Peterson posted on 10/17/18

We didn't always see eye-to-eye but he was very good and passionate about what he did a former student of his I helped build some of the sets when I was in high school back in the 1980s the good old days



Elizabeth Johnston posted on 10/5/18

Mr. Ginsberg was an onry sweet man, whom I enjoyed. I knew him for many years and even though we were not close or friends really, I will miss him. I am sure he is happy to be reunited with his wife whom he spoke greatly of.


John Haub posted on 10/2/18

"Dirk and Bill" were the best PPB and ROCN partners on the planet. Both were often called as expert witnesses on drug trafficking organizations, and drug dealing techniques. At Bill's retirement from PPB, Dirk corrected Bill's wife on how many creams to put in his coffee--he spent more time with Bill than Bill's wife did. They were inseparable, and "the very best!"


Alex Snook posted on 9/27/18

So sorry to hear of Jodi's passing. She was a bright and vocal light at Unity of Beaverton as she pretty much ran the place when Ed Townley was minister back in the 1990's. She certainly did love to garden and her pies were legendary! God Speed on her next adventure.


Jane McReynolds O'Brien, RHS Class of '73 posted on 9/27/18

I remember our beloved RHS classmate as reserved, loving and caring toward everyone. Please know her family is in my prayers.


Mike and Cindy Martin posted on 9/26/18

Mike and I were so sad to here of Mike's passing. He was an exceptional individual.


Tom Mitchell posted on 9/26/18

A good friend from the Police Bureau. One of the best on any team. Good bye to Bill and my condolences to his family and long time partner and friend Dirk. So sorry I cant make the services. Love you Billy!


Limda Samman posted on 9/26/18

The Samman family send our heartfelt condolences to the members of Cathy’s family. We Already miss her.


John Hoya Yang posted on 9/26/18

Cathy was the big sister to my best friend, but I looked up to her as well. It was truly a pleasure growing up with her a couple houses down. I will always remember her kindness and her smile. My sincere condolences to the entire Konick family at this difficult time.



John Hoya Yang posted on 9/26/18

Cathy, It was a privilege and pleasure knowing you while growing up as a close neighbor. You will be remembered always and missed dearly.


Scott Markman posted on 9/25/18

Cathy was that quintessential caring person who loved her family, friends, animals and our country dearly. She was the glue who annually updated us on family milestones, made a wicked cole slaw, traveled widely and got the most out of life. I think we were all lucky to have had her in our lives, and she will be remembered for her kindness and wisdom. Cathy will be in my heart for as long as I live.


ERIC STOVER posted on 9/24/18

Our condolences to all of you on the passing of Susan. She was so mellow and caring. Love, Eric and Susan


Mary Monnat posted on 9/24/18

Susan was an incredible blessing to all of us at LifeWorks NW. She cared deeply for our mission and treated everyone with great respect. She went out of her way to make everyone feel special. Her quiet strength, gentle spirit and great sense of humor will be greatly missed. We are so sorry for your loss. Mary


Lisa Heimsoth Bulante posted on 9/24/18

Susan was a quiet, strong force in the office, but mostly a very friendly face we could count on for help and encouragement. We are holding the family up in prayer and wishing you peace through immense sadness.


Maureen Foreman posted on 9/23/18

I always appreciated how Susan handled the craziness of a middle school office and actually got her work done. The last time I saw Susan was at Starbucks with a good cup of strong coffee. Please accept my sincere sympathy to her family.



Kathi Segrin posted on 9/23/18

Susan was a a beautiful person inside and out. She was not only a colleague but a friend. She is at peace now and I am thankful for that. Blessings to Todd and Chelse.



Kathi Segrin posted on 9/23/18

Susan was such a great friend and colleague. She was a beautiful person inside and out and I loved her dearly. RIP and blessiings to the family.


Cindy posted on 9/22/18

I am honored to call you a dear friend. You truly changed my life forever. I love and miss you.



Terrina posted on 9/21/18

Love you Uncle Billy.


Adam Essex posted on 9/20/18

Dear Diane and Rick. My heart is heavy as I have just learned of Jared's death. I first met Jared when he and Erik were first dating, in Arkansas. Eventually, they moved west and I moved east, but we continued to cross paths and make time to catch up. Jared was a remarkable man and, as evidenced by the many comments here, had a tremendously positive impact on the world around him. My deepest condolences to you and your family. Your in my thoughts and prayers.


Dirk Anderson posted on 9/20/18

It was a privilege and honor to work and share so much of my life with a partner like Bill. He was a cops cop, courageous, calm and controlled under extreme circumstances. Bill was a quiet, humble, warrior with a contagious smile and a real prankster. He treated all with respect and dignity, even those at the lowest points in their lives. Bill's work ethic was unmatched, he at one point in his career was averaging 75 felony arrests a month and was awarded for his valor under fire on more than one occasion. He had huge impact on the heroin and cocaine distribution networks in the Portland Metro area and this world is a better place because of him. Bill was like a brother and always had my back, he was a true protector, loyal, strong and intelligent. Miss You Brother, Godspeed, Dirk


Dirk Anderson posted on 9/20/18

Bill was a great partner in the years I worked with him at the Portland Police Bureau and Oregon Department of Justice. He was a private and humble man,whom displayed great courage, calm and control in life and death situations and had a contagious smile and fantastic sense of humor. Bill was like a brother to me and it was a privilege and honor to share so much of my life with this man of integrity, who had my back for so many years. The world is a better place because of Bill and his contributions. He leaves behind a family that he so loved and spoke so proudly about. Take Care my Friend, Love you brother, God Speed, Dirk


Darryl Sanchez and Bill Fry posted on 9/18/18

A good friend, great neighbor, always a genuine smile and helping hand when needed. Bill was an outstanding father, brother, uncle and especially a soul mate to the love of his life. He will be in a friend in our hearts forever.


Jerry Barde posted on 9/17/18

I have known Jan and Mel for over 60 years and I have wonderful memories of our travel and playing bridge. I, and her friends, will miss her a great deal!


Mickey and Joyce Shell posted on 9/10/18

I just went through the obituary listings in the Pine Bluff Commercial on-line and saw your son's name in the list. Please know that we are so sorry for your loss of a son at the young age of only 39. We will continue to pray for your family and his husband as the first year after a death is the hardest time.


Susan Stacy posted on 9/7/18

Sheryl was truly the most beautiful person I was blessed to call my sister. She loved her family, fur babies and her friends with her whole heart. I know my life is richer for having known and loved her. I will always be here for Josh, Danny and Zach. I miss her everyday


Coral Broder Caudle posted on 9/2/18

My heart is broken for you, Ted and Charlie. This isn't supposed to happen to us. Having been so close for so long this feels very personal. Even though we haven't had contact for several years the feelings don't dissipate. I still feel like mishpocha. My heart is with you and the kids.


David & Marilyn Schrantz posted on 9/1/18

Diane, You & your family are in our prayers . We’re so sorry for your loss.


Susan Delaney posted on 8/31/18

I'm so sorry to hear of Judith's passing. What lovely and kind lady. I played Mah Jongg with her for many years when I lived in Portland. Please know how much she was loved.


Lisa Romary posted on 8/31/18

I am so sad to hear of Judith’s passing. I played MHjong with her for several years. She was always one of my favorite people. Bless her sole. She is pain free and able to Fly. Love you Judith xo lisa


James Lynch posted on 8/27/18

I have had several workshops with Arnie. What a great man. I am so sorry. My deepest sympathyvtobhis family.


Dale Bailey & Stephani Cooper posted on 8/25/18

We are so sorry to hear about Jack's passing. He had quite a life. All of you guy's are in our prayers.


Debra Gray & Diane Gilbert posted on 8/25/18

Diane and I are were long time neighbors of Judith at Rosa Park Condos in Aloha. We are very sad to hear of her passing and have good memories of her. Our thoughts are with your family.


Kathy Fritz posted on 8/24/18

I was in AZ in December and only heard yesterday of his death. I worked for Lattice starting in 1989 and staying for 19 year David was such a good man and always so kind to this old lady. I think of him with much affection and may God hold him close.



Wendy Loek, CNA posted on 8/23/18

Bob was just a big softy!!! I will truly miss him!


Jeanine Ford posted on 8/21/18

I am so sorry to hear of Mike's death! I was trying to reach him to refer a new client. He handled our car accident in 2010. We could not have been happier with his work. He was the greatest! I thought of him every year on his birthday and always planned to send a card. I’m sorry I didn’t get it sent. His death is a great loss to our whole community but my heart and prayers go out to the family. The loss of a son, husband, father or brother is forever felt. We know that loss firsthand. Our son died in 2011, during our case with Mike. Mike showed much tenderness towards us.


Beth Roberts posted on 8/21/18

Diane, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Jared was obviously a terrific young man. I mourn your loss. With Love, Beth


Floyd Geller posted on 8/20/18

I will miss him very much. We had a family relationship. May he rest in peace. There will never be another Bob Ginsberg. He is leaving a long lasting legacy.


Robin Bodner posted on 8/20/18

We loved. Bob & ,carol Bob always gave me a kiss & a smile. Favorite people



Sherry Green and Simba, WBC. (World’s Best Cat) posted on 8/20/18

Talking over the wall between our decks as we would both be barbecuing pre-dinner...quite often with a glass of wine in hand and lots of laughter.


Jerry Barde posted on 8/20/18

he had a wonderful sense of humor and was a great friend. I, as well, as the family and friends will miss him


Chuck Swanson posted on 8/19/18

Diane, I extend my deepest condolences to you and your family.


Ramona Wynn Green posted on 8/18/18

Diane I am so very sorry for the lost of your son, he sounded like a remarkable person. God bless you.


Susie Lawler posted on 8/17/18

Praying for all of you for your loss. Deeply saddened for all.


M. Olivia Cornwell posted on 8/17/18

Jared was a kind, loving light in this world. My heart is broken that this wonderful teenager (our time with him) then gorgeous man is gone. Those who saw his sparkler young self and the lucky ones who knew Jared as the awesome man (he was bound to become) are suffering grief beyond comfort. Stunned by Jared’s passing and so very sad. This angry world has lost a needed, loving, beautiful soul. My heartfelt sympathy.


Flora Churnin posted on 8/17/18

It was a joy to see two superlative people, Jared and Erik, in so loving and caring a relationship with each other. No two people could have been better suited for a lifetime together.


Don Lum posted on 8/17/18

Gwen and I are sad to hear of Jared's passing. Please accept our heartfelt condolence.


Joe Clement posted on 8/17/18

We are all very sorry for your loss. Jared was a great kid in the neighborhood growing up in Pine Bluff. He was so responsible Ginny trusted him to drive Mary to the high school until she turned 16! We have good memories of Jared and are praying for all of his family during this difficult time.


Ben Thomasson posted on 8/16/18

Rick, I am so sorry for your loss! Ben Thomasson


Lynda Deal Williams posted on 8/16/18

I am devastated to learn of Jared’s passing. Diane, I so remember his being in 7th grade. He was remarkable intelligent, outgoing, and brilliantly funny. His class was one of my favorite groups. I ache for you and Eric. Platitudes aren’t helpful. Just know Smokey and I will keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers.


Lynda Deal Williams posted on 8/16/18


Diane Majewski Crowder posted on 8/16/18

So sorry for your loss. Jared sounds like a wonderful man who lived life to the fullest.


Denise Gray posted on 8/16/18

I am so sorry for the loss of Jared. My deepest sympathy and prayers during this very sad and difficult time.


Carolyn and Maury Joe posted on 8/16/18

Our deepest sympathy to the family.


Mildred Franco posted on 8/16/18

Jared was a wonderful, kind and smart man who was loved by many and will be greatly missed. I have sweet memories of Jared. Our condolences to Eric, Diane, Rick and Jeff and his family. Love, Mildred & James


Cynthia Walker posted on 8/15/18

Condolences to the family during this time. - Cynthia Walker, PBHS c/o '97


Jamie Peacock posted on 8/15/18

My heart is with all who loved him.


Kay Cummings posted on 8/15/18

This breaks my heart to read! Thoughts Nd prayers reach out to you Diane!


John & Stuart posted on 8/15/18

Jared, we loved your laugh and your smile and will miss you very very much. Erik, we are so sorry for your loss....


Laura Richards posted on 8/15/18

Prayers for all the family and friends



Todd Ladanyi posted on 8/15/18

You were always the brightest candle in the room. I loved being around you and being your friend. You will be missed dearly ????


Phyllis Norris posted on 8/15/18

I am sorry for the loss of your beloved Jared. Larry and I send each of you our deepest sympathy, love and prayers.


Pam Gwinner posted on 8/14/18

I am absolutely devastated to just be learning of David's passing. He was such a beautiful soul, so full of love for everyone and everything. He loved his kids like no other. Rest In Peace, my friend. No more pain for such an incredibly loving man.


sharon planer esquibel posted on 8/9/18

to luke d you knew my father we loved each otherbut the fights kept us apart. i miss him everyday tho for years we hardly spoke. i love you daddy sharon


Vern Hulit posted on 8/4/18

Sylvia and I first met Sherri and her mother Esther when we moved into our house across the street from them in January of 1982. My condolences to Sheldon, Josh, Zachary, Daniel and Steve. Many memories of the family over the years.


Vern Hulit posted on 8/4/18

My condolences to Zheldon, Josh, Zachary, Daniel abd Steve. Sylvia and I first met Sherri when we moved into our home across the street from Esther im January 1982. Many memories of the family.


Mark posted on 7/30/18

Heartbreaking to hear of the loss of Joe. Time and God's love will help to mend your broken hearts. Will miss "poking the bear" (bantering back and forth with our wits). He's not with us but definitely not forgotten.


Gilberto Guerra posted on 7/27/18

Hi Joe was my friend so sorry to hear this devastating news ! So young. I met Joe at the Chinese village we have a few drinks together ! Well sometime more than a few !! You will be miss my friend. And we will see you again ! In Jesus Christ name. Amen.


Phyllis (and Jim) posted on 7/27/18

Jim and I will miss that little sparkle in your eyes when we would cross paths! You were always fun to talk to and made us laugh: especially when there were "Farm Animals" near by! RIP,You will be dearly missed <3


Wayne Drake posted on 7/26/18

Joe your spirit will be missed. You were blessed with a kind disposition and anybody who met you could feel it. I'll miss talking sports with you my friend. R.I.P. my friend.


Paul D Driscoll posted on 7/25/18

Joe was great guy liked spending time with him, He will be missed



Polly Copperstone posted on 7/25/18

I wish you happiness in Heaven, Joe.


Danna Pooschke posted on 7/25/18

My wonderful amazing friend you’ve always had my back we had so many wonderful times together you will be missed so much I will always remember your blue nova you and me cruising Rocky Butte I love you girlfriend .


Yosef David Hasson posted on 7/25/18

My deepest sorrow for your loss. May you be comforted from Heaven.



Pam Lacy posted on 7/25/18

I have been a friend of Sherrie’s since Josh was about 2 years old. She had an infectious laugh and we had fun talking “girl talk”.


Letetia Liggins posted on 7/17/18

I did not have the absolute pleasure of meeting Mrs. Woolf, but, by all accounts, she was as extraordinary as her daughter Nancy, who I adore. Many blessings to the family.



Richard Schnee posted on 7/17/18

Rest in peace Jack .you worked so hard for so long what a nice man.


Marian Mills Brown posted on 7/13/18

I went with Louise and Alan and Bob Tobias to Stephenson, Washington when they eloped. My deepest sympathy to the whole family.


Rikki Schoenthal posted on 7/9/18

My condolences to you Steve and to the Goldberg/Boise family. While my interactions with Linda and her family were sporadic, there were some mutual friends and acquaintances and events that kept me apprised of general life milestones over the past 30 years or so. I was glad to have known her. Linda was an intelligent, capable woman who cared about social justice and acted to promote it. She had a meaningful impact in the world in her personal circles and in her community arenas and I admired her greatly. May her memory be for a blessing.


Ellen Buccello Greene posted on 7/8/18

I remember Mrs. Piro as the matriarch of Monroe High School during my four years there, from '73 through '77. Loving, kind, yet firm... and definitely no-nonsense. Typical Italian, like my own grandmother. She will be missed.


Aileen P. Kaye posted on 7/7/18

Steven, Opening the Oregonian this morning I was shocked to learn of Linda's passing. I am so sorry. I knew you long ago when you were a new attorney at Marion County Legal Aid--you were a fantastic advocate for the underdog. I knew Linda a little in her role with the Area Agency on Aging. I remember her well. My heartfelt condolences.


Jean Eilers posted on 7/7/18

I will always be inspired by Linda's great leadership with health care advocacy with MACG (Metropolitan Alliance for the Common Good). Thank you, Linda.



Wendy Talbot posted on 7/7/18

Seeing Linda at Passover was always special. I also ran into her at the gym. She was always warm and our conversations were intimate. What a loss for all all knew her. also seeing her exercising at the gym


Mark Reusser posted on 7/5/18

Pappy as we called him. Always wanted to tell each of us how good we where to him. He always had a warm and friendly smile. Except that one time when Bob Brockamp and I folded one of his boxes up. He will be missed by many and was loved by all.


Carol and Gary Blodgett and Tim and Jill Naimo posted on 7/1/18

We enjoyed being neighbors across the street. Tim and Lisa were first playmates. The household was a busy place.


Otto Papasadero posted on 6/30/18

Jack was one of a kind. He always had a big smile on his face and showed everyone what hard work means.


Kayla papasadero posted on 6/30/18

In memory of you papa say your name! Gone but never forgotten never forget how many times I put your keys in your boots to hear you yell my name at 2 in the morning


Sue McIntyre posted on 6/28/18

We celebrate the life of Kathy and am mourning her with you in this trying time. We had 40 years of fun together, she a wonderful caring lovely person and she will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace Kathy. Love, Joe & Sue McIntyre


Kathy & John Zwick posted on 6/27/18

Our sincere sympathy to all the family. May you keep the memories of Kathy in your hearts forever. Love and prayers, Kathy and John


Howard Levine posted on 6/25/18

I am a Portland lawyer who first met Mike through his Dad Ted in 1978, when I was thinking of moving to Portland to start my career. Mike was a wonderful person, a terrific lawyer, and was always smiling. I will miss Mike, and I know that everyone who was fortunate to know him will share that loss. Condolences to his family.


Janine Simons Creager posted on 6/21/18

Merrill, In searching our classmates for our Highland High school reunion, we just learned of Shauna's passing. Please accept out condolences and know that we are thinking of you and your family at this time.


Dale Frehse posted on 6/15/18

Dear dear Rachel and Joshua, I knew and loved your mother and was shocked to see she died in 2013. There are so many marvelous experiences we shared beginning with our AFS staff years. And I knew and loved you father too. If you come to NY, you always have a bed in BRONXVILLE. Much love to all of you????????Dale (Miller Frehse)


James Spraker posted on 6/14/18

Jenny, or Ginger as we knew her, would always welcome me into her and Ed's home on weekends while I was serving in the Navy in Florida. We shared a lot of fun times taking the boys to the beach and she always went out of her way to cook something special while I was there. I will never forget her giggle, she could make the sun come out on a cloudy day.


Cousin Bob, and Jeanne posted on 6/14/18

I remember Marlene as a very loving mother to Jeffrey and Traci and wife to Marv. She had a special personality that said she was glad to see you. I remember her having long conversations with my mother from times when she was very young and throughout much of Marlenes life. I also remember how happy she was to talk of the great relationship she had with her granddaughter. I am sure her friends are saddened by her passing. Cousin Bob and Jeanne


Sharon Stapleton posted on 6/13/18

Jenny was such a sweet, funny and caring person. She loved Shahar and Dee (horses at Forward Stride’s barn). I remember watching Jenny leading Shahar into the barn one evening. He was so patient as she was walking a bit slow that day. She would talk to him while they were walking and he seemed to love the admiration. I will never forget Jenny. She holds a special place in my heart.


Susan Burgess posted on 6/13/18

A Dear Friend "Ginger" was to us..We were very fortunate to have 2 wonderful sons each and always shared the joys of each as the boys were growing and nurturing throughout their school years..."RIP" dear Friend...


Jack Polance posted on 6/13/18

I was an attorney in Portland who had a couple of cases in which Mike had prior involvement. He was extremely helpful in helping me understand the nature of the issues he handled as it related to the matters on which I was working. He gave me his time and helped me obtain files to assist me with my understanding of the cases. He had a great attitude about helping me and gave his time willingly and pleasantly. I will always remember him for this. He was a great guy who helped me very much. There weren't too many other attorneys who would have gotten so personally involved with such a nice manner as he did when he helped me.


Justin Spraker posted on 6/13/18

I never got to personally know “Ginger” but I can see her legacy in the two wonderful men she raised, her sons Brett & Bob. May the lord welcome his newest angel into heaven and bless her eternal soul.



Teresa Slate posted on 6/12/18

Terrye was a strong wonderful woman that I had the pleasure to know for nearly thirty years. She will be missed.


Danford Bickmore posted on 6/11/18

I met Mike when we started law school together in 1977. I was anxious and knew no one in Eugene. From the first week I feel into a group with Mike and a few others and immedietaly felt at home. Mike became a close friend for the year I spent there (he continued, I did not), and we continued that friendship the next few years with golf and an occasional beer although not near as frequently as I would have wished. Quite simply Mike was one of the nicest people I have ever met. He smiled often and I never remember him saying a bad word about anyone. If he was ever in a bad mood I don't recall it. I left Oregon in 1997 and we did not connect often but he was remarkable in the true sense of that word and a very important person in my life. I give my thoughts and love to his family and friends. I met his father, mother and sisters at his parent's house in Portland and remember them fondly. They had much to be proud of in Mike. And while I only got to meet Keri and David and never met Ariele and Max I can only imagine what a treasure it must have been to have been able to spend so much of life with him. Time will replace the pain with the warm memories of family words will be inadequate to express. I am envious of the thie you shared and will miss my friend. Dan Bickmore


Randall Lakefish posted on 6/8/18

Frank and Lee were the dearest of friends to my parents. I cannot thank them enough for the love and support they showed my family over the years.


claire hawking posted on 6/8/18

Sending love to all the Berne family at this very sad time. Frank will be missed by so many, but never forgotten


Barb hasson posted on 6/8/18

Keith and family, Im so sorry to hear. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.. barb


John D. Wellwood, OD posted on 6/6/18

I was very proud to continue the legacy of Semler Optical here in Eugene, OR. I purchased the Eugene office of Dr. Larry Semler in 2000, and always found him to be most supportive of my practice. He will be missed and remembered fondly.


Mary Quigley posted on 6/3/18

We send our deepest sympathy to Maddy and family. Mike was a law student with me and he was very respected and admired for his intellect and passion. He also held a poker game on Friday nights for some of us to attend, unwind and learn. Thinking of you, Mary Quigley and Richard Kuhns


Priscilla Tablante posted on 6/1/18

I am so sorry. A part of me has died...a long ago piece of history and family. I remember our correspondences in the 1960's and early 1970's...full of challenges and stories. I used to send him cookies in Vietnam!


David Bergman posted on 5/31/18

We were very sorry to hear of Arne's passing. He and my father (Norman "Boony" Bergman) were close friends growing up and throughout their lives. Unfortunately, my father died in 1999. David Bergman


Donald A. Nelson posted on 5/18/18

She was a grand lady that always had a smile and kind words. We will always have our memories of Aunt Nora. Donald & Ardith Nelson


Teresa Elich Floyd-Olson, Tom Elich and Dan Floyd posted on 5/14/18

To Joanne, girls and family, We will always treasure the gondola memories of John dancing at family weddings and Central Catholic Cruises, John loved nothing more than a great party spent with family and friends! John always had a smile.



Nanci Swaim posted on 5/2/18

It’s been a few years since I’ve seen Terry, so I’m sad to learn of his passing. I had the pleasure of knowing Terry through Contra dancing here in Portland, OR. We always enjoyed dancing together and shared many interests including gardening, hiking, biking and our love of Mt. Hood. I always enjoyed his stories and zest for life. He will be greatly missed.


Luke D posted on 5/1/18

Marty was the real scungili. He was the don of Hawthorne in the late 90's and 2000s. We were close friends, and we visited him at his apartment often. "You gotta rob!" "Job, what job? where?" and "I like a little soup with my sandwich" were some of his best catch phrases. He actually gave me his little red car once, when I was down and out in Ptown because he had bought a new ride. Marty was a great man. His laugh will echo in mind forever.


Greg Frick posted on 4/27/18

My thoughts and prayers are with Jeanie and the family. Mel was such a wonderful and caring person who did so much for his family.


Raphael kahn posted on 4/27/18

Good bye good friend


Raphael kahn posted on 4/27/18

Condolences to Arthur emilie who I never met and Barbara we met when you got engaged. The news was a real shock . A true friend. I remember AZA and Roses


Jennifer Coyle posted on 4/27/18

Dr. Semler was a wonderful doctor and friend to all of us at Pacific University. He will be missed dearly. I was grateful to know him. My condolences to his entire family. My best, Jenny Coyle, Dean


Sandra Hanson posted on 4/26/18

The Hanson family was your neighbor at Oatfield Road and Stonehill in Gladstone. I babysat for Lisa and Johnny a few times. My sisters Susan and Gayle may have also babysat. I think our youngest sister Nanci is the same age as Johnny. I'm sorry for your loss. I remember him as a kind gentleman.


Cindy posted on 4/20/18

Mom, I miss you every minute of every day. I just wanted you to know. Love you more than words could ever say.


Michelle Danna posted on 4/18/18

So very sorry for your loss Don. Carole was one of the sweetest souls that I had the blessing to have known. She was always such a bright light not only in this world but my life and the lives she has touched during her time here on earth. She was a rare gem that I will treasure and cherish always. My heart is with you and the family during this difficult time. Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.


Ana & Florian Pasc posted on 4/13/18

We were honored and blessed to have Carole under our care for the last two years. She was truly a blessing for our life and will be missed forever.


Dorothy Strasser posted on 4/11/18

Thanking everyone for your love and support on this day when we honored mom. Your thoughts, prayers and presence were felt by all who loved her.


Bruce Weinsoft posted on 4/8/18

I will always fondly remember Mary. She was my cousin by marriage to my cousin, Jerry Greenberg, and my aunt by marriage to my Uncle Ben. Mary was one of the nicest and sweetest ladies I've ever known. She will be dearly missed. My condolences to my cousins Micki, Curt, Rob and Barry.


Barbie Enkelis posted on 4/8/18

My deepest sympathy to all of you.


Lewton Jones posted on 4/8/18

I took Phenomenology from Graham in the early 70's and later became his poet drinking friend. He never got over my paper on Yoko Ono to which he saw me coming @ Sak's Front Avenue w/ friends ..he threw his wine glass down and comically yelled Yoko Ono is not a phenomenonologist! I lived across the street from him in the early 90's, we read poetry together @ Elliot Bay bookshop and 23rd Avenue Books, but Powell's was too cool to let us read however Walt Curtis had us on his KBOO show. He was a great mentor and humble genius, we had a blast deconstructing a serious scrabble game one afternoon @ his block party with so much hilarity people asked if we were drunk or was always with him-..filled with the spirit. We held a vigil the night Billy Rancher died at Good Sam, Graham was like that, I lost track of him except some e-mails, Matt Ecberg told me about his passing today April 7 ..Farewell to a King of Kindness. Lew Jones


Joe and June Dunford posted on 4/4/18

Alex: Remembering you with love on your birthday. You have left us too soon.



Kathy Barry posted on 4/1/18

Knowing you, Claudia, has made my life always inspired to do my best.


Lonnie and Clara Carlson posted on 3/29/18

Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. We surely will miss this sweet Christian lady.



Shakniya Bilbrew posted on 3/28/18



Viorica Marincus posted on 3/28/18

I am so sorry for your loss ! She will be greatly missed ! Condolence!


Linda Ackley posted on 3/22/18

still remember you as a very handsome young boy going up together. handsome and very blond hair. love


Fr uncle Randall posted on 3/22/18

Glenn is one of my nephews. I got him a football shirt when I was at Cambtidge


Anthony posted on 3/20/18

Thank you for your park bench at GilbertHeights Park. It’s lovely


Joel Gershon posted on 3/20/18

He was a best friend in 4th-6th grade til he moved from Brooklyn to VT – I mostly remember playing catch with him endlessly and talking baseball. Maybe spoke to him once or twice in the following year but not after that (pre-social media life). Was looking him up to see what he was up to 30+ years later...didn't imagine this. Wish I could have reconnected, from the little I can glean about him from this, seems like we would have gotten along. My best to all who knew him, and to Chris...who I called "Moon the slick dude" for some reason (We were in 6th grade)...sorry we never did get to hang again.



John Walsh posted on 3/16/18

I flew with Terry to Holland,Michigan to look at a boat spent the day together awesome pilot.Did a fly over where I kept my boat. Great day finished off the day at my house eating my wife’s meatloaf for dinner he liked It.


John Walsh posted on 3/16/18

Have many great memories of time spent with cousin Terry. Rest In Peace Cuz


katy mcfadden posted on 3/14/18

my studio


Annon. posted on 3/13/18

Do not go gentle into that good night Rage,rage,against the dying of the light Good bye Terry


Joe Vav posted on 3/12/18

Please accept my condolences. Terry was an interesting man and always willing to listen. I enjoyed my trip out to see him in Oregon, he was a gracious host. Excellent pilot! Think about him and his mother when passing through Willow Springs.


Paul Hanes posted on 3/11/18

Terry was a good friend. I enjoyed talking to him about all kinds of things. He will always be inspiration to me in many ways. I will miss him and have missed him. RIP


Maxine Schwartz posted on 3/11/18

Terry and Dean, in a big way, started me on my Mazama journey. It was a snowshoeing / snow camp trip. After snowshoeing into our camp and setting up our tent, I walked over to a veiwpoint where Mt Hood was peaking through the clouds. Terry and Dean were standing there and pointed out the climbing route to me. They mentioned something about a cornice. I, timidly, as I knew I was in the presence of two master climbers, asked what a cornice was? They looked at each other and then me and told me I have to take Basic School. Dean got me through Basic and Terry got me up my first climb. What a laugh Terry had. What a look, with his perfect hair and tucked in wool shirts and felt hat. Thank you Terry for all the great great times, the great stories, the wisdom, the commraderie and adventures. You will always be on the trail and mountains with me. LOVE max



Linda Mather posted on 3/11/18

I hiked and rambled with Terry for many years. He is not forgotten and he will be missed.


Patty Campbell posted on 3/11/18

So sad. Please accept my condolences. Terry was just such a constant presence for so long doing Street Rambles. I always got a kick out of him showing up in what looked like "street clothes"...but boy could he step out! He even offered to help my cousin Jim, who has some hiking challenges, climb a glaciated peak so he could be a Mazama. He was so happy to be a grandpa...wondered what gift to give Baby. I suggested an engraved baby cup...he went right out and got one!



Patty Pandzik posted on 3/10/18

Terry and I talked about his flying adventures on the rambles and discovered that he flew into my small town of Beatrice,NE. He really loved talking about flying and I was a grateful listener....we always smiled and nodded about the Beatrice landing zone.



Jackie Briggs posted on 3/10/18

Terry was an inspiration to do many climbers, hikers and ramblers (not to mention dancers). I loved hearing his amazing adventure stories and his feats of endurance. Xxoo


BL Qualls posted on 3/10/18

To the family and friends, I am very sorry to here of the lost of your loved one. In the Bible at 2Corinthians 1:3,4 it says: " Praised be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of tender mercies and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our trials so that we may be able to comfort others in any sort of trial with the comfort that we receive from God." God comforts us by his word the Bible. In it he explains why we have sickness and death and how he will undue all the problems we see in the world today and bring our loved ones back to life. If you would like free Bible studies to bring you comfort, you may ask any one of Jehovah's Witnesses to make arrangements.


barbara nelson posted on 3/6/18

I first met Arne in the late 70s when I purchased my first amazing watercolor from a gallery at the Sheritan Hotel, airport in Portland. I even had him paint a portrait for a gift to my folks, my mother loved his work too. She was a watercolor artist. I have many of Arne's early works and over the years he modified his style. I will forever remember his humor and warmth and a great community person. Arne has impacted the lives of so many through his work, and the kind of person he was, I really miss his presence in a room.


Leslie Laing posted on 3/5/18

Matthew was very fortunate to have many people in his life who loved him so dearly. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Love, Leslie Laing


Bob posted on 3/2/18

I knew Greg through his volunteer service with the Buckman Community Association and SE Uplift Neighborhood Coalition. I'll remember him as being a kind, decent person who valued his community and worked to build community. I have found memories of riding home with him on bikes following meetings. I also will miss seeing him walking his dog through the neighborhood. My thoughts are with Greg's family and friends.


Nathan Gosser posted on 3/2/18

Brett, you are the most confident person I have ever know. It has taken me a while to pin point what exactly defines you in my prosoective. But confidence is defiantly it. Everything you have done and achieved you did it knowing the end result. As a kid and still as an adult. I often find myself doing things and using the general knowledge you gave to me. I thank you often and will contenue to do so. You were a very positive part of my life. Still are and forever will be. Thank you Brett.


glenn jr posted on 3/2/18

love you baby bro,wish we couldve seen each other more as well.peace


Angela Roccograndi posted on 3/1/18

Ann, so sorry to hear about Matthew. Know your family will be in my thoughts during this difficult time.


Holly H. posted on 3/1/18

I was so sorry to read of the death of this young man. Whenever we lose a loved one in death, it is too soon, but when it happens to someone so young, it is particularly sad. As a mother and grandmother, my heart goes out to you. We've not met, but please accept my sincere condolences. Holly H. (Rev. 21:3, 4)


Jennifer Klump posted on 2/28/18

Ann, I am so sorry to hear about Matthew. I wish I had met him. Many of us at Education Northwest are thinking about you. Lovely photos of him. Love to your family.


Guy and Judy DeMars posted on 2/28/18

Dear Don and Ann, We feel so lucky to have met and known Mathew. And we are so sad to know he is gone from us now. Mathew was inspiring to me and so many others that his life touched. He will be deeply missed. All our best to you both.


Angela Graham posted on 2/27/18

The kids, my mom, and I are so sorry to hear about the loss of sweet Matthew. We all have very fond memories of him. Prayers of peace and comfort to you and your family.



Tiffany posted on 2/27/18

TiIt’s almost a month since we lost you! I think of you every day! I am lost! This is so hard for me!


Rich and Janet Galvez posted on 2/27/18

Don and Ann, we are so very sorry for the loss of Matthew. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


The Rev. Phillips Bradford Johnson posted on 2/26/18

Christopher was my nephew. Unfortunately, we lost touch over the years, but I remember his love for "Star Wars" and baseball (he was of course a Yankees fan; I am Red Sox). He certainly had his father's intellect. I remember a very special day when Ted's and my father baptized him in the nursing home where our father spent his final years. I will of course pray for his soul and for the comfort of his mother Ronny and of those whose lives he touched.


Laura posted on 2/26/18

I already posted this but I wanted to share it here too: I've been thinking a lot about my friend Greg. I have a million stories, most of which involve his amazing laugh, but one that illustrates what a standup guy he was is this. When I was trying to plan Graeme's 40th birthday party, I wanted to do a brew tour on a bus. Literally the last three days up to the party date, I kept calling the guy who I had booked to drive the bus, and he kept putting me off about where he would pick people up, what time, etc. Then, the night before the brew tour, he canceled!!! Greg offered, quite seriously, to rent a limo or a small bus and be the leader of his own brew tour. Because Graeme was on call and couldn't really drink that much anyway, we didn't go ahead with that idea – but the very idea that he was willing and happy to do such a thing for my man's birthday goes to show what a special friend he was. And holy shit, would that have been an amazing brew tour. Although I wonder if the beers would've been as fantastic as his homebrews. I will never forget you, Greg. Rest easy. We love you.



Dani posted on 2/25/18

Rest in peace Reggie, you were a light in the world. Wish I'd let myself get to know you better. Much love.


David Kendell posted on 2/25/18

I want to offer condolences to Tammy and her family and Tom's family and dear friends. Although I have know Tom for many years, I only saw him at family functions. It was only the past six months that we connected online and I got to know him better. He was an intelligent, kind and giving. He was adored by family and friends, I think a person his parents would be proud of. May he rest in peace.


Jay Chacko posted on 2/24/18

Dr. Glick was one of my favorite professors at Temple University. I had him twice I believe at the suburban Ambler Campus in the early 1980s. He was always kind to me and always had time for conversation. I wish I had maintained contact through the years.


Donna Brock posted on 2/24/18

I am so sorry for your loss.........I worked with Tom a few years @ Sanderson Safety and had a great friendship away from the work place as well.......he was a great young & so sad



Mary posted on 2/22/18

I miss you so much.



Mary posted on 2/22/18

I miss you.


Robert Grahamr posted on 2/18/18

I worked with Tony @ Metro Metals for almost 9yrs. I got hired in order for him to retire in 2 years. He retired 10 years later. I will always remember him being my first real friend in Oregon. In 2008 Jerry Seinfeld was coming out here to do his stand up. I commented to Tony how I wanted to go but my wife would be out of town. Next thing I know he is on line buying 8 tickets for me him and all his kids. Him and Ava feel asleep during the show. He was also like a father figure to me and gave me advice about my two kids that I will always use. Words can not explain how badly Tony will be missed. I keep waiting for him to call me laughing and telling me we are even for the April fools joke I played on him back in 09. Love you Tony!!


Roberta M. Fews posted on 2/15/18

Reggie,my son, the light of my life. I will always love you. I am so of the man I sent into the world. What a service we had for you. The love from your friends and family in Portland gave me so much comfort. There were stories and tears. You will be missed my beloved. I love you. Your mother always Roberta M. Fews


Jim Gallucci posted on 2/14/18

He will be missed by all who knew him. My profound condolences to his family.



Tiffany posted on 2/14/18

Missing you- been 3 weeks


Paul Monaco posted on 2/14/18

I won't be the first to say: Tony had a GREAT SMILE !!! I met Tony at St. Philip Neri when we were kids. I'm a couple years older, but he liked hanging out with the big kids. I would run into Tony at Metro Metals many years later, and reminisce about our " Good Old Days " playing sports at Abernathy and flirting with the pretty girls. Tony was always a HANDSOME Man and girls loved him, as I remember. Maybe that was the reason that I wanted to hang out with him. As many of you have already mentioned, this comes a sad shock. I wish that I would have spent more time with Tony when I had the opportunity. My last memory was of him at MM and we talked about going to a Ducks game with beer and Hot Dogs. I MISS YOU Tony. God Bless You My Friend.


Angie (Galluzzo) McKinney posted on 2/14/18

You will be missed by all of us. You are in my thoughts and prayers along with your family members. I have many fond memories of you through the years.


Luisa Grassia posted on 2/14/18

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all during this very sad and tragic loss. We pray that God will give you strength to get you through this difficult time and the memories of Tony bring you peace. Love Luisa & Robert Grassia & family



Rick & Paula Edwards posted on 2/13/18

We will remember is him as a happy and kind man. We send our sincere condolences to his loved ones. He will be missed.


Mary small posted on 2/13/18

Wishing you peace to bring comfort and the courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to ALWAYS hold in your hearts


Mary Jo Klein Cunningham posted on 2/13/18

Will miss him dearly. He had a special way about him that not many people have, and I am blessed to call him a friend



S. posted on 2/12/18

You were the most captivating person I met when I moved to Portland. It has been an honor to have your light glowing in this city, and the ones you leave behind will attempt to leave some of that light shining. You were adored more than you know. I will miss your keen insights and your immense talent and heart. Prayers and love to your family and all those dear to your heart.



Dale and Diana Brooks posted on 2/12/18

Our prayers are with you in this difficult time. Love Uncle Dale & Diane.


Sue Kim posted on 2/12/18

We at Airport Cafe send our deep condolences to Tony's family and loved ones. He was a regular customer here and we have enjoyed his presence and his kindness over the years.


Ellen Clark posted on 2/12/18

Almost a year ago at a time when I was very down and out, a friend of a friend took me up to the farm. That's when I met Tony and JoJo. We All got along like old friends from the start. Of course anyone would agree Tony's Awesome personality and caring manner made it hard to resist liking him . After some time Tony offered me a job and a place to live . His best friend JoJo and I are very close as we're Tony and I. He was a true Blessing to my life and I will forever remember how he saved me and helped me recouperate from living on the streets. And enabled me and encouraged me to keep pushing forward on this ride called life. He was one of the most gratious and Caring people I ever met. Tony I'm so sorry this happened but I'm pretty sure you kicked back smoking a cigar watching the "Ducks" play. I will miss you very much and Thank You for all you've done for me so "In your Memory" I planted a miniature Red Rose Bush in that beautiful Rose Garden that you loved so much. And I assure you I will forever be JoJos friend. She misses you. As the pile of your gloves by the front door every morning says. Or the tossing around of your shoes.We will miss you my friend. You were truly an Angel. Sleep Well! Ellen



Cindy Wakefield posted on 2/12/18

May God hold you in His arms, you will be missed by many. Love and prayers for the entire family. May you Rest In Peace.


Ellen posted on 2/12/18

Almost a year ago at a time when I was very down and out, a friend of a friend took me up to the farm. That's when I met Tony and JoJo. We All got along like old friends from the start. Of course anyone would agree Tony's Awesome personality and caring manner was hard to resist liking him . After some time Tony offered me a job and a place to live . His best friend JoJo and I are very close as we're Tony and I. He was a true Blessing to my life and I will forever remember how he saved me and helped me recouperate from living on the streets. And enabled me and encouraged me to keep pushing forward on this ride called life. Tony I'm so sorry this happened but I'm pretty sure you kicked back smoking a cigar watching the "Ducks" play. I will miss you very much and Thank You for all you've done for m and !"In your Memory" I planted a miniature Red Rose Bush in that beautiful Rose Garden that you loved so much. E And I assure you I will forever be in JoJos life . We will miss you my friend.


Zuma LindsayBradley posted on 2/12/18

Jim was the coolest and best Father-in-law that I could ever ask for. I will always miss teasing him with my terrible, fake Italian accent...which was like fingernails on a chalkboard, to his ears. Love Zuma


Ellen posted on 2/12/18

Last year when I was. Completely down on my luck, when a friend of a friend brought me to the farm. I met Tony. We got along like great old friends from the moment we met primarily I'm sure due to Tony's Awesome personality. After some time and many meals together. He offered me a job and a place to live . Me and JoJo are great friends. And I no she's thinking of him by the. Tossed around pile of gloves by the door every morning . In this last year Tony and JoJo have come to mean alot to me. I'm sorry this happened and. As time goes by that healing will come And that we All forever Remember his wonderful smile and his truly Gratious nature . "I will forever Remember and miss you". Your Friend


Ellen posted on 2/12/18

Last year when I was. Completely down on my luck, when a friend of a friend brought me to the farm. I met Tony. We got along like great old friends from the moment we met primarily I'm sure due to Tony's Awesome personality. After some time and many meals together. He offered me a job and a place to live . Me and JoJo are great friends. And I no she's thinking of him by the. Tossed around pile of gloves by the door every morning . In this last year Tony and JoJo have come to mean alot to me. I'm sorry this happened and. As time goes by that healing will come And that we All forever Remember his wonderful smile and his truly Gratious nature . "I will forever Remember and miss you". Your Friend



Debi DeClusin posted on 2/12/18

Remember seeing Tony down @ Seal Rock when he would join us for delicious seafood he would cook at my family's house & the crazy firecrackers he would bring from WA. He was a favorite of my mom, Helen Conlon. My sister Dee-Dee would say Tony, mom's boyfriend. So sorry to hear of his passing.


Daniel posted on 2/12/18

So sorry for your loss. I will always remember that nice smile Tony always had.God has a smiling angel.


Fr. Frank DeSiano posted on 2/11/18

This is barely believable, that Tony would have died so young. Condolences to all his family, and assurance of prayers for his eternal life. We will celebrate Mass in remembrance of him here in Washington on Ash Wednesday. Requiescat in Pace.



The Leeb Family posted on 2/11/18

We love and miss you! XO Love, Karen, Steve and Stephen



Teresa Stegmiller posted on 2/11/18

I miss and love you. I know you are enjoying your new home. Hopefully you have your tractor already! Tell Mom, Larry, Gwen, Dad, Clarissa, Grandma and Grandpa Sholaas and all hi. I am glad they are there to greet you. God bless you and all those in heaven. Love, Teresa


Dean Werst posted on 2/11/18

RIP my good friend. Dean


Dean C Werst posted on 2/11/18

RIP my good friend.


Colleen LindsayBradley, Daughter posted on 2/11/18

I miss you already. There's a hole in my heart. Jim was our family glue and he was the BEST DAD EVER! People used to say that I " look like my Dad ".


Roger letson posted on 2/11/18

Thanks for the laughs and


Rick Vodicka posted on 2/11/18

Reggie added such quality to my life: always kind words, always appreciation, always tried to make me laugh or make me dance (and succeeded). Our bond was tight, like that of brothers. I will miss him everyday, as I remember his shouts of "Hey Rick!" as he got my attention and would start to dance and spin around with that big, beautiful smile on his face, knowing how much I loved those moves of his. And no one has called me a "piece of trash" as often and as lovingly as he did. He was the perfect heel to have in my life. We operated on a strange level, indeed. No one will ever take his place. I'll never forget you, brother!



Anonymous posted on 2/10/18

Whenever any of us feels alone, sad or is having a solo dance party in our apartments...his spirit will walk into the room and smile and say ‘I’m here’. To see this man smile was to witness a bouyant radiation and that is the bit I will lock safe in this box of memories. That damn smile and ‘how you doin?’



Kristen Olsen’sam posted on 2/10/18

I will say I didn’t know him that well, but this man smiled and it radiated. It is apparent how bright by how many people, like me, were so affected by that bouyant light...that they want to at least say thank you to life for putting him in my path. I can say that his spirit seems like it will keep singing to all of us. When we are alone, when we have a solo dance party in our apartments or when we feel sad. He will be there dancing and singing and shadowing all of us.


Sue Taylor posted on 2/10/18

It was a very sad day. My Blessings to the Family in their time of sorrow. Sue


Cynthia English (DJ Medusa) posted on 2/10/18

Reggie, I met you back in 2003, which means I have known you over half the time I've lived in Portland. We bonded over a mutual love of Skinny Puppy. The one time I got to spin a night with you was a blast. My regret is there will be no more when there should have been many more nights of being your partner in making people dance. I'll miss randomly running into you around town and seeing your warm smile and usually getting a hug out of you. Enjoy exploring the universe since you are no longer an earth-bound spirit. Say "hi" to Jhonn Balance, Sleazy, the Duck, Bowie, Prince, and MJ when you find them. <3


Gary Volk posted on 2/10/18

Tony had the biggest heart of anyone I know. Love you Tony. Danny will show you the way.


Gary Volk posted on 2/10/18

Biggest heart of anyone a know. Love you Tony I will miss You! Danny will show you the way.


Dan Keene posted on 2/10/18

From the beginning I admired Reggie and wanted to be his friend since we first met, even from our first interactions which were as simple as him ringing up my lunch at Whole Foods when I worked nearby. Then when I started going to Lovecraft I immediately recognized his face. One night I saw him going around collecting empty glasses and returning them to the bar. I asked if he worked there, and he said "No, I'm just helping them out. They're my homies." This guy is solid! Soon I had more interactions with him while attending mutual friends' DJ events and we would gush with excitement over our share interests, like wrestling, horror movies, music, video games, and retro pop culture in general. When I was new to the community, I had a lot of social anxiety and difficulty making friends. Then Reggie, along with friends Aurora and Rick, took me in and made me feel welcome and at home. We would attend each others DJ nights and have a blast requesting and playing songs that would put us in our happy place and dance like the world was ours. We had just as much fun DJing together. We agreed that Return of the Living Dead had the perfect soundtrack, and I will always spin that record in his honor. Away from the dance floor we watched so many movies together that we loved. We motivated each other to write a screenplay together and our collaboration is still in progress. We would message and call each other very late at night with our new ideas. We had meetups with our laptops to write the story and exchange notes, often lasting hours, filled with laughter and excitement. We even compiled a list of songs for our soundtrack, filled with retro deep cuts. Another area where Reggie mesmerized us was his stage presence at many variety shows. He made me a part of a couple of his performances at a variety show hosted by his soon-to-be girlfriend and soulmate, Pamela. I was a henchman for his Joker monologue, and Pugsley Addams for his Gomez Addams as Prince performance. When we found time to talk about life and be real with each other, he would call me one of his best friends, and I reciprocated that right back. He knew I would listen to him, and he would listen to me. He would not allow me to doubt myself, and I will carry that part of our friendship with me forever. Hopefully I can give and share that part with my current and future friends and loved ones that I hold dear.


Carol Gates posted on 2/10/18

I'm struggling to find words right now. We had some amazing times, and i was hoping there would be more. But sometimes it snows in April. Rest easy, friend.


Liz Walker Smith and Family posted on 2/10/18

To Roberta and Family: May God give you peace and strength during this time. My heartfelt condolences and prayers are with you for the loss of your son and loved one. May the sweet memories of him comfort you.


Travis Meharry posted on 2/10/18

We always ran into each other late at night on empty streets. You were one hell of a gentleman and I'll always admire your style and passionate approach to life. You were never meant for this world, anyway. The streets of heaven are enriched by your attendance.


Aubrey House posted on 2/10/18

All my prayers are with you at this time and I love you and all my best wishes are for and your f a milky for God to protect you thru this hard time


Ellen Clark posted on 2/10/18

My Condolences to the family and to his best friend Josephine (Jo-Jo) I'm terribly sorry for your Loss. Tony will be Greatly Missed!


Dee L. Battaglia posted on 2/10/18

Roberta, I never met your son but I did know the love you shared for Reggie through your radiant smiles on your photos with him and your loving and proud words that he was your son and you both shared a special mother-son bond. Know that my heart bleeds for you. You will continually be in my prayers!



Marcia E. Landon posted on 2/10/18

I am so sorry for your loss. Harold (Hal) and I worked together at Weisfield's Jewelers (Northgate) for many years.


Charles Le Blanc posted on 2/9/18

You were always with a kind word and smile! Though I barely knew you, you slways took time to chat with me. I will miss your random kindness! God speed good soul!


Becky Schulz posted on 2/9/18

I met you a few years ago at The Jack London, you busted a move on the dance floor like M.J. . Your kind heart and soul will be missed. My deepest sympathies and condolences .. MUCH LOVE



Dawn Higgins-Withers posted on 2/9/18

I remember meeting you at HIVE. You were very kind to my wife and I and even gave us a hug even though you didn’t know us. And then I had the pleasure of seeing you perform at Drag Dangerzone back in November of last year. Every time I talked to you, you were genuine, kind, and honest.My thoughts go to you, Pam, and your family. Have a safe journey to the other side.


Eddie Michael posted on 2/9/18

We love you always and forever Reggie. Thank you for being such a wonderful, warm hearted, and eternally dear friend. The gifts you gave to the world are celebrated by all who are so blessed to have known you. We will forever hold you in our hearts, Eddie and Amber


Aurora Owen posted on 2/9/18

You were my brother, my friend, my muse. A shining light and a fierce force of nature. We laughed and cried together, through the best and worst of life. You were an incredible performer and your level of talent was endless. You truly were one of a kind. Your sis misses you. May your fiery light shine brightly and illuminate for all time.



Laurie Findlay Williams posted on 2/9/18

From the earth to heaven, Jesus welcomes you into his loving arms, as your memories will live on forever.


Rachel Schaer posted on 2/9/18

Butterflies don't know the color of their wings, but human eyes know how beautiful it is. Likewise, you don't know how good you are, but others can see that you, Reggie, are a Special, Once in a Lifetime Kind of Person who will be deeply missed by everyone that had the pleasure of feeling your warmth, love and generosity. Rest easy ole Rachel (Johnson) Schaer


Georgia Dockery-Schonauer posted on 2/9/18

So very sorry for the loss of your one and only beloved son, Reggie. You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers.


Tom Easton posted on 2/7/18

I have enjoyed the friendship working with Brett for the last 20 years. He was the internet guru who set up my first website and helped me improve it through the years He was always looking ahead for more technology and sharing it with his customers and friends. I enjoyed his interesting stories about maintaining his equipment, new software, and patrolling his neighbor hood. I will miss his positive communication and abundance of energy and information.



Doug Foland posted on 2/6/18

In memory of OBIT NAME, AUTHOR NAME lit a candle


Doug Foland posted on 2/6/18

Dave and I delight to return to the ocean to say good bye to a dear friend. Casting our flowers upon the waves. " They say Flowers Are Gods thoughts in bloom"


Doug Foland posted on 2/6/18

My delightful friend Pat. We moved into the same apt. building at the same time. Our 1st meeting was on the bus to cannon Beach. A warm loving friend. Also a woman for social justice and speaking up about it. Very much like my own Mom. My good friend Dave who knew Pat. Today we have driven back to the ocean to sa



Brenda Dixon-Smith posted on 2/6/18

Pat was my mother- in-law and lately she’d started refering to me as her “dill” eg DIL or daughter-in-law. She thought this was quite clever on her part and snickered every time she said it. She was a wonderful cook and enjoyed reading about food as well: books on the history of salt, tea, coffee, etc. she made fabulous scones which were loved by all. We had lots of conversations in the years she lived with us about our respective childhoods, art projects, some of the books she was reading, family, etc. I thank you , Pat, for the wonderful woman who became my wife.


Debbi Antonelli posted on 2/5/18

I will miss the sound of your voice letting me know that you love me. Your guidance through the last 7 years has been a blessing. Your art will remain in my heart and on my walls so I can see you everyday. Mahalo for giving me your heart. I will miss you very much. I love you Debbi


Debbi Antonelli posted on 2/5/18

Miss your voice


Lo Walker posted on 2/5/18

Love you Sis Semper Fi



Debbie Dixon-Smith posted on 2/4/18

Love you so much.


Paul Katynski posted on 2/4/18

Pat was like a mother to me. My best friend Debbie and I were inseparable and part of our day was spending it with her. She was always kind and loved to cook. She would always put you first in front of her and loved being around people. I can't thank her enough for accepting me and treating me as if I were hers too. We had so many good times. I will always love you dear and will miss you very much. You'll never leave my heart. Paul



David P Dixon posted on 2/4/18

I love you Gramma



David P Dixon posted on 2/4/18

Gramma I love you



Tiffany Gravelle posted on 2/4/18

I love you so much grandma.


Terry W. Protto posted on 2/1/18

Chris and Family: I left Oregon about 5 years ago for Silicon Valley. I lost touch with Portland and Oregon. I have recently returned to Wilsonville. I wang you to know that you and Michelle have a fond place in my heart. I also want you to know that if I can do anything for you please feel free to contact me. Maybe a quick Starbuck reunion. Both of you made such a great team. May GOD truly bless you and your family. Terry


Cindy Beckett Kehoe posted on 1/31/18

Mom of Gail, you did a really good job of raising kids.


Rob Naylor posted on 1/28/18

I counted CJ as one of my close friends on the Pemi staff during our years there together. I treasured his sense of humor; to this day I still read his Bean Soup account of a chaotic Mt. Cube trip in 1991. I have thought about him warmly through the years and am deeply grieved to hear of his passing. Thank you for your friendship, CJ, and may God bless and keep you.



Echo posted on 1/28/18

We miss you mama, and we love you.



Thea Weiss Hayes posted on 1/26/18

Dearest Mom, on what would have been your 91st birthday tomorrow (1/27/18), I want to honor your light. You are truly missed, my dearest mother, and thought of often with love and appreciation.


Michael Schultz and Shirley Loesch posted on 1/23/18

Chris, we are so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Scott posted on 1/22/18

Always I’ll have fond memories of Mrs. Z. She is in a class by herself and her family resonates such. My sincerest condolences to you. S.Newkirk~formerly Holman’s.


Rabbi Menachem & Chaya Rivkin, Jewish Center of Hillsboro posted on 1/22/18

What an honor to have known Al. As the first and longest living Jewish residents of Hillsboro, Or, it was a privilege to have him as a part of the community. Al, was always inviting, sharing and caring for many, with a nice word to say to all - together with his wife Carol, may she live and be well. May his soul have an uprising.


Jodie Webb posted on 1/22/18

Chris and family, my condolences for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family.


Gean Bronson-Means posted on 1/21/18

So very sad. Chris, and the Simone family, you are in our hearts.


Martha Ellen Johnson posted on 1/20/18

Graham was my philosophy professor in the late 70s early 80s. His teaching style was creative and skillful. I admired him as a person, too. Kind and loving. He served on my Master's Thesis committee and provided useful, intelligent, supportive guidance. So sad to know he is no longer with us. Condolence to his family and loved ones. May he rest in eternal peace.


Scott Pike posted on 1/18/18

I owe a lot to Al. He was the professor who taught me how to exam patients, he gave me my first job, and he became a friend for the rest of my career in optometry. I loved his enthusiasm for his work. Each patient was treated as special and the only person who mattered, while he was with them. He taught me that I would give the best care for each patient, if I got to know them and cared for them. Never in a rush, the quality of his patient care was exceptional. I will miss Al, but the examples he gave me, I pass on to the students I continue to teach. I'm so sorry for his passing, but so thankful for what he left us.


Hannu Laukkanen posted on 1/18/18

I have such fond memories of Dr. Al Furie, a beloved professor. He inspired many many budding doctors with his command of and love for eye disease. This was long ago when the disease area was not the main focus of optometry. We all lovingly smiled when he repeatedly struggled with difficult pronunciation of "Retinoschisis" or when he hurriedly bustled down the corridor juggling multiple slide carousels, books, notebooks, and lecture notes, all needed for his lectures. Always a gentle kind and courteous professor. RIP, he will live on in the fond memories of many many eye docs.


Gerald Hobaugh posted on 1/16/18

Old neighbors


Sharon Gee posted on 1/16/18

I am sorry of the loss of your father and husband. I met Al when I was a junior at the University of Oregon. On our first meeting, JoAnn had invited me to her family's house and I was struck by how kind, warm hearted and interesting Al was. I was so fortunate to know him and he was always a generous and wonderful man. The world is missing a bright star. With love, Sharon


Laurie Cogan posted on 1/16/18

So sorry for the loss of Al. I have so many wonderful memories of him. A warm, lovely man. I will always remember the wonderful fruits and vegetables that he brought every Rosh Hashanah! Love, Laurie


Martha Lesch aka Fatty Ass posted on 1/16/18

When someone you love becomes a memory, those memories become a blessing. I have 65 years of memories of my oldest big brother, and I have chosen to only remember the fun times. He called me "Fatty Ass", I called him "Fatty Nose". Those were the words he and I said to each other during his 1st phone call from the Naval Hospital in the Phillippines. He was hospitalized well over a year before he was stable to send stateside. He was very severally wounded in Nam within his first few months there. Paul had a strong core & personality, that and 1000's of prayers brought him through. When he walked into a room, he had a presence you could not help but notice, and when he hugged you, you felt safe and loved. I am blessed to call him "my brother". Love always to you Fatty Nose.


Merle & Susan Pasternack posted on 1/15/18

Dearest Carole...please accept our deepest sympathy to you and your family on the passing of Al.


Uncle Gene and Aunt Janetmo posted on 1/14/18

Living on the other coast from Chris and Michelle, we never had the opportunity to spend much quality time with Michelle. Having held Chris as a baby we know that Michelle had to be a very special person to capture his heart. And that she did!!! Having them visit the east coast several times over the years we did get to meet Michelle but it wasn’t until we made a trip to Portland and visited with them for four or five days, did we really get to know her. Michelle had a special way (as did Chris) to make us feel so very welcome and they spent the entire visit chauffeuring us all throughp the area. We had the opportunity to meet all their family and friends. She touched many lives and will be greatly missed.


Michael and Mary Mullen posted on 1/14/18

Having known Michelle for over 30 years, she IS and always will be the kindest and most thoughtful person we have ever had the pleasure of knowing! Rest in Peace with our LORD and SAVIOR Jesus Christ!



Kat Yrizarry posted on 1/12/18

Lighting a candle so others can find their way out of the darkness. Gwynne will always be in our hearts.


Steven Cole posted on 1/10/18

I was a student at PSU in the late 1980's and 90's. I took every philosophy class that Professor Conroy offered. He was one of my favorite professors and I loved how organic his lectures were. I'm so sorry to hear of his passing. All my best to his family and friends.



Joyce Jolly posted on 1/10/18

Sending love from your Army Family.


Bridger McGaw posted on 1/10/18

I am at a loss. I just read the news. Chris was one of my favorite Pemi pals. The summer of 1992 and 1994 were special events. The laughs we had those years as counselors. He had the best wit. And he helped me be a better coach. My heart is broken.


Derrick Bell III. posted on 1/9/18

I knew Chris from visits to Pemi. He was younger then I am, but I thought he was a very nice person. I saw him pitch the Pemi Counselor's to victory, during a counselor baseball game vs. Mooseilauke in 1990. Years later Mooseilauke Counselors refused to play Pemi Counselor's in baseball. Because they didn't want to face Chris. I also remember two of his classmates from Brattleboro Vt. who works as cocktail waitresses in Harvard Square. They spoke highly of Chris, and they also knew Phil Bixby.



Kristy Lapham posted on 1/8/18

In loving memory, you will be dearly missed.


Nicole M Couture posted on 1/8/18

I met Paul at Hal's. We so we're neighbors. He was one of my favorite Portlander. Though I am across the country, I will be there in spirit. He will be forever missed. Untill we meet again my friend.


Hugh MacDonald posted on 1/7/18

Patrick was my friend for nearly 50 years. Though time passed when we were apart, getting together was a validation of the strength of friendship as if no time was ever lost. A time ago I had been able to travel to Australia with him and met his parents, his brother and sister, and many of his admiring friends. He was a world-class athlete who was always humble about his accomplishments but was honored for them in Australia and England and probably wherever Rugby will be played. He was a fine caring teacher and he was good family man. He will always be one of my heroes. I will miss him very much but know his memory will last forever. To Deloris and Mandy and all the rest of his extended family I will send my sympathy but know he was a great man who had a long full and satisfying life. I know Patrick would not have asked for more.


Stephanie Peterson posted on 1/6/18

Brett was an amazing character. No man could beat his wisdom nor his bark. He had enough strength to put an any wise guy back down in his seat without lifting a finger. I learned alot from this man in thw few year i knew him. My dad admired his friendship as if it were pure gold. He is gone way to soon. I love his wonderful family and know they are with him in spirit. Dear lord, im sure he will have a few up there pull his finger too. Love you brett im so sorry i didnt find out sooner.


Betty Lightfoot posted on 1/6/18

How do I even begin, we were friends So many many years- it was very rare We didn't talk on the phone everyday- She was always there for me- as I was for her- we knew each other like a book- she was that rare friend one Is fortunate to have. Sharon, ill make that trip we planned to the beach and Georgia. I miss you so much already- My heart is broken- but I know you are no longer in pain and with our Saviour.


Luke Diamond posted on 1/5/18

Mrs. Zack was my favorite teacher at Arlington Heights Elementary School in Los Angeles. She got me started playing music, and for this I will always be grateful to her. She took us every year to hear the L.A. Philharmonic, and instilled a love of music to all of her students.


D. Harris posted on 1/5/18

Dear Family, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear loved one and send you my sincere condolences. May you find comfort from God's word at Revelation 21:3,4 and John 5:28,29. Heartfelt prayers are with you during this difficult time.



Sandra Hughes posted on 1/3/18

I enjoyed seeing Jane interacting with other volunteers at the Library when our schedules overlapped. She clearly enjoyed herself. I was glad when I could give her a hug at the Annual Volunteer Recognition event. Her smile is in my memory. I am so sorry for your loss.


Shari Willson posted on 12/31/17

Jacy and I had the best relationship, I am a volunteer for Hospice. When I started taking care of Jacy, we became instant friends. Jacy became like a mom to me! She had told me I was her third daughter! I miss you so much Jacy! I will never forget your sweet face.


Ryan family posted on 12/27/17

I'm so sorry for the loss of of your dear loved one. I know losing someone you love is very difficult to cope with. May you all continue to receive comfort from the "God of all comfort" during such a sad time ( 2 Corinthians 1:3,4).



Jennifer (Smith) Knight posted on 12/27/17

Amazing man who I am fortunate to have met mamy times. He was an amazing athlete and very kind and friendly. So sorry for your loss and may he rest in peace.



David Devery posted on 12/24/17

We all miss you! ❤️



Mandy Devery posted on 12/22/17

In memory of “The Best Father Ever”❤️ So many special memories! Thank you for being my special dad!! From your loving daughter, Mandy


Fredrick Zal posted on 12/20/17

Brett was a friend and kind man that I was thrilled to know for the last twenty years through his computer wisdom and help with my business. Thank you Brett. I will miss you.


Lisa Perkins posted on 12/13/17

Gwynne’s passion for Hillary was exciting. I had never seen nor imagined a childlike Gwynne. I saw that the day Gwynne competed to be a delegate to the DNC. Gwynne was determined, passionate, and thrilled to be part of what many of us wanted to be HISTORY. I will always remember Gwynne’s passion, commitment, and concern for others. Brave, confident, and loving. I cherish the memories I hold for how Gwynne made me feel like I was stronger in this world, I could do more. Blessings, Gwynne. You’ve inspired more than you know. Celebrate in gentle peace knowing you kicked it here on earth.


Joseph and June Dunford posted on 12/12/17

The best of him will always be with us.


Jeff Rose posted on 12/11/17

Please note that the service at Willamette National Cemetery will be immediate family only. A Celebration of Life will follow at a later date. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers, Marilyn will be greatly missed.


Jeff Rose posted on 12/11/17

Please note that the Memorial Service at Willamette National Cemetery will be immediate family only. A Celebration of Life will be announced at a later date. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers, Marilyn will be missed.


Will and Janet Craig posted on 12/10/17

We always enjoyed Marilyn's company on our day trips. She loved to get out and see the different sites Oregon has to offer, and she would never turn down a Spirit Mountain Casino trip! We will miss you Marilyn.


mona ayad posted on 12/10/17

Do not stand at my grave and weep. I am not there I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the general autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning hush.i am the swift up lifting rush.of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine bright. Do Not stand at my grave and cry .i am not there I did not die.


Shannon Cunningham posted on 12/8/17 For more pictures


Dr. Ed Radtke, Jr. & Mary Radtke posted on 12/8/17

Dr. Horenstein was our family physician. He became very close to our family. The Falangus family, Rulli family, Kondos family and Tiniakos family. Wonderful Dr.


Frieda Knobloch posted on 12/6/17

My heart goes out to all who knew and loved Alex. I met him as a student in a class, and always looked forward to what he would add to our conversations--about American cultures and identities, each person's sense of who they are and how the world looks and its impacts and promises-- and had the real pleasure of talking with Alex about his own education, insights, and experience as he and I put an American Studies major together for him, looking forward to his BA, but really all the things he might say, make, and do just because they were worth attending to. I admired his effort and willingness to see how all he did, and all he thought, belonged together. He was a vivid, singular and inspiring person. I will miss him and wish him peace. --UW advisor and teacher, Frieda Knobloch


American Studies Programs posted on 12/6/17

We had the Honor of having Walter in our program. He was talented in his art and We send light and comfort to all.



Rat posted on 12/4/17

I'll always remember Alex, good and bad. He was a complicated person, but those are always the best kinds of people. Deepest sympathies to his family and friends


Tami Van Pelt posted on 12/4/17

Alex lived his too-short life to the fullest! Deepest sympathy and heartfelt prayers for strength and peace.



Elaine Stephen posted on 12/3/17

Words aren't enough, I am so sorry for your loss prayers to all.


Aaron Robertson posted on 12/2/17

My brother. As fierce as you are massive hearted and sweet. Rest in the light and love of every thing that is good in the universe. Your brilliant personality and spirit will Shower healing and light the mighty mighty forces of nature and strength Mary, Louis, and this family are. Evermore. Louis and Alex were with my daughter and I in several experiences over years that helped form who she is. And me. All of us.


Sheila Smith posted on 12/1/17

What a huge dazzling funny shining light. Every time I was around you two, your love shimmered so bright. So much comfort to you Mary and Louis.


Christopher Phillips posted on 11/30/17

My condolences to all of Alex's family! We became friends in the 7th grade and were inseparable throughout middle school. It was alway Alex, Kenny, Kevin, and Chris. Over the years we have not kept in touch, but we were always friends and always will be! I'll see you up in heaven and we'll have a couple of beers! I'll miss you my friend!


Robert & Marie Mile posted on 11/30/17

We wanted to share our condolences with Carol’s family. It is never easy to have to say goodbye to a loved one. The pain of loss can be unbearable. Our Creator promises us that one day this pain will be just a memory. That beautiful promise can be found at Revelation 21:3,4. Our pain and suffering will be a thing of the past, and we can cry tears of joy as we welcome back the ones that we love so much. We hope you find comfort in those promises.


Mikayla VanDyke posted on 11/27/17

Its been a little over a year and Alexs birthday just passed, the past couple of years we would always do something the night of, after he was done with his family stuff and i was done with mine. This year was so different, it didnt feel right. I feel like life has been testing me so much lately but i know Alex is looking down on me and watching over and everyone he cared about so deeply. Ive been missing our deep talks, you randomly educating me about some kind of history, taking maggie on a walk, laurelhurst, everything. You never ever once stopped having my back and i cant thank you enough. I love you so much Alexander and i miss you. I know ill see you soon someday. I pray everyday for everyone struggling and your family dealing with the loss of you. I love you always


Bud Abraham posted on 11/21/17

Frank touched many people in his years on Hawthorne Blvd, and I am proud to say I was one of them. Coached his son Danny in basketball. He will be missed by many people.


Andrew Kelley posted on 11/20/17

Chris was a wonderful guy, smart with a good sense of humor and great disposition. I played baseball with him for a couple of years in college, and remember one time when we had a late class and couldn't ride on the team bus, so instead Chris drove us to the game in his car. About midway there he noticed he was low on gas, and neither of us had any cash. We spent about 10 minutes going through the cushions in the car, turned up 77 cents, and were able to get enough gas to make it to the game. All done with a smile on his face and good humor. Happy to have had him as a friend, and I am so sorry to hear he has passed. He will be missed.


Sisters of the Presentation posted on 11/13/17

Geraldine Margaret Renstrom Wager is an alumna of Presentation High School, San Francisco, Class of 1955. The Sisters of the Presentation are praying for you, your family and friends during this difficult time. May God bless you with love, comfort and peace.


Julie Jarmon posted on 11/11/17

My heart aches for the Littell family to lose in death your precious loved one Boyd, way too soon. Words are so limited that can give comfort, so I would like to share with you beautiful scripture where our heavenly Father, Jehovah (Psalm 83:18) invites you to throw all your burdens on him and he will sustain you in your time of grief. Psalm 34:18 None of us are guaranteed tomorrow, but we are all guaranteed a resurrection. Our savior, Jesus, promises us: John 6: 40; "For this is the will of my Father, that everyone who recognizes the Son and exercises faith in him should have everlasting life, and I will resurrect him on the last day". Jesus comforts us at: John 5: 28; "Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out..." John 11:23-25; "Jesus said to her: "I am the resurrection and the life." The one who exercises faith in me, even tho he dies, will come to life." I pray that Jesus's promise to reunite us with our loved ones on resurrection day will carry you through the difficult days ahead and gradually replace your tears of grief with tears of Joy as you reflect on your precious memories of happier times with Boyd. The family is in my prayers and I offer my heartfelt condolences.


Patty Campbell posted on 11/10/17

Renee and Randy, I was just re-reading the gracious card you sent me in response to my sending you a card after Roger's death. Realized it has been just about a year. Ouch...still so much pain I am sure. You are in my thoughts and prayers. patty


Beth "Beanie" Borntrager posted on 11/9/17

Mom was a warrior, protector, teacher and loving mother. She taught me as a young child to be responsible and kind. She taught me work ethic, as she was a hard worker and provider. Mom taught me about loving God, as He is our ultimate protector. I was honored and privileged to have cared and provided for my mother for the past several years. She always had a smile on her face in spite of the daily pain she endured and never complained. I love you mama, you are my hero. Thank you for being my mom. Rest in Peace



Phillip Bixby posted on 11/7/17

I already miss you my good friend.


Donna Patterson posted on 11/7/17

I have known Wilma for over 19 yrs. I worked with her at Berg Christian and she always stopped by the Reception Area to ask me how my husband & daughter were. We would talk about our families & she even came over to my house to give me plants. I will truly miss our times we shared talking. I love and Miss you my dear friend Wilma


Mark Borntrager posted on 11/7/17

BEAN FIELDS! That was the first thought that came to me as I began to reflect on memories with Mom. Each summer beginning at age 6 for me, after school let out for the summer mom would pack up us kids and head to the berry and bean fields to earn money for the new years school clothes. We camped in tents and later stayed in small cabins. Yup, up at 6am and worked until 6pm then Mom would somehow manage to cook up the best supper on a coleman gas cook stove, we still had some energy to play for and hour then would bath in a wash tub and head to bed. Life was simple and our family was happy...those were good days! Rest well Mom!


Terry Arnold posted on 11/3/17

What a wonderful sweet women. Her smile would warm ones heart. She always made one feel that they were special to her. She will be remembered with the greatest respect. She had grace.


Marissa Chave posted on 11/3/17

I am very thankful to have known and cared for Colleen. In my time spent with her, she taught me that life is too short to worry, do what makes you happy. She was a strong, loving, and positive woman whom I will miss dearly. She was such a delightful soul and will cherish the memories I have of her. May you Rest In Peace, sweet Colleen.


Marissa Chavez posted on 11/3/17

I am very thankful to have known Colleen. My time spent with her


Cheryl Patterson-Courtney posted on 11/2/17

I will always remember Colleen as a happy, giving, mother, who was caring, upbeat, & greeted everyone with a smile and positve sentiments. She was also a good friend to my mom. RIP Colleen, and God Bless the Borntrager Family!


Debbie McCarthy posted on 11/2/17

Colleen was a lovely woman who bore her illness with grace. May she Rest In Peace, free from pain and suffering.


Regina McCarthy posted on 11/2/17

Colleen was my second mother. Her beautiful smile was contagious. She dealt with the terrible ravages of her painful RA with great strength she gained in her faith in God. We will miss her dearly.


Kathy Gould posted on 10/27/17

So sorry to hear of Nick's passing. We were his neighbors for the last 30 years in SE Portland. I learned a lot about gardening by watching and talking to Nick each spring and summer. He grew heirloom tomatoes that were brought over from Italy by his grandparents; he carefully cultivated the seed each season. He had an amazing green thumb...his cucumbers were the best. Nick and Dorothy were wonderful neighbors to us; we greatly miss them both. Condolences to his family; we mourn with you.


Irene Wasserman posted on 10/23/17

I am so sorry to hear the sad news about my dear friend, Anese. We met Bernie and Anese at Bloom's Kosher Restaurant in London, on Dec. 21, 1980. We had teaching and Chicago in common, and were, instantly, friends. We even went to our first Gilbert and Sullivan production with the Kleins on Boxing Day--the D'oyle Carte production of The Sorcerer, at the Sadler's Wells Theatre. We became lifelong friends. I will always remember Anese as being warm, loving, and supportive, and I will miss my friend. Condolences to Bernie, Carol, and Scott. Thank you to Scott for all your help over the years. I know that Anese was happy and grateful to have you in her life. "Feel my arms encircling you in a big, squeezy hug."


laura posted on 10/19/17

Dearest nephew you had my heart the first time I saw you. You brought joy to this family. I wish we had more time. I love you and you will always be in my heart.


BO posted on 10/18/17

I am deeply sorry for your loss. May God's loving kindness bring comfort and strength to you during this very difficult time. Hosea 13:14


Ann McDermott posted on 10/15/17

Michael, Peter and Betsy, my heartfelt condolences to you and your families. People in Madison that loved your mother were so sad to hear that she passed away. I put a vase of purple flowers at your family marker in forest hill cemetary. I lit a candle there too on friday morning and i will try to keep it lit this week. I have been flooded with wonderful memories of your dear mom and soon I will write them down and send them your way. We had lots of adventures together and I have been reflecting on those. Your mother meant a great deal to me. She had a profound influence over my life and the lives of many many others. I have turned to my piano to express my sadness and to honor your mother. Been playing a lot these past few days. For some reason I've been drawn to a sweet piano arrangement of Faure''s Pavanne (opus50). I'm not sure why. I think maybe because it sounds sweet and sad at the same time. With deep love to you three. May you find comfort in each other during this time of great sorrow. Love, Ann McDermott



Shelby Russell posted on 10/11/17

I'm so mad at myself that I never got a picture with you. I miss your laugh and your beautiful smile. We had 1st period weight lifting together and you told me that I was beautiful. You are such a respectful person. I miss your big heart. I love you and miss you buddy.


Sue Riley posted on 10/11/17

Isaiah was a kind boy who cared deeply about his friends and classmates. A gentle soul. We had fun during our 4th Grade Oregon Trail overnight trip and many other times during the year. I especially remember how loving he was with his little sister, Karena, walking her home each day from school. Isaiah was a good man, gone too soon. Sending love and support, Isaiah's 4th Grade Teacher, Sue Riley



Alethea Mellor posted on 10/11/17

I remember Isaiah from Ventura Park Elementary. He was a compassionate, resilient kid who was such a positive influence on others, especially his sister. He will always be remembered and sorely missed. Peace to you, Isaiah.



Cody Holmes posted on 10/11/17

You will be missed, but not forgotten. Always be a brother to me and I will see you on the other side.



Cindy Westfall posted on 10/10/17

Isaiah you were best friends with my son Anthony and you will be greatly missed. You were always a kind young man. You and Anthony were always playing outside spending the night at each other's houses. There were so many fun times you both shared. You will never ever be forgotten.



Laura Orozco posted on 10/10/17

Isaiah I never met you, my daughter goes to OCHS when she told me about your passing my heart broke for your family.. May you rest in eternal peace and may the lords send your family strength and understanding in this difficult time. God Bless your soul.


Stacey posted on 10/10/17

Isaiah, I am so glad I got to meet your kind soul as a sophomore in my biology class. Your calm demeanor, secretly wanting to help others engage in material, and gentle smile were always welcoming. I miss our little catch-up chats we'd have in the hall as you passed by on your way to another class. I was glad that you were getting new feet in Oregon City, but missed seeing you around David Douglas. I'm so glad I got to be your teacher and had your kindness in my life. You are already so missed by so many. I hope you are at peace. ~Miss Barber


Tami Craig posted on 10/9/17

Sweet loving Isaiah, sweetheart you have no idea how many lives you have touched. Your kind, gentle, competitive soul will be with us forever. I know the Lord has wrapped his arms around you n welcomed you into the kingdom of heaven. By now Nanama n Aunt Annie n Mickey, and also grandma Myrna have wrapped there arms around you too! You leaving us here in the physical world seems so unfair. Just know that we ALL love you n miss you. Your in God's arms now sweetheart


Tami Craig posted on 10/9/17

Sweet loving Isaiah, sweetheart you have no idea how many lives you have touched. Your kind, gentle, competitive soul will be with us forever. I know the Lord has wrapped his arms around you n welcomed you into the kingdom of heaven. By now Nanama n Aunt Annie n Mickey, and also grandma Myrna have wrapped there arms around you too! You leaving us here in the physical world seems so unfair. Just know that we ALL love you n miss you. Your in God's arms now sweetheart



Brooke posted on 10/9/17

I remember when you and I were video chatting and you were playing video games, you said you were hungry so you went to make a sandwich and you spilled the bread all over the floor . You were so embarrassed but it was so funny.


Brooke posted on 10/9/17

Isaiah , you were one of my closest friends and forever will be. You helped me through a ton and if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be where I am today. You made every one around you happy , and you brought so much joy into my life. I am so beyond shocked and upset that you aren’t with us anymore, but I know that where you are now, you’re spreading joy and smiles there. I love you and miss you so much you for sure won’t be forgotten



Leroy Van Bergh posted on 10/9/17

There are so many things that could be said, but, without being or say a cookie cutter comment, I just want to say that you were always thought of as a blessing to us all. I know God is right there to wrap HIS arms around you. You will ALWAYS be loved Isaiah.


LeighAnne Craig posted on 10/9/17

Isaiah is a kind hearted young man, who has such a warmth in his soul that you could feel it whenever he walked into the room. He has a great sence of humor, as well as such a drive and passion for life. I know that Isaiah is still with everyone in spirit, that he will continue to live in our hearts; this isn't goodbye, it's only I'll see you later. My heart hurts for his family during this difficult time and my deepest condolences go out to everyone effected by this tragic loss.


karena posted on 10/9/17

Isaiah being my older brother he was super awesome and he was super loving and loyal super funny he had cheesy jokes and that is what i loved about my 17 year old bro and he was super goofy i miss you so much bro your safe now in heaven nothing will hurt you i love and miss you bro



Tyler Saylor posted on 10/9/17

Isiaha is someone who will never be forgotten, his personality was one in a billion. He is my star that I will look up to for the rest of my life. Isiaha you will be missed brother. I will see you on the other side with arms wide and plenty of love to give.


Denise Boggs Doughty. Along with my mom Darlene Boggs Vandenbiesen posted on 10/6/17

Dear Randy and Barry, Time certainly has a way of moving very fast . I am deeply sadden of the loss of both of your parents .Mom and I loved your family very very much from visiting to their great cooking and sharing all their yummy treats with us. Our greatest pleasure was living next door to you for many many years in Eastmoreland I shall always treasure our conversations playing ball visiting in the front room sharing a snack. Sitting outside on our patio and watching the stars just yakking about about our lives. My Mom is just turning 85 years old tomorrow and with your precious Dad at 100 years young it made me think and yes Mr. Lakefish I can do this too Bless you and Thank you for being our gracious, kind, friendly neighbor Mom and I love you very much .


Dave Rogoway posted on 10/3/17

Have only good memories of your wonderful Dad. His legacy is being such a great person, a friend to so many. He was truly a Mensch


Randall Lakefish posted on 10/2/17

Dad, Thank you for sharing your love, kindness, and compassion with us.


Dave posted on 10/1/17

Used to sit outside the coffee shop on 45th and Belmont, me with my nose in a book and Marty asking "how long you been out". hehehe, I guess that's about all people do in prison is read, It was ok though, as we hit it off well enough. First time I was ever aware of meeting a POW from WWII or any war. I listened an respected his stories, but wouldn't want his nightmares. God Bless, Martino


Bob Poet posted on 10/1/17

Tried calling Lenny yesterday on Yom Kippur and was puzzled his number was disconnected. So, so sorry to hear of his passing. First met Lenny 49 years ago. We were roommates and friends at the UofO and stayed in touch through the years. Lenny visited with me in Tahoe a handful of times, we saw dozens of Duck games -- traveled together more than once. He was so loyal to Grand & Benedicts for over 30 years (maybe 40?). And they to him. Don't see that kind of relationship too often these days. So many great Lenny stories -- sorry none come to mind right now, though. Forgive me, it's very sad news. Condolences and blessings to Arthur, Emilie and Barbara -- and all who knew him. Too soon, Lenny, too soon. Lenny, say hi and thanks to your parents up there. (Still remember that Thanksgiving spent at their house, playin' football at the park w/ you and Arthur. (Still think it should have been "Balk's Bootery"! Say hi to mine, too. So glad we each got to meet the other's mother and father. RIP -- Lenny, you'll always be remembered. One of a kind.


CINDY SAMPLE posted on 9/29/17



Susan Boitano posted on 9/28/17

I first met Hans in 1975 when I had finally saved up enough money for a Hans Biglajzer Custom Made Saddle. He was a lovely man and I enjoyed each and every visit with him. That saddle served me well throughout the years. I recently donated it to Sound Equine Options to support their great cause. I am sure that someone else is now enjoying my saddle. Thank-you Hans!


Marita and Matthew Corey posted on 9/28/17

It has been so many, many years ago. We lived in Clackamas Oregon about 1&1/2 miles from the Biglajzer home. We had three children, Matthew, Kaileen and Kathie at that time. We ate at their home and they ate at ours. We still have a funny story in our family. We were leaving their home after dinner. I invited Hans to come to our home the next Sabbath eve, My wife asked him what he would enjoy having for dinner. He smiled and thought, ... then replied, "Beef stroganoff!" My wife went through recipe books looking how to make it. It turned out - Wonderful ! As their family was leaving I told Hans how my wife had to 'look-up the recipe'. He replied, "I'd never had it before, but I'd heard of it, ... so that's what i said when she asked me. Hans was a Great conversationalist and his saddles were pure art. Appreciated reading his article in the old Plain Truth Magazine concerning his 'terrible experience' during World War 2. I look forward to speaking with him again, of course, after The Messiah - Returns to Rule ! May THE ETERNAL Give Great Comfort and Love to your family. Bless you this Yom Kippur & Tabernacles - Marita and Matthew Corey


The Varela Family posted on 9/26/17

Our deepest condolences for the family. Hans was a remarkable man of integrity who responded to hardships with a sense of humor. We held Hans in high regard and greatly appreciated him. Shama Israel...


Lora posted on 9/26/17

May the fond memories of Margaret Ruth bring you comfort and ease your pain during this difficult time. Please take a moment to look back on all the good times you were able to share. May God's promise of a future resurrection, found at John 5:28 & 29, bring you peace and hope. My thoughts are with you and your family.


Lora posted on 9/26/17

May the fond memories of Ruth bring you comfort and ease your pain during this difficult time. Please take a moment to look back on all the good times you were able to share. May God's promise of a future resurrection, found at John 5:28 & 29, bring you peace and hope. My thoughts are with you and your family.


Pat Givens posted on 9/26/17

My sincere condolences to the family. Hans was a treasure - so kind, smart, funny, talented, gentle and resilient. He was an inspiration to my son and me. We feel honored to have known him. He will be missed.


Amy Singer posted on 9/25/17

Dear Julia-- our love to you and your sons. We are so glad to have met your dad and we know we will keep our relationship kindled. We send you much love and wish we were closer so we could be with you now. Love from cousins, Amy, Mark, Max and Emily Blanche


Ken & Judy Hall, Milwaukie, OR posted on 9/22/17

Ester, May you and your family find solace in the inspiring memories of the exemplary life that Fred lived. We are comforted in the knowledge that he lives in the hearts and minds of everyone that he met. God bless you and keep you and your family in this time of sorrow. May Fred enjoy his eternal rest and the rewards he has earned.


Julie Lothringer Oltjendiers posted on 9/20/17

Remembering growing up together, riding the bus, and playing in the Mighty Tiger Band together. My thoughts and prayers are with family and friends.


Peggy Rielly posted on 9/16/17

I love you so much. So much more I wanted to share with you. Such a bright light in my life for such a short time. See you on the other side my dear friend.


Madeleine Magill Brown posted on 9/16/17

Oh, Jen . . . Through sheer strength of spirit you kept picking yourself up and fighting the good fight. Your will to survive and do well makes your death especially sad and especially stunning. The world feels drained of a little color just now. Peace and light forever to you and prayers for Olivia at this awful time.


Darla Neese posted on 9/15/17 made such a difference in this world, in so many lives. Know you did well and you will be greatly missed.


Karen nordahl posted on 9/15/17

God bless this sweet woman who cared so much.


Nancy Miller posted on 9/15/17

Jen i will miss your smiling face along with the honesty you share with many of us. Some of your story's really cracked me up. Glad we got to go camping with you this summer. You will be missed. Thursday's wont be the same. Love ya Nancy



Carrie WD posted on 9/15/17

Sending so much love to all of Jen's family and friends. While I only met Jen a handful of times I loved her sweet earnest spirit and her gentle kindness. Wishing you all comfort and peace.



Tana Jones-Lawrence posted on 9/14/17

Jen you will be so very missed. My Condolences to Everyone Affected by this Tragedy.


Jane, Dean and Sean posted on 9/14/17

Words cant express the loss we feel in our hearts. May God grant you strength, courage and peace during this difficult time.



Rebecca "Doc" Kenney PhD posted on 9/14/17

.May God's grace hold your beautiful soul with the gentleness you brought to your many friends and grateful Veterans. I will miss tour wonderful smile and selfless spirit. Love always my sweet friend, Rebecca K.


Charlotte Becker posted on 9/14/17

Jen was one of our shining stars! She will be missed so much by all of us.


Robert Powell posted on 9/9/17

Maury was a father to me, always gave me respect and love, Robert Powell


Art & Corrine Bush posted on 9/7/17

Fred was a jewel that I found upon my life's journey and I will from time to time hold that jewel up to the light and remember Fred. I find comfort in knowing that tonight's evening sky will be a little lighter now that Fred's star has been place among them. He was loved and he will be missed. Our hearts go out to Ester and his family. Art & Corrine Bush, Star, Idaho



Debbie Geary posted on 9/7/17

Bea was such a great friend to me for 32 years. She helped me get through the sudden and unexpected loss of my Mother. This woman had a heart of gold and would lend advice if you asked. We had many fun and interesting days over my 10 years at Grantree Corporation. She taught me to make some merger most favorite candy recipes. Mothers Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas were such important celebrations to her. Her Son Ron and I got engaged in 2014, and was so looking forward to see him get married. I'm so sad that she won't physically be there, we know she'll watch from afar. Bea told me not to cry and I told her I wouldn't, and she already knew I was lying.. I laughed and said well maybe I would just cry for a week or so... She laughed and said not to complain about bags under my eyes from crying. She really helped Ron and I after nearly being killed by a drunk driver in 2015. Her words of encouragement and belief in God got Ron and I through the toughest of days. She told us to love each other stay strong and don't give up after she is leaves this world . Bea I miss you!


Candace Herrill posted on 9/1/17

We will miss Fay in our Tai chi group. Her enthusiasm was a great asset. We so appreciated her enthusiastic spirit. What I remember most was her willingness to love those around her. She loved easily. I admire that and am inspired by it. I know friends and family have many positive memories and will feel her loss in many ways and on many levels. My heart goes out to you. I wish you all comfort as you deal with this transition.


Sue And Dave Buchanan posted on 9/1/17

Rest In Peace with Dad and Jake


Sue And Dave Buchanan posted on 9/1/17

Your love and beauty will be forever in our hearts. Thank you Manijeh for all you love and kids madness you brought to our family.


Anonymous posted on 9/1/17

I love you. I miss you more and more everyday. I keep trying to find a reason to believe you're gone. But I can't. I still feel you here I still can hear your laugh. I miss you so much and I wish you were here. We always said to eachother.. "I don't know what I'd do without you" Well I'm now forced to be here without you. I hate it. I miss our little walks and our talks about how frozen soda turns into a science experiment. Our days at cathedral laying in the grass. The days when you would hold me while I cried. The days when me you Ginger and Kayla would do things we shouldn't. None of us will ever be the same. And I'm sitting here at work thinking about if maybe I did something different you'd still be here. I love you more than life it's self Donell Lee❤️


Deborah Lee posted on 8/30/17

Lawrence, and Fay's family in Iran and the U.S. and Canada: I am heartbroken to hear of our dear friend and neighbor, Fay, passing on. She was always the liveliest one in our coffee sessions with the other women of our street; and very politically-minded. She was very aware of world politics especially in Iran (she preferred to call it Persia, and identify herself as Persian). We also spoke a lot about contemporary politics in the U.S. during our coffee sessions, of which we all had loud and definite opinions. We will miss Fay's voice to add to the fray, and her beautiful smile in the photos of her she emailed to us of various vacations with you. I am very sad and she will always remain in my heart as a special friend.


Susan Swanson posted on 8/30/17

Larry and family, I am so sorry that we have lost our dear friend, Fay. We will miss her in our Tai Chi Class at the Hollywood Senior Center. I enjoyed talking and joking with her. Even though she had a great deal of pain, she enjoyed and benefitted from Tai Chi and being with others. I will miss her. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Susan



E posted on 8/30/17

I am very sorry your loss.


Cindy Maack posted on 8/30/17

My Beautiful Auntie Bea....I have such wonderful memories of you growing up and later in adult life. You never changed and had such a fabulous sense of humor. One of your hugs could last a lifetime....and I was lucky to have so many of them. I know one of your many "partners in crime" (Bea, my mom) was waiting in Heaven for you with open arms and you are enjoying each other's company again. My thoughts and prayers are with Don, Julie and Ron, and all of us who will miss you dearly. Many Hugs, Cindy Maack "Smith"



deb call posted on 8/30/17

Dear Lawrence, I am so sorry for your loss of your wonderful wife. May you find warmth and comfort with family and friends. Take each day as it comes and reflect upon the Happy Memories you two shared. Love and Hugs, *Deb*



Robert & Joan Archibald posted on 8/29/17

Even though not related . Bea will alwayes be My Cousin .we were raised together in the big town of Goble. Love always



Molly Maushard posted on 8/29/17

Larry, I loved her like a sister! She had the most amazing soul and spirit. I think about you daily and can't imagine what you are going through. I love you so much. She will be remembered in everything that surrounds us!! Such an amazing amazing amazing woman! Love, Your little sister


Sandra Sie posted on 8/19/17

Sue was a wonderful coworker and friend. She always did her best to give us the flex time we needed for unforeseen life issues at the phone compay.



Clair Palumbo posted on 8/19/17

Remembering the lovely visit and lunch with you and Ed back in October of 1999 at Carmine's on Beekman Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan with Chance and Lisa. We were so happy to finally meet our Srebnik cousins. Rest In Peace.


BG posted on 8/19/17

I didn't know Donell very well, but for the short time we were roommates at Job Corps he always had something upbeat and funny to say in the midst of the "newbies on campus" phase we all had to deal with. Sad to hear he's gone, best wishes to you all.



Mare Haynes posted on 8/17/17

Sue was a wonderful supervisor and a nice person. I worked for her in the training center in the Lincoln building.


Andy P Lushenko posted on 8/16/17

Susie: The year was 1967 I asked you out to my Senior Prom, and we continued to date for a while. You always had a sweet smile and great personality I always enjoyed chatting with your folks. We both had a connection with your cousins the O'Leary's, You are a great memory in my life, GOD be with you, you filled many hearts and I'm sure you touched many lives. Andy P Lushenko


Sue Waters posted on 8/15/17

I worked with Sue for many years. She was a good friend. Always caring and compassionate. My sympathy to Sue's family. She will be missed.



Chuckie posted on 8/15/17

Jo, so sorry I didnt have another chance to visit, but I know you'll be waiting for me an give me a piece of you mine when I come up... We had a lovely visit.. RIP peace my friend


Terri Hamilton posted on 8/15/17

I worked with Sue at the phone company for many years. She was always pleasant and kind even when having to make tough decisions. I ran into her several times a couple of years ago in North Portland, we laughed and shared memories of times long ago. She'll be missed. My prayers and deepest sympathy to her family.



Sheila Sylvester posted on 8/15/17

I worked with Sue at the phone company in tbe Customer Training Center. Her smile, laughter and joy could turn a hectic day into a great day. She will be missed! To her family, my deepest sympathies for your loss and please accept my thanks for sharing an Angel with us.


John and Kat Stewart posted on 8/13/17

we met and spent time with Dale and Sue when Dale was working for Greenleaf flowers, spent many hours in there home, where we always felt like family, I think if you spent any time with Sue you felt like family. Loved her and she will be missed, every time we hop into the convertible and ride top down!


Karen Pfendler posted on 8/13/17

You will be missed by many, Jo...just as you were loved by many. The stars in the sky at night will be brighter now that your spirit graces the heavens...farewell will always be in our hearts and our memories. God speed.


Karen Riesinger posted on 8/12/17

Fred was such a delightful man. Engaging, curious, focused, creative are words that come to mind as well as proud father and grandpa. Our family is blessed by the memories of many Thanksgivings spent with he and Esther in Portland. Shalom!


Maricela Guardiola posted on 8/12/17

Jo, I will always remember her smile, laugh, and honesty. One time jo asked me how I was going to survive without knowing how to cook and shortly after she had her mind set with "needing" to teach me! We got in a few cooking lessons before her last days. She was able to impact my life positively in such a short amount of time and I will forever be touched. Thank you Jo ❤️



Suzanne Fouste Steward posted on 8/12/17

Sue was a wonderful caring person and will be missed by many.


Jan Ruppet posted on 8/11/17

I just remember Sue as my supervisor in the Customer Training Center.. Also as the one that 'let me go'.. I will always remember her voice.. how soothing it was no matter what she was talking about, it captivated me.. even when she let me go (which was actually a blessing in disguise). I will always look back at her with great fondness, and laugh at our topless stories that were only shared between the two of us! (since we both had convertibles!).. She was a beautiful woman.. RIP Sue.. My condolences to the family...


Kimberely Steadman posted on 8/11/17

I will always remember Joanne's unique voice and her smiling eyes. She was kind, generous and very genuine. It was impossible to not get caught up in feeling good in her energy. I'm proud to have known her and am glad to have had her in our lives.


LORIE STEADMAN posted on 8/11/17

Oh "Doodle"....You asked me to promise you I would be with you "at the end". I told you I would. When we last spoke on Sunday, I told you to HANG ON...I will be there!!! I really believed I had time. Unfortunately time ran out, and I didn't get to keep that promise. I believe that all of us were shocked that you left us so fast. I want u to know that I really tried...and was in such a panic to be with you. I feel so bad and it is something I have to live with the rest of my life. My only consolation is that I was with you in May, and we had a wonderful time together. You were strong then.....and it never occurred to me that it would be the last time I saw you. I am so glad I was with you every time you went to the hospital for kidney dialysis ....meeting all those wonderful people that made you feel a part of that family. I know how much you cared for all of them, and how much they cared for you. Thank you for taking such good care of Jo.... We shared so many wonderful memories together.... and yes, bad ones were always pig headed and the good times sure made up for that. We went on so many road trips together, and I saw places I only dreamed of going. Our special place being New Orleans...I will always remember the laughter, sitting on "MY bench"....eating that greasy chicken and me always trying to make you laugh....wearing a boa, picking up beads on the street for you.....trying to stalk Fats Domino with "Walking to New Orleans" blaring from your car......(which embarrassed you, AND the more embarrassed you got, the longer I did it)....Memphis, Nashville, Florida, San Fran...going to Alcatraz wearing those funny hats...... North Dekota where we got caught in a snow storm in July...and I went into that store wearing a housecoat, trying to get THE HELL OUT of Texas.....BUT.... "mooning" you all over the States,,,,(especially in Nevada, had to be the funniest)....,Hey Doodle...expect it when you least expect it!!!!! Oh how you laughed!!!!!.So many places, so many memories. Just so many GOOD TIMES TOGETHER!!!!! Thank you Dory and Brenda for ALWAYS being there for Jo, I know how much it meant to her...Thank you to the care giver who was so amazing, and didn't get upset when I phoned so often. Thank you Marilyn for all those phone calls we shared...supporting each other.....Thank you Steph for keeping me informed. Doodle: I miss our nightly phone calls......I miss your voice, your laughter, I will ALWAYS LOVE YOU , and you will be in my heart forever. xo


Mary Schwartz posted on 8/10/17

Jo, we sure made many memories over 50+ years of friendship! You took me in as a young girl of 20 and made sure I was taken care of. You were always yourself - and never made excuses for you being you - an honorable way to live! May you Rest In Peace and meet up with some of your old friends. PMS


Tessa Brookhart posted on 8/10/17

Yo mamma. I will miss you, especially on mothers day. This last year, I forgot and never made it up.. I am so sorry for that. I met Joanne when I started working in collections, at age 19... we did not make friends quickly.. but we bonded over a grudge with another employee. When she retired we made a habbit of going out to dinner at least once a month. We would be either at the Outback, or a Mexican food restaraunt. We made Thanksgiving a habbit, and then mothers day. When I went back to school, we lost touch a bit and I regret this. Joanne had a way with people. She was honest, opinionated and ... herself. She never let anything step in her way of what she wanted, she always found a way. She will be missed. Yo mamma, I love you and I will miss you. Until we see each other again.



Robert and Carol Suzuki posted on 8/10/17

What a wonderful, loving person. Best gnocchi ever. Fun times together in Honolulu and Lahaina. Memories never forgotten.


Trudi York Gardner posted on 8/9/17

I remember as a kid riding in the back of Jack's blue pick-up truck (used for construction) for fun. Condolences to Glen, Jill and Diane.


Steve Goodman posted on 8/9/17

Do you know Randy had a front row ticket to the Trailblazers for about 15 years. Feet on the wood floor! Directly across from the visiting team. Play (and players) in your lap. I got to use that seat many times over the years. He was recognized as the big boisterous guy by many top NBA players (including Kareem and Magic and many others when they came into town). He also was well known to the referees, and many times he was well received by the fans as he made his opinions known to all. (Once during a time-out, he stepped onto the floor and offered his eye-glasses to a ref. The crowd went wild. And for some reason, he was not ejected, as would normally be the case. I heard about it the next day from several who were there -- 'Did you see what your brother did at the game last night?!?') I'm Randy's younger brother, so I've known him my whole life - looked to him. We shared a room for several years. We did a lot together for over 6 decades. He visited us often. I miss him.


Rich & Janet Martin posted on 8/8/17

To Esther & Family, we send our prayers and thoughts to all of you. Fred was such an inspiration to us. He always was a positive influence and exemplified friendship to so many. I will always remember his warm smile and welcoming demeanor. I know he touched many in his journey.


Cheryl Sellars posted on 8/6/17



Guillory Family posted on 8/3/17

To family and friends of Fred Schwartz, We extend our heartfelt condolences for your loss. Please be assured of God’s enduring love for you, his concern with your well-being, and his willingness to help you endure this difficult time. (1 Peter 5:7) We pray that God’s promise at Revelation 21:4 will provide you comfort in the days to come. For further comforting thoughts, please visit The Guillory Family



Michelle Nordstrom Sullivan posted on 8/1/17

Forever in our hearts with fondest memories of a great man, wonderful grandpa and the best great grandpa!!


Victor and Kim Cruz posted on 7/28/17

We are so sorry for your loss. All of you are close to our hearts and in our prayers at the difficult time. May you find peace in the love of those who are dear to you.



carole regan posted on 7/25/17

A lovely lady and a good neighbor. Bill & Carole Regan


Kevin Hahn posted on 7/25/17

So sorry to hear about your loss. I remember Uncle Jim as one of the bright spots in our family gatherings. He was always kind and welcoming. I always appreciated him hanging out with us kids. He is loved and will be missed.



Anne Albaugh posted on 7/25/17

My forever friend, say hi to your folks for me. ♥


Dorothy Herman posted on 7/25/17

Those we love can never be more than a thought away for as long as there's a memory, they live in our hearts to stay.


sharon planer esquibel posted on 7/24/17

well ill be 65 in nov. think of you everyday and how i inherited that damn depression from you thanks for the knowledge i didnt understand till now, you won daddy love you sharon 2017


Kim, Dave and Dylan Schauer posted on 7/22/17

Betty I am so sorry for your loss of your best friend, husband etc. You and Rennie were so great together. You were great friends to everyone we all knew. I remember when Miranda was a little girl and Rennie would hold her and carry her around and she looked at his hands and said "Uncle Rennie your hands are so clean" We all laughed because she didn't know the difference between you guys and us and never did in her life. I hope they are together in heaven. Even though we know they won't hurt anymore, we still cry because we miss seeing them and hearing their voices. Miranda had us laughing all the time so we miss her cry ways. When you get time and we are both home, give us a call. I love you and miss you so much. If you remember where we lived we don't live there anymore. Love you, The Schauer's



Joonkoo yun posted on 7/21/17

I'll miss uncle Jim so much. However you will be always live in my heart.


Sal DiGrande posted on 7/20/17

I met Jim at RiversWest Small Craft Center. I feel so fortunate to have spent time with Jim in projects we shared with RW. He was a delightful man, friendly, warm and enthusiastic. Jim, may you find a warm, gentle breeze as you sail on. You will always be remembered fondly. Sal



Doris Biglow posted on 7/19/17

Rip Nina


TJ posted on 7/19/17

Offering sincere condolences, no doubt this is a difficult time for the family. May you put trust in the many promises our Heavenly Father says will soon come about and allow that wonderful hope to comfort you in the days ahead. (Isaiah 26:19; Ps. 37:29)


Dede Miller posted on 7/17/17

To family and friends, please except my condolences. The loss of someone dear to us can leave us devastated - asking why. The loss, whether unexpected or anticipated still has a heartbreaking affect on us. Comfort can be found in the inspired words found at Revelation 21:4. there we see how everything causing us anguish in our lives will be gone - including death. We also have the wonderful hope of seeing those we have lost by means of the resurrection hope given at John 5:28, 29. Please visit JW.ORG for more Bible based articles and videos that provide comfort, support, hope, and answers to sincere questions.



Lena LoPiparo posted on 7/17/17

Maxine, thank you for your many many tears of happiness as our friendship grew. You have a special place in my heart be I know ou are with TONY, Jerry and George. I thank God for you and the memories you have left with me. Lena


Shari L. Moffatte posted on 7/15/17

So sorry for the lost of your son, brother, nephew, and cousin love you all, God forever bless you all.


Candas robinson posted on 7/12/17

So sorry may GOD bless you all, love ya!



Candas robinson posted on 7/12/17

So sorry love ya#


Guillory Family posted on 7/11/17

To family and friends of Molly Pettinger, We extend our heartfelt condolences for your loss. Please be assured of God’s enduring love for you, his concern with your well-being, and his willingness to help you endure this difficult time. (1 Peter 5:7) We pray that God’s promise at Revelation 21:4 will provide you comfort in the days to come. For further comforting thoughts, please visit The Guillory Family


Peter Ariniello posted on 7/11/17

I am his brother and all 8 sisters brother. Friendship so deep..countless overnights, flashing lights and speaking on walkue talkies fro. Our windows 200 yards away. He blocked for me as a full back from 3rd grade to 8th leading me to a 26 touchdown season our final year. We share our blood as children like they did in Western movies, making a small cut and tying our wrists together. we slept 2 hours in our ski boots after skiing down the long carpeted stairs in his home on 17th & Knott before getting on a bust as Pounder Hounds in the late 70's. Countless more experienced. He visits me often...An angel watching over me each day as it will be until I join him..I can't express my sorrow nor grief, etc. I love you DTO


Rosanne (Amato) Peterson posted on 7/10/17

Scott's mother, Barbara, and I are cousins by marriage, sharing our Aunt Lena Amato Oreste, and Uncle, Raymond J. Oreste. I had the pleasure of knowing Scott for all of his life. His love for all of his family, especially his Great-Uncle Ray, and for cooking and fishing and the beautiful Oregon outdoors; as well as his love for attending concerts and theater, was well known. Scott was a loving son and a warm friend, and we will miss him very much. We know he is in Heaven, happy once again.


Mari Goodman Belsky posted on 7/9/17

Although I lived 300 miles from Randy for the last 37 years, I felt he was always close to me, being closest in age of 3 brothers. When he was a kid, we were on our own in the summers and we often baked together creating interesting deserts for our family that always surprised our parents. Even though he used to sing with me at the piano, who would know he would grow up to sing karaoke in front of strangers in karaoke bars! Quiet Randy was even in one of my high school classes - Creative Writing! He was quite intelligent but kept that to himself. He pretty much just sailed through school. But he was always a fan of any sport Portland had even if he couldn't play it. Go Randy. Think of him as you watch.



Michael Egelhoff posted on 7/9/17

I remember work through culinary school with Scott. He always was a kind and caring person. I know the world will miss his presence. RIP Scott.


DeLane Duvall posted on 7/8/17

Chef Scott cooked for Megan and Eric's wedding he was a fantastic cook as well as a great friend. Thank you for everything Chef we will miss you! DeLane Duvall


John Ray posted on 7/8/17

One of many many fish Chef caught while fishing with me. In 2001 we caught over 100 Chinook, Silver and Coho Salmon we had a blast. We fished for Sturgeon and shad fishing a half day with Chef meant fishing for 12 hrs. I will miss you! Thank you for all the memories love you man!! John Ray


Christine Silveira posted on 7/4/17

I met Todd through dear Heather, during the Fred Meyer days. Not only was I lucky to be able to meet such a cool dude who knew so much about his job and computers, I had the pleasure to work with him, get to know him, but what I was most thankful for was I was also there to witness the very beginning of the amazing and beautiful relationship that was Heather and Todd. Which was and will always be a beautiful love story. I always enjoyed his witty and very dry sense of humor that always kept me on my toes. He will be missed so very much.


Tom posted on 7/1/17

Randy was a neighbor and we enjoyed conversations with him when he came over while I was working on my car. We talked sports, car repair, and all sorts of things that would just surprise us of how knowledgeable he was. We even had a couple of playful snowball fights on the back deck. It all would just make you wonder what was like in his earlier days. A very gentle man.


John Roberts posted on 6/30/17

I remember when he went to umpire school, too. We will miss him.


Angie Marsh posted on 6/29/17

Todd -- "Jorgy" -- became friends with my husband when they worked together at Fred Meyer, and he was such a kind, spirited and funny soul, that he invited us to meet his family and dogs, and often share some beers. Going on vacation with Todd & Liz to Reno was a blast. We were set to reunite with him in Portland and are deeply saddened to see him go. Todd, as The Dead said, If I knew the way, I would take you home.


Jonathan Condit posted on 6/29/17

Jorgy was one of my absolute favorite people at Apple. I would literally breathe a sigh of relief when he walked into a meeting. So talented, so funny and so young. He will be dearly missed.


Wyatt Overman posted on 6/29/17

I will never forget knowing you, and being so thankful to have you as a new addition to our family. You were nothing but the kindest person to me and I'm so very grateful for the times we had. My only wish is that we could have had more time with you, and I'm certain that anyone who knew you wishes the same. Love, thoughts, and prayers from my family to yours. Thank you for everything brother, I'll meet you on the other side.


Chris Rooney posted on 6/29/17

Rich, we grew up together...I just found out you left us. My life is shaped from memories I had with you growing up. So many memories too many to list! Hate the hurt little brother.....we were like brothers. Being on the same baseball teams, going to Columbia Chargers Football Games Friday Nights. Working together at the Holiday Inn, UPS....also never wanted to tell you but you had a brilliant mind but I got my degree before you lol, rest in peace, Love Keek! Long live the pyramid....


Uncle Don and Auntie Teri posted on 6/28/17

Todd what a great young man, always with a great smile, you will be missed by all. Your in Heaven with Nana. Love you


Greg Crane posted on 6/27/17

I worked with Todd at Apple for several years. He was an extremely fun guy, easy to be around. I feel so sad for his family, because I know how hard he worked to provide a nice life for them. We are all very sad at Apple about his passing. Fare thee Well Jorgy.


Larry George posted on 6/27/17

Todd and I worked together doing computer support at Fred Meyer's Corporate Office. He was not only a great fellow employee, but a great friend. I want to extend my sincere sympathy to all of Todd's family and friends. May God bless all of you in this sad time.



Brandy Nollette posted on 6/26/17

I can't help but smile when I think of Todd. He was and always will be that sweet, goofy and willing to help a friend type of guy to me. It's been years since I have seen him, but I'm pretty sure it would've felt like days when I did. I will miss him, but I will not mourn him. He'd be mad if I did! Today I'll play "There come's a time" in his memory. I hope he gets to meet Jerry Garcia! May his family find peace with his passing and know that he was loved by so many. Best wishes and RIP my friend.


Gabi posted on 6/22/17

Praying that God grants peace to the soul of your dearly departed!


Alex Marin-Serghie posted on 6/22/17

Marcel was a man of dignity, wisdom and conviction. He was a caring man even though his exterior didn't always come across that way. He would always help the people that he loved and I'm very fortunate to have had him in my life. I considered him a father figure to me and I cherish the times that we spent together as a family. He loved old school comedies and the food network. I recall countless hours at his home laughing and eating all sorts of foods that my mom and Marcel would conjure up throughout the day. It is with a heavy heart that I write this and even though we had not seen each other in a couple of years, I will always love Marcel and his two sons. My deep condolences go out to his family both here and in Romania. May he find peace and solace in heaven. May all of the pains that he felt in this life be taken away and may the lord comfort his loved ones during this difficult time.


Teresa Osborne posted on 6/21/17

Marc was a wonderful colleague. I enjoyed working with him at Reynolds High School, and have missed having him here. I am so sorry for the loss of this wise, kind man.



Simona Fusulan posted on 6/21/17

May God give him eternal rest and the family the strength to bear the great pain. Please accept my most sincere condolences... love, Simona Fusulan


ELLEN TJERNAGEL posted on 6/16/17

I will be forever grateful for all of the visits and love he showed my husband in the nursing home during the four years he was there. He was always encouraging and positive, lifting our spirits. Now in the arms of Jesus. May God comfort you all. Ellen


Ginny eckardt posted on 6/14/17

I worked at a school in Cleveland with Bernice. To know her was to love her. A generous, kind soul. Everybody was better for knowing her. I will remember her forever.



Lyn Benton posted on 6/14/17

Jeff and family, My heart is broken to hear of Francine's passing. Though I didn't know you all very well I always knew Francine was a very special person...and so kind. I am thinking of you at this most difficult time in your lives. With deepest regards, Lyn (your neighbor)


Sue Albert posted on 6/14/17

Jeff and family, I am so sorry to read about Francine today and that I missed honoring her at the funeral. She was a lovely, intelligent woman and her life has ended too soon. Please accept my condolences Best. Sue Albert


Bryant Campbell posted on 6/14/17

Betty, My family since it's heartfelt condolences and sincere love to you and your family at the loss of Rennie. My parents loved both of you and consider you both more than cousins they considered you very good friends. The two of you were a phenomenal couple and it will be difficult to say Betty without saying Rennie. We love you and we are praying for you. May you forever be Betty & Rennie!!!!


Davetta Lockett posted on 6/11/17

I have fought the good, fight I have finished the race, I have kept the faith 2Timothy 4:7. Rennie Ferguson a phenomenal Soldier, Rest in paradise cousin. Always loved and never forgotten


Greg Sabin posted on 6/9/17

Kathy I am saddened to hear of your Mom's passing! I lost my Mom 34 years ago, and here is what I learned: Your Mom will always be your Mom - even while watching over you from heaven, and she will always be with you in your heart! God bless you as you grieve her loss and celebrate her life! Love Greg Sabin



twila page posted on 6/9/17




twila page posted on 6/9/17

Rest in peace


Jan Ensley posted on 6/6/17

Kathy, So sorry... I have no words. I love you. She meant so much to you and many others


Jaswant B. Mody posted on 6/5/17

Sorry to hear sad news. God grant a long lasting peace to his soul. We pray. God grant a strength to your family to bear this pain. Ohm Shanti. - Jaswant Mody, Piscataway, NJ.


Serena Richardson posted on 6/4/17

My heartfelt thoughts are sent to you and your family for your loss. Close your eyes and remember the laughter, warmth and love...keep that with you always. Love, Serena


Nan Mager posted on 6/3/17

A beautiful tribute for a great lady. Our family has lost another "life of the party" -- her great humor, laugh and joy of living continued to her last days. As our hearts hurt, I will do my best to honor her spirit, by cherishing every moment, to "show up" and say yes to all good things. The world is a better place because she lived. Steve and Kathy, I love you both. My heart is with you.



Lyn Cikara posted on 6/3/17

Bernice taught the world about values, kindness and service which is embodied in her daughter, Kathy and is her legacy


Lori Rabin posted on 5/30/17

I just heard of your moms passing. Great memories of a wonderful woman. Sending hugs and condolences


Lori Rabin posted on 5/30/17

I just learned of Shirleys passing. I am saddened to hear of your loss. Many many fond memories. My condolences to the family. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Elaine K. posted on 5/30/17

To the family: I knew Kenny as a neighbor up the street. He spoke kindly to my family many a time as we walked by his home on the way into Mt. Tabor. Just last summer he drove by and saw our back yard bible club meeting and he was delighted to see the Lord's message being shared in our neighborhood. I just learned today he had passed but I knew something was up because I hadn't noticed him around. I am sad but do know he is celebrating with Jesus.


C. Eckenrode posted on 5/29/17

To the Family of Mrs. Mary Jane Nicolaisen: I would like to offer my condolences in the passing of Ms. Nicolaisen. I would also like to take this opportunity to share some comfort from the Bible. I noted that Mrs. Nicolaisen was a spiritual minded person, so I'm sure you will appreciate these scriptural thoughts. Psalm 36:9 calls Jehovah God "the source of life," and as such, he is certainly capable of restoring life to someone has died. The Bible shows that in the past, he has done so and is eager to do so again! (Job 14:14,15) This will be done by means of the resurrection of all of those who have died in his memory. Acts 24:15 speaks of the resurrection of both "the righteous and the unrighteous," (NOT the wicked). So then, you do have a real hope of being reunited with your dear love one, Mrs. Nicolaisen. The Bible promises the earth will be cleansed of all wickedness, sorrow and death and even the animals will be a peace with all mankind. (Revelation 21:3-5, Isaiah 65th chapter and Psalm 37:10-11, 29) What a wonderful hope, we have ahead of us, wouldn't you agree? Again, please accept my sincere condolences.


Lorna posted on 5/25/17

I miss her so much still.



Sharon Segal posted on 5/25/17

It looks like you have followed in your mother's footsteps. You look a lot like her and you are committed to community work as she was. Also, in loving nature and and taking leadership roles in everything that you do. Sounds like your mom was a great role model! Hugs, Sharon



Sharon and Gary Fritch posted on 5/16/17

Our thoughts and prayers are with your family. We were honored to meet Arne when Daniel turned 13. He was an amazing person. God bless. Gary and Sharon Fritch



Mindy quinn posted on 5/11/17

Tim, Mindy, Bree Quinn you are forever in our heart


Mindy quinn posted on 5/11/17

My dear sweet Aunt Shirley, When I was little I always looked forward to your house on the weekends. Then I had a daughter of my own who was the same way. She couldn't wait for Friday to get here so, Bree could go spend the weekend with you. Bree lost a part of her heart when we lost you. You meant so much to her. You made everything fun, holidays, birthdays, weddings. When you couldn't make it to the last holiday it just wasn't the same. We all thought of you, and prayed for you. You were always there for me when I needed you. I truly took that for granite I see now. Whenever something happened I called you, you were my prayer warrior you said. There's not a day that goes by that you don't cross my mind, I just wish I could have a little bit more time with you. Our family just is not the same without you. Say hi to grandma and grandpa, tell them I love and miss them to, most of all say hi to my son Joseph and tell him how much he is truly missed and loved. Aunt Shirley I love you so much. You are such a kind soul. One more thing Thank you for everything you did for me, I definitely did not tell you enough and I should have. Love always your forever niece Mindy.


laurie layton aikin posted on 5/7/17

My Beautiful first cousin. There are so many wonderful memories.Especially when I used to stay overnight and we would all go to Sunday school. Im sure we drove Bob and Mitzi nuts.You will be missed.My love to Arlene , Patti"s children and grand children. She loves you all and loved life..


Diane Johnson posted on 5/6/17

I also worked with Haig at BPA, and he was an intelligent, caring and capable co-worker who would do anything to help me succeed. I remember at my retirement, he gave me an invaluable gift of computer knowledge to take and learn from. He could be an activist or a supporter, but you always knew he was genuine, caring and a lovely human being. He is missed.



Julie posted on 5/5/17

Jasmine was the most passionate, intellectual and witty woman I have ever known. She was one of my closest and best friends for nearly twenty years. I am lucky to have been able to be her friend for as long as I was. I will love and miss her until the end of my time.


John Stark posted on 5/3/17

I was so sad to learn about Lloyd's death. We had not seen each other in years but Lloyd and I were great friends at Overland Avenue school in West L.A. Together we organized a talent show for our sixth grade class with the theme of "The Roaring Twenties"! Lloyd directed most of the skits, did the technical lighting, and was the emcee! I did an impersonation of Al Jolson singing "Mammy." Lloyd's parents, Bea and Irwin, were wonderful people and I always felt welcomed in their home. Lloyd had a truly amazing imagination and was a born comic. I too remember Lloyd's accordian playing. He played "The Anniversay Waltz" at several school events. Lloyd will always have a special place in my heart. We shared the magic and wonder that is childhood. My deepest and warmest wishes to Lloyd's family. I loved him! John


Julie Noble posted on 5/2/17

I just found out that Alex is gone. He was my roommate in 2010. Now, years later I was re reading his book and searching online for his email just to say hi. He was a gracious man, full of life, interested in so much, quick witted and endlessly fascinating. All my love to those who he left behind.


Don Taylor posted on 5/1/17

We met Arne in 2005 when he was the judge/juror/workshop instructor for Southern Watercolor Society. He spent 8 days staying with us in our home and we thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him. He was a truly amazing instructor who loved what he was doing. We have one of his original paintings and copies of his two books and think of him frequently. He will be greatly missed by those that knew him! Don Taylor Panama City FL


Jim and Shari Wontor posted on 4/30/17

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family, Phyllis, Joyce and Larry. Wonderful man, and friend. Many memories we have of jokes, fishing and hunting trips. You will always be remembered in our hearts Jim/Shari Wontor


AUDREY DODSON posted on 4/28/17

So sorry to hear about Arne's passing. He will be missed by many. Bruce had taken a couple of his classes and they had become friends. I got included in the mix. We have 2 pieces of his work and they bring happy memories of him.


Marsha Austin posted on 4/28/17

Dear Claire, In 2005 I took a wonderful 3-day watercolor workshop in Santa Barbara, CA with you and Arne. To be with such a talented, generous, kind and witty man for those few days was an incredible joy. I have framed the 'Artistic License' that Arne gave to participants in our class, and it makes me smile and remember the fun and great instruction that week. I think it's a tribute to Arne that someone who met him during one workshop in 2005 could be so moved by his passing. My deep condolences to your family.


Gary & Judy Wright posted on 4/26/17

Dear Claire and family, we were saddened to learn of Arne's passing and you all have our deepest condolences in this sad time. You will remember that my mom, Lois Wright, worked for and with you and Arne over quite a number of years -- I think she first started when the firm was Westerman-Webber, and she was there through all the iterations. She loved her job, loved knowing you, and through her Judy and I had the chance to meet you. Arne even painted a portrait of our daughter Jennifer, I think probably in the earlier days of his artistic endeavors. Please accept our heartfelt best wishes now and in the future. We will all look back and remember Arne with a smile.


Gayle Wright posted on 4/25/17

I wish I had seen this notice in time to come honor Arne. My mom, Lois Wright, worked for Arne for many years when he had his advertising agency. That was one of the most fun jobs she ever had .. she so appreciated Arne and Claire and the kids. He was a great friend to my mom!! I am sorry for the sorrow of Arne's passing -- he was bigger than life and always had that twinkle in his eye!! May God comfort each of you during this difficult time.


Mary Ann Lawrence posted on 4/25/17

I just heard about Jack's passing today! I am so sorry for your loss! My deepest sympathy to Leah, Bruce and the entire family! You are in my thoughts and prayers!


Mary Ann Lawrence posted on 4/25/17

I just heard about Jack's passing today! I am so sorry for your loss! My deepest sympathy to Leah, Bruce and the entire family! You are in my thoughts and prayers!


Jan Ross posted on 4/24/17

I am deeply saddened to learn of Arne's passing. We met 5 years ago when he taught a workshop in Moorhead, MN. We enjoyed many laughs in class and chatting over meals. His wonderful talent was matched by his quick wit and delightful stories. We became friends, and he, a mentor as he'd offer advice and encouragement about my watercolors. He was a kind and generous gentleman. Arne will be greatly missed!


Ron Ostrander posted on 4/24/17

Phil Singer will be missed; thus permit me to express my condolences to his fine family.


Jim & Ramona Lacy posted on 4/23/17

We met Arne & Claire when he was in advertising. Had a wonderful trip to Mexico with them, such fond memories!


marsha webb posted on 4/23/17

I met Mr. Westerman riding the bus, and he was a delight to know. I'm very sorry for your loss.



Stanford Blue posted on 4/22/17

My sincere condolences. RIP Phillip.


Jan Freeman Bauer posted on 4/22/17

Dear Claire and children, Thinking of you with memories and sympathy. Arne and Claire were smiley friends growing up. Alan and I were camp buddies and Sunday school friends at Neveh. I am sure Arne's beautiful art was displayed in our home. Arne will be missed by many.❤


Mackie Hauser posted on 4/22/17

Phil was one of the most well liked & loved at TCV. It was an honor & a privilege to have been a part of a great team who provided care, support & other health services to him. It was also a pleasure meeting & knowing him. My deep & sincere condolences & sympathy to his family,his dedicated friend,Eric Graf, who was not only his POA, but treated him like his own father. Ah-lahv hashalom ,Phil.


Mackie Hauser posted on 4/22/17

Phil was one of our well liked & loved by everybody at TCV. It was an honor & a privilege to have been a part of a great team who provided care, support & other health services to him. It was also a pleasure knowing him. My sincere & deep condolences to his family , but most especially to Eric Graf , his POA, who treated him not only as his responsible party & friend, but like a father.


Chuck Benton posted on 4/22/17

Arnie was my Advertising Guru when I was a French Car Dealer in the 60's and 70's. He was as the French say the Creme de la Creme. absolutely none bettter


Donna Van Lom Parker posted on 4/22/17

On behalf of the children of Mel and Eloise Van Lom: Dear Claire and family, Arne was a dear friend of our parents. We offer you our condolences on his passing. I hope knowing that his life was long and rich helps you at this time. Keep the memories alive for future generations of his. Donna Van Lom Parker



Sharon Sullivan posted on 4/22/17

A good, kind man, I remember Arne from when I worked at West Coast Picture Corp. when he came in to purchase framing supplies.


Linda Treacy posted on 4/21/17

I just found out about Arne today. I worked at Jakes Grill since 2000.He would come in and have lunch and coffee with his buddies. So kind, I will forever hold a spot in my heart and remember his smile and conversation we had. Linda Treacy


Dan Heims posted on 4/21/17

Sending condolences to the whole family. A great man has left us. Hellos to Alan and Marty. :(


Pat Ninburg posted on 4/21/17

Arne, it was an honor to meet you in the home of your son Marty and daughter-in-law Eddie. I appreciated your smile, genuine warmth, quick wit, and sense of humor. Congratulations on leaving a loving, beautiful, and charming legacy in your children and grandchildren. May your memory always be a blessing. L'shalom


DeAnna Shields posted on 4/21/17

I worked next door to Arne's studio in downtown Portland. He was a wonderful person to know. I loved his work. I am the proud owner of three of his sketches that he gave me, and currently are on display in my home. I will always remember him.


Beverly Michaelis posted on 4/21/17

Thank you for the wonderful tribute to Arne, which is well-deserved. We had the honor and pleasure of knowing Arne when our office was at 711 SW Alder. We were on the same floor as Arne's studio, and met him early on. He had a rare sense of humor. I enjoyed seeing his art-in-progress. He often asked one of us to come to his studio and pose. He painted from photographs, but also used models. We were lucky enough to be those models on occasion. My coworkers may have had different experiences, but when I posed for him it was usually to capture the gesture of a hand. I will never forget that. Of course, our most famous encounter was when he took a photo of a coworker taking a nap in the break room. This photo later became a painting :). I am grateful Arne lived a full life doing exactly what he wanted to do. He deserved that.


Nancy Weintraub posted on 4/21/17

I am hoping that you all will be blessed with his memory. I never had the privilege of meeting Arne but it sounds like he was a wonderful person. It looks like Hannah may have inherited some of her talent from him.


Nancy Wirth & Bob Rindels posted on 4/21/17

We were so very sorry to hear of your loss, Judy and Randy. Our deepest sympathy to you and your family. What a remarkable and talented man.


Steve Goldberg & Linda Higueras posted on 4/20/17

I remember Arne for his quirky humor, tinged with a side of irony and whimsy behind which sat the main course of love. He was a beloved first cousin of my mother, Tanette, who predeceased Arne; I imagine he is telling her a joke right now. Arne was larger than life and we all loved his visits to SF and marveled at his artwork. He will be greatly missed and also admired for living life to the fullest and loving well. Please accept our conferences as you both mourn him and celebrate his beautiful life. Love, Steve and Linda


Marie and Greg Lathrop posted on 4/20/17

A painting that Arne created of our children hangs above our fireplace. It not only reminds us of when our children were young - it reminds us of the day we met Arne. He charmed our four children in such a way that he was able to capture their very essence. The laughed and clowned around and had so much fun. I will always remember and treasure the time he spent with us and the treasure he left us with his art.


hilarie Couture posted on 4/20/17

I am so sad to hear this. I was so excited to meet Arnie in person at his studio when I first moved to the area. He was so kind to look at my artwork and tell me his thoughts. He was such an inspiration to all who knew him and he will be so missed. My greatest compliment was when a fellow artist told me she thought my work reminded her of Arnie's..


Kat Sowa posted on 4/20/17

Arne will always hold a special place in my heart. He inspired me from afar through his books and paintings. As it came to pass, I eventually had the opportunity to take a workshop with him here in Portland. His joy for painting and his lovely kind and funny ways, endures in me. Such a wonderful man. He will be missed forever, but his paintings will continue to inspire us and our memories will keep him close.


Lee Allen posted on 4/19/17

I am saddened today at the loss of Arne. My memory of him was thru his art workshops. He had a good natured way to pointing out all the ways my painting could be improved short of starting over. We laughed alot, learned about Watercolor and Art in general. He may have moved on but will always be with me in memory. Goodbye my friend.



Chris kopet posted on 4/19/17

I had the great pleasure of being Arne's driver for 1 week when he was presenting a watercolor workshop and jurying the NWWS show. He was a witty and wise instructor, always positive and helpful, light-hearted and fun-yet his message was chock-full of important concepts and observations about the making of art. He will be missed by so many people who had the joy of watching a master at work and play!


Dorothy & Lenny Danziger posted on 4/19/17

Sorry for your loss.


Dorothy & Lenny Danziger posted on 4/19/17

Sorry to hear of your loss. Reading about his life -- sounds like a great person.


Dorothy & Lenny Danziger posted on 4/19/17

We are sorry for your loss & share in your welcome memories


Gloria Loughry posted on 4/19/17

I remember Arne with such fondness and love. I miss him so much already but I thank God that he crossed paths which my life. He has enriched it greatly. Love you so much Arne! ---GLORIA


Deborah Mandell and Roy Pulvers posted on 4/19/17

Our sincerest condolences to you and your family for your loss. May his memory be a blessing.


kate bryant posted on 4/19/17

So sorry for your loss and much love to your family. xx



Shirley H Blackman posted on 4/19/17

So many memories of dear Arne! He was the first artist to join our new Austin Street Gallery in Longview, TX. The quality of his work became the standard for our gallery. When he came to town he charmed everyone he met. He became my friend and I will always miss him. Shirley Blackman


Jack Davis posted on 4/19/17

Thirty years ago my wife bought me Arne's painting of the New York City Library. I was going to be 60 years old, as was Arne. He was able to paint a small 60 on one of the Library exterior bulletin notices. What a wonderful person !


Marcio Correa posted on 4/19/17

A wonderful artist, instructor and human being. I feel so fortunate to have had his friendship and guidance on my work. Peace to his family and many more laughs in heaven...


Earl lasher posted on 4/19/17

A wonderful man with whom learned art o watercolor painting in two classes Had a great sense humor which I loved My condolences


Randall Lakefish posted on 4/19/17

On behalf of the Lakefish family, we offer our deepest condolences. Arnie was always a truly gracious fellow.


barbara posted on 4/19/17

Arne came to Moorhead, MN to do a workshop for our local Red River Watercolor Society. He was 86. He had failing sight, but his teaching about design was profound and reflective of the wisdom he had gained from painting for many years. His humor was a blessing. Every time I re-read his book, I smile because it is so "Arne". I treasure his kindness, humor, and sensitivity to others. His watercolors were truly filled with light and life. He knew how to capture the feeling of the moment with paint and brush. I consider him a master teacher and will always treasure my memories of his time here with our art group.



Debra Ann Griffey posted on 4/19/17

We had the privilege of Arne teaching our watercolor workshop in 2013. Truly an amazing legendary artist - we will remember him fondly. He was a special gift to everyone he met. My sympathy and prayers.



Pat Lambrecht-Hould posted on 4/19/17

What a wonderful guy, and a huge talent loved his paintings and so enjoyed Arne, I am sure he has left a treasure chest of memories for his family RIP


Evan Dudik posted on 4/19/17

Three of the most enjoyable and instructive hours of my life were spent with Arne five years ago in his studio critiquing my watercolors. What a wonderful manner he had with people, especially his students! I will sorely miss Arne.


rona lesser posted on 4/19/17

I remember fondly taking a workshop in Houston at the Watercolor Society that Arne taught. He was a favorite teacher and inspiration to my teacher in Houston, Cholla who passed away about 3 years ago. It was on her recommendation I took his class and I learned a lot and enjoyed his humor and knowledge of watercolor.


Chuck landskroner posted on 4/19/17

Our lunches and quips over the phone are memories that are so close to my heart that my tears cannot stop



Megan posted on 4/19/17

What a lovely man and gifted artist! I send heartfelt condolences to Arne's family and am keeping him in all my prayers.


Dave and Bev Gehman posted on 4/19/17

We are so sorry for your loss. We'll remember you in our thoughts and prayers.


Frank Zubkow posted on 4/19/17

Arne and I became fast friends riding on the Line 35 bus. We'd argue about politics and he would show me how to talk to the ladies. One of my most prized possessions is one of his watercolor books he gave me. He is missed, dearly.


GREGORY HARRIS posted on 4/18/17

A great loss. Such a wonderful person and great soul.


Katherine Benedict posted on 4/18/17

I knew Ed and Florence for many years and feel privileged to have been in their orbit. We were all touched by Ed's devotion to Florence. Theirs was a beautiful love story. His pain when Florence passed away touched us deeply. Ed was a great storyteller! His intelligence, humor, and love of life were an inspiration. We have missed Ed's visits since he relocated, but he will never be forgotten, nor will we ever again expect to meet such a remarkable, funny, brilliant person.


sima bernstein posted on 4/16/17

Oh Jerry. What a wonderful and warm friend you were. Our condolences to the family.


sima bernstein posted on 4/16/17

I am shocked. I was just thinking of Ed these past few days. Remembering the fun times we had with Ed and Florence during the short period we lived in Portland. They were one of the first people we met there and remained friends throughout our 13 year stay. Habonim and the Labour Zionist movement were one of the common interests we shared. He will be missed.


Linda Apling posted on 4/14/17

So sorry for the loss of your beloved, Mudd. I remember her as devoted to her role as Mother and Grandmother. She seemed cheerful and delighted by having people around to care for and to fix a meal. Take comfort in knowing she loved all of you even though her ability to express that was diminished. Knew she loved gardening and the beach walks. Thanks for sharing more details about her life. Rest in peace, Mudd.


Sergio & Julie Cettina posted on 4/10/17

We send our condolences to Maria's family. She was a lovely lady and longtime friend to all of our family. She is dancing again with Ovidio! Rest in Peace, Maria. You will be remembered. Sergio & Julie


Desiree Sigler posted on 4/8/17

May "the hearer of prayer" continue to comfort your family as he embraces their hearts. Lean on those close to you for strength when the days ahead become to depressing to bear alone. Share your memories they will be a source of comfort.We hope that the many cards,hugs,kind words,and loving prayers sustains your family during this most difficult time.


Christina Mendez posted on 4/1/17

Hi dad i love u an miss u an mom like crazy god how i need u both in my life dad i feel along at times u an mom was the only thing i had to talk to well tell mom i said hello an that i love her to k


Marissa chavez posted on 3/31/17

Peggy was always such a joy! I remember my first time meeting Peggy, a day filled with smiles. Smiles and singing. One of the many things I enjoyed about Peggy were the stories she would share with me. She was such a wonderful story teller! Her time at lake Ronkonkoma when she was a child, her time as a telephone operator and all the famous people she had met, and attending catholic school were a few of my many favorites. Although we only knew each other a short time, the days I spent with Peggy will be memories I will always cherish. Peggy always made me feel more than just her caregiver. Peggy was my dear friend and I am honored to have known her. May her soul Rest In Peace.


Kathy Chokel posted on 3/31/17

I remember Peg McCarthy as a warm, welcoming, down-to-earth person who made all guests in her house feel comfortable and appreciated. She had a good soul and was always ready to laugh. Peg was an original and although I saw her only occasionally over the years, I am grateful to have known her.



Joe, Debbie, Megan and Erin posted on 3/30/17

Always in our hearts


Debbie posted on 3/30/17

Peggy was such a lovely woman. I cannot begin to thank her for all of the help she gave Joe and me throughout the years. She enriched our lives. I'm very grateful for all of the time she spent with our children. They really enjoyed "performing" for Grandma Peg. It's such a tragedy that Alzheimer's stole her wonderful and enviable memory, but it couldn't steal her fabulous personality.


Loretta Neil posted on 3/30/17

Rox,mackie and family. Our prayers are with you. Love you loretta


Nancy Rexford posted on 3/29/17

I'll always remember Peggy for her beautiful smile and enthusiasm for life and people. She always celebrated the good things that people accomplished and kept such a positive outlook on life. She loved to laugh and was one of the best story tellers I've ever heard. She could keep us sitting around her dinner table as she recounted stories of her earlier days with Joe and Dolores and Tommy and Virginia and Mardi and so many more. She had a great sense of humor and made their antics sound funny and adventurous. Peg was also a wonderful listener and her wise and practical advice could calm you down when life seemed crazy. At those dinners around the table, she often ended with a song which was a treat; she had a beautiful voice and loved to sing. She was a kind and generous person full of fun and life and spread that around to all the people she touched. I will miss her.


Marti Loeb posted on 3/29/17

Peggy was a vivacious and endearing woman with an infectious laugh. She was sweet and always engaging. She will be sorely missed,


Gabriel posted on 3/29/17

There are so many wonderful memories I have of Peg and, like many of you, I have so many wonderful memories of Peg recounting memories. She would always tell this funny story about when I was child. Peg was visiting with my mom and taking up my mom's attention and being a child who should be at the center of attention, I would ask my mom over and over again, "is it time for Peg to go home yet?" My memory isn't so much of this particular day- I barely remember it. Instead, the memory is of Peg smiling and laughing every time she told this story (and many others). I loved that. She was a wonderful and unique lady. May she rest in peace.


MaryAnne Osolin posted on 3/29/17

My thoughts are with the Tompkins' family. I am MaryAnne Osolin when Allan was my brother-in-law. I had tried to get a hold of Allan a couple of years ago. When I just looked for you and Allan, I discovered your lost. My best to you. This is why people should't leave loose ends for years. You can be only a few days late. Allan's step son, Dan, I had heard had said some untruths about my family and I wanted to correct this. I had good thoughts about Allen and I wanted him to hear this from me. Now the angels will have to wrisper this to him. I hope your family will make this long road of tears with family and friends for your support, Sincerely, MaryAnn Osolin


Camille Fournier posted on 3/29/17

Kathy and I will always remember this fun loving Lady. Our favorites as we talk about her were the Irish dinners that always included a song or two! Rest in peace lovely lady. Our condolences to all, hugs. posted on 3/29/17

Kathy and I will always have very fond memories of this amazing lady, Peg. We enjoyed the the time we spent together and most memorable we think were the Irish dinners and her singing! May you rest in peace you lovely lady.


Liz Kley Fink posted on 3/28/17

Memories of Peg will always go back to her friendship with her friend Virginia, my beloved mom. They grew up together in Brooklyn Hgts as BFFS from early childhood they held a bond not only as friends but more like sisters if you could hear them talk. As a child I was always entertained with them as they spoke about all their childhood escapades. They loved to talk about their teen years dating and bar hopping with Joe and my dad Walter. Lots of laughs and good times. Her son Jimmy became my mom's Godson and Joe became my Godfather. Peg and mom kept close through the years with hours of talk on the phone despite Pegs moves to SI and Oregon the bond was never broken. They talked for hours always like they had seen each other yesterday. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a friendship like they shared in a lifetime. That tells you what kind of person Peg was and the bond they shared. When my mom died Peg with her amazing memory with only a call away kept my mom alive for me with her memories, at times when I needed the support that only a mom could give. I want to thank her for being a friend to me and keeping my mom's spirit alive. She had sense of humor and always some wise words to share, letting me know it was going to be ok. I know in my heart my mom was there to greet her along with her family and mine. May she rest in peace. I am comforted knowing her and Virginia will be dancing together and catching up on old times once again!


Pat posted on 3/28/17

Our precious Peggy, is in the arms of our eternally loving Savior. A place He has prepared for her for a long time. A long wonderful life she lived. Bringing something that only an Irishman could bring, a bit of magic to everyone she touched. (And something that was passed along to you my dear Regina. So keep the McCarthy magic alive, as I know you do each and every day. You are loved. Pat


John posted on 3/28/17

May the memory of your Dear Mother Peggy be eternal. I remember her well. You could tell that she was full of the Holy Spirit with the love and enthusiasm that poured out of her when she spoke to you. Losing a parent is and inevitable part of life and in a way, for those of us left behind, is GOD's way of inviting us to live more in his presence and be thankful for everything, especially our loved ones. With Fond Affection, John


Mary Telford posted on 3/28/17

During visits during my "formative" years in Stella Maris high school with Regina, I remember Peg at the stove cooking while at the same time, with a song in her heart. I'm sure Peg was welcomed by a chorus of angels!



Mary Jo Piccolo posted on 3/28/17

Rest In Peace dear Peggy. I remember you fondly during my High School years with your beautiful daughter Reggie. She has your smile & your love. You will live on in her and with all the angels & saints. Love Mary Jo Piccolo


Barbara and Bob Newell posted on 3/27/17

Thinking of you and extending our sympathy and prayers. Peace and comfort to you and your family.


Richard posted on 3/27/17

I have so many fond memories of her. The driving gloves she gave me for my birthday; driving her around in the TT with the top down, sitting down with her for dinners; her telling stories of her early days in New York working as a telephone operator: and, of course, listening to her sing. She had a beautiful voice. She was a lovely lady.


Chris and Carrie posted on 3/26/17

We truly loved The Pegster as one of our own family members. Many fond memories of fabulous meals followed by the obligatory singing of our favorite Peggy song, "The Old County Down." Missed you these last few years and now even more. Rest your gentle soul...



Peter W. Bolioli, Jr posted on 3/26/17

Dear Aunt Peggy: We will miss you but know that you are at peace now with your beloved Joseph and son James "Jimmy." Hope you get to meet my Linda. Love Peter


Jeanne Taylor posted on 3/25/17

My Aunt Peggy was so influential in my life. I will miss her very much - even her arms that smelled like bologna. When I look at the sky, I will know that the most brilliant star in heaven will be hers - shining down and watching over us.


Travis Caldwell posted on 3/25/17

Another angel is looking over us.


Regina McCarthy posted on 3/25/17

Peggy has been my best friend since the day I was born. The best mother in the world.


Sandra Turner posted on 3/15/17

I met Hattie when she worked in the City Auditor's office. I started working there in the summer of 1961 and met Hattie then. She was a very nice lady and always wore a hat like the one in the funeral notice. She was an energetic lady and loved to laugh. After I left my employment with the City, I would run into Hattie occasionally when she was going to lunch with other ladies from the Auditor's office. It was always wonderful to see her and her friends because they were my friends as well.


Roger Waxelman posted on 3/12/17

Roz,Mackie and family. We will all miss Rob,our condolences to all of you! Cousins Roger and Christy Waxelman


Richard Melloy posted on 3/9/17

Lenny and I should never have been allowed to drive the golf cart at the GB golf tournaments nor should we ever have been in charge of the beer... thank you for being there, I will miss you. R


Nancy Carlin posted on 3/9/17

Leonard, a man ever so upbeat with always a ready smile. So glad you crossed my path. Rest in peace my friend.


scott posted on 3/7/17

Please accept my sincere condolences for the loss of your dear loved one. Our loving God knows your pain and has promised that very soon things that bring our hearts such agony will be a distant memory. "And He will wipe out every tear from their eyes and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry, nor pain be anymore, the former things have passed away." Revelation 21:4. It is my hope that this scripture along with your loving memories of Mr. Hampel comfort your hearts and give you a measure of peace during this most difficult time.


Dale Farr posted on 3/5/17

Ted, I am so sorry to hear of Carol's death. She was a wonderful person who led a full and exciting life. You both seemed like the perfect couple. I have enjoyed being her being a friend and architect over the years. Having gone through similar hard times I look forward to getting together with you when you are ready. A contribution to OHSU Layton Alzheimer's Disease Center has been made in Carol's name. Dale


Victor Berman posted on 3/2/17

Dear Roz & Kenzie: so sorry to hear about Rob, he was a good guy. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I love you both. Cousin Vic


Victor Berman posted on 3/2/17

Dear Roz & Kenzie, so sorry to hear about Rob, he was a good guy and will be missed. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Love you Cousin Vic


Eva and Robert Bell posted on 3/2/17

With our deepest sympathies and saddened hearts, we think of our friend Rob and will forever have a place in ourselves to cherish his memory.


Tim Pea posted on 3/2/17

Roz, I am so sorry for your loss. I am also in awe as I consider the commitment you and Rob had with one another for so many years. You are a great friend and colleague and I love you. Tim


Lucía Robelo posted on 3/2/17

Dear Kenzie, Please receive my deepest condolences for the loss of your dear father. Much love, Lucía



Robert Salvatori posted on 3/2/17

So sorry for you're loss


Kathi & Bill Snouffer posted on 2/26/17

Dear Ted, Adrian and Peter ~ A rush of memories flooded our minds this morning upon reading the sad news of your loss. Carol seemed an endlessly cheerful presence whenever we were with her. I was in awe of her talent as a calligrapher, and reminded of it every time I passed the illuminated "S" she crafted for us as a gift. It evokes memories of travel talk over pre-symphony smoked salmon hash dinners at the Heathman, Network Investors' events with many drinks, Adrian's wedding in your home, grandchildren at Fruit & Flower, and seeing her that last time on a glorious summer day in your splendid convertible in Stroheckers' parking lot. In other words... the good old days. Ted, Bill and I just returned Friday night from five weeks in S.E. Asia, so just found out too late from Ginger about your open house this afternoon. Please keep in touch... we'd love to have you and Ginger over for dinner sometime soon for catching up with each other.. With love ~ Kathi Snouffer


Walter Midland posted on 2/25/17

Blessed be the memory and life of Stelle (Tiny) Chapin, and for the many years the Lord has given her. The love she had for her two son's and family, we give thanks. With our sincere love and sympathy, Walter and Ann Marie--- Psalm 90


Shelley (Beckel) Manny posted on 2/21/17

Sending my condolences. Dolly was always very nice and kind to me. I did not know she passed until after the service was held, or I would have attended.



LaRita Spencer posted on 2/20/17

RIP Beautiful Angel.


Randall Lakefish posted on 2/17/17

I always found Uncle Joe to be a kind and gentle man and he will be tremendously missed.


Elise posted on 2/16/17

I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Alex. I have many good memories of him, he was a very warm person, full of life and laughter. I am very happy I got to reconnect with him over the last few years.


Kelly Jones posted on 2/13/17

Had 2nd son, Kelly Jones, May 5th, 1982 in Anchorage, Alaska.


Rebecca Jones posted on 2/13/17

2nd daughter, Rebecca Jones, born April 13th, 1987 in Portland, Oregon.


Sara Jones posted on 2/13/17

3rd and last daughter born March 27th, 1989 in Portland, Oregon.


Michael Jones posted on 2/13/17

1st son, Michael Jones, born on May 30th, 1981 in Anchorage, Alaska.


CYNTHIA JONES posted on 2/13/17

Married Cynthia (Banks) Jones on November 22nd of 1980 in Eureka, California.


Cynthia Jones posted on 2/13/17

Bury Me With Soldiers I've played a lot of roles in life; I've met a lot of men, I've done a lot of things I'd like to think I wouldn't do again. And though I'm young, I'm old enough to know someday I'll die. And to think about what lies beyond, Beside whom i would lie. Perhaps it doesn't matter much; Still if I had my choice, I'd want a grave 'mongst Soldiers when at least death quells my voice. I'm sick of the hypocrisy of lectures of the wise. I'll take the man, with all the flaws, who goes, though scared, and dies. The troops I knew were commonplace they didn't want the war; They fought because their fathers and Their fathers had before. They cursed and killed and wept...God knows they're easy to deride... But bury me with men like these; They faced guns and died. It's funny when you think of it, the way we got along. We'd come from different worlds to live in one where no one belongs. I didn't even like them all; I'm sure they'd all agree. Yet I would give my life for them, I know some did for me... So bury me with soldiers, please, though much maligned they be. Yes, bury me with soldiers, for I miss their company. We'll not soon see their likes again; We've had our fill of war. But bury me with men like them Till someone else does more.


Kimberly Jones posted on 2/13/17

Cindy and Family, so sorry yo hear about the passing of Randy, mat he rest in R.I.P


Janet Epstein posted on 2/13/17

My brother and Paul were good friends as teenagers and young adults. I was four years younger and found him to be an incredibly mature and kind person - even as a teenager. A few years ago I learned that we had pursued career paths and had intended to touch base at some point. Life intruded and I never did. My deepest condolences to his loved ones. Janet Epstein



Beverly Giblin posted on 2/12/17

So many memories. ...... a cherished friend



Rebecca and Robert Lamadrid posted on 2/12/17

I remember when you lived with us and when you left for the service. I missed you a lot, RIP


Rebecca Jones posted on 2/11/17

Daddy, you were the best dad anyone could ask for. You were always there for me when I needed it. You showed me what tough love was all about. You taught me everything I needed to know in life and some. I will never forget you. You will ALWAYS have a space in my heart. I love you daddy and I miss you greatly.


Dr. Laura Richards-Simmons (Brooker) posted on 2/10/17

With deepest sympathy and condolences to Charlotte, Robert and Liz ...Although I didn't see Bernie that often ,on my visits to Palm Springs he was always there to give me words of encouragement and share some good stories and laughter. He was a wonderful husband and father as all could see and I know will be missed terribly and remembered for the wonderful loving thoughtful man he was. With deepest sympathy and love, Laura


Bob & Karen Dernedde posted on 2/5/17

Paul was a valued member of the OMA team who contributed greatly to the affairs of Oregon medicine.



Dr. James & Mrs. Susan Cross posted on 2/5/17

Paul's work ethics were demonstrated through his commitment, enthusiasm, sense of humor, and professionalism.



Lindemann Family posted on 1/29/17

Her smile and her laugh


Heather posted on 1/28/17

Grandpa-I miss you so much. I always felt a special bond with you and Grandma, and I was planning on coming out there to see you guys and then it was too late. I have so many wonderful memories of you, and you really made my son one happy little boy when you sat and played trains with him. He is 8 almost 9 now and still has such a passion for trains and was so proud to have a grandpa and great grandpa that worked for the railroad, and even drove the engines!!!!! (you). I'll always remember chocolate chip pancakes, strolls in Venice Beach with little Angelica sitting on the chair section of your walker. I also remember your medical struggles and how your inability to care for yourself really took over your happiness. I know how hard it is when you feel like a burden to your loved ones, I kind of get it, just not to the same extent. I know you and Great Grandma are up there cooking and listening to music and laughing and having fun. No more suffering no more pain. I love you so much and you will always be in my heart forever. Until we meet again...your Grand Daughter -Heather


Victoria Huff posted on 1/22/17

I'm so sorry! It was an honor to help care for Madison... beautiful girl inside and out!


Grant posted on 1/20/17

I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a loved one is never easy. No doubt Alex will be missed. I hope you can find come from Revelation 21:4 which says, "And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away."



Cherie Stark posted on 1/19/17

Eddie, So sorry that Ruth Ann passed away. She will be always in our hearts and the wonderful memories. I was so glad we were together at Aunt Barbs 90th birthday gathering. She always talked about when I was little of you and I at the piano and we sang Tip Toe through the tulips by Tiny Tim, will always remember those times and love we always have. Rest in Peace Ruth Ann, love you. Cherie Stark Spfld,Il


Brian Trafficante posted on 1/16/17

As her doctor for many years I came to know and care for Marge and Ben as well but more than just as patient's. They were very special to me. Perhaps they reminded me so much of my late wife's parents. Sometimes Marge would come in for an office visit and after the nurse took her blood pressure she would say things like I just want to talk and go on about her family and everything under the sun. I admired so much the way she looked after Ben and the way she faced her own illness. I think of her often and will miss her



Audra lopes posted on 1/15/17

God bless ,always in our hearts never without thought.


Michael Wells posted on 1/10/17

Carlo was a great soul. I knew him through AFSC and other work, but when I needed a place to live early in my divorce, Carlo opened his house to me. He had a great sense of humor as well as compassion. Please let me know about services.


Molly Perry Robertson posted on 1/9/17

Dear Family, I was saddened to hear of Carlo's passing. I would see him here and there, and we were always glad to see each other. We knew one another in high school and college. He was a great guy, full of fun and very interesting. I know he will be greatly missed. Sincerely, Molly


katy mcfadden posted on 1/8/17

I have very fond memories of Marge and Ben joining me for various art events. They were a major part of the web that nurtured and supported the growth of artists in Portland. Their belief in art was contagious to those around them.


Ruth/Richard Epstein posted on 1/6/17

My dear friend Margie, Many miles separated us but not our hearts for each other. Best of friends for almost 70 years. We loved you and Ben. You are missed.


Nadine Thaheld posted on 1/4/17

Dearest Marge, How I miss you. Why did you leave so soon? We had lunch plans. You wanted to see our new home after I got some picture up. In a way I'm glad you weren't here for the election and all the mess and sadness we have now. I have wonderful memories of our many lunches, our visits, our times together. And now as I start on the road of my husband's decline, I miss your suggestions, I miss your support, I miss your compassion. I miss you. And Ben you too. The four of us had such great times together. We never ran out of things to talk about. Bless you both. Special friendships that will memories forever. I miss you. Nadine


Nadine Thaheld posted on 1/3/17

Dearest Marge How I miss you. Why did you leave so soon? We had lunch plans and you wanted to see our new home after I got some pictures up. In a way I'm glad you weren't h


Jerry Sanseri posted on 1/1/17

I know that everyone that knew my Father loved him. He was a wonderful Husband and Father working hard his entire life to support his Wife and Family. He will be missed. I am very proud to be a Son of Nick P. Sanseri. Love You DAD. Rest in Peace with your Savior the Lord Jesus. Jerry


Terri Turner-Meeks posted on 12/31/16

First and foremost I am so sorry for your loss, really all of our loss. Marge was such a dear, sweet, funny person. I had the pleasure of sitting with her every month for two hours as her hairstylist and considered her my friend. The great comfort I have in her passing is that she lived a full, rich and happy life full of love. I will truly miss her.


Micheal G. Hood posted on 12/29/16

We only had the oppurtunity to meet a couple of times but I remember Marjorie being very kind to me. Considerate. I was invited to her place via Hanna for passover if I'm correct. I was able to interact with a small part of her family who I have now known for nearly a decade. I would very much want to thank her for including me as well as making and raising an an amazing family.


Ellen Carr posted on 12/28/16

My precious Margie was many things to me--a cousin, a best friend, a confidante, a substitute mother--as there were 20 years separating us. She had a unique, childlike voice--even in her eighties--and she had a lightness of spirit that was infectious. We spoke a lot on the telephone--even though we were far apart--me from Asheville, North Carolina--she from Portland--we were always in touch and on each other's minds. We shared a lot--my mother and her father were sister and brother. They were very close, and they had a bond that was handed down to Margie and me. Margie and her Ben travelled the world, loved their art, and adored their family--Barbara and John, Thea and Angel. Melissa, Hannah and Rachel. They devoted their lives to all of them. I am fortunate to have their children and grandchildren to fill the void she has left in my life. I know Margie is happy that we are so close. Rest in peace, my dear cousin. Thank you for being the best friend I could hope for.


Cody A Taylor posted on 12/28/16

My memory of Marjorie Weiss was somewhat of a brief one i know she loved her children and grandchildren so much she had so much love to give, she would always bring a smile to my face every time i saw her she was so amazing i loved listening to her talk, every time i saw her she would tell stories of what happened way back when..i always love hearing storing of things that i just never knew she was so insightful and heartwarming her spirit lives on in her children and her grandchildren they are the future of what she brought to this world so hope she is at peace and hope her family can hold her spirit close to their heart i love Marjorie weiss and her family


Cody Taylor posted on 12/28/16

My memory of Marjorie Weiss was somewhat of a brief one I know she had a lot of love for her children and grandchildren she always had a amazing story to tell and she had a warm heart I love her much like I love her children she would always bring a smile to my face every time I saw her she was so amazing and I know her spirit lives on in her amazing family and I know she is smiling down on us watching us grow in our own way in remembering her and all the good amazing times her and her family had. Let her spirit love on


John Zimmermann posted on 12/25/16

Thea and Barbara, I am so sorry for your loss. However this obituary is beautifully written and brings back wonderful memories from my childhood of your parents. Probably my fondest memory is from about 50 years ago: your parents and the Lessels came to my parents Halloween party dressed in Tuxes and ape masks and played string instruments. they didn't say a word. they just came in, set up and started playing. My dad was dressed as a playboy bunny and my mom was Hugh Hefner. Somewhere we have home movies and I remember your dad and Mr. Lessel stopping for a cigarette break. Growing up in Glen Cove in the 60's was special. Thanks for bringing back such fond memories. When I find the movies, I will attempt to post them on Facebook.


Thea Weiss Hayes posted on 12/22/16

Rabbi Joseph asked me to tell her about the love-affair between my parents, as they were married for 65 years and did almost everything together. As she asked, I started to think about how significant their relationship was in my life. I always viewed my parents as a unit, a unified front, with both acting and speaking in concert with each other. They were private people, rarely airing their differences or disagreements, choosing instead to consult with each other before presenting their opinions. Their face to the world was one of respect, honor and intellectual prowess. While Dad was usually the one to express his opinion and explain their actions to me, he spoke for both of them and I knew my Mom had a hand in everything. They were always there for me. This is how I wanted my relationship with my partner to be, and I am thankful that I could show them both that this was possible for me as well. Marrying your best friend is such a blessing; having two parents that were best friends while growing up is the greatest blessing anyone could have. They both showed me what loving truly means, and I will forever be in awe and grateful.


Barbara zimmermann posted on 12/19/16

What a lovely tribute to a lovely, smart and wonderful woman. You were lucky to have had her as your Mom.


Sima Bernstein posted on 12/19/16

She was my role model. The woman I aspired to be. Missing her every day.



Sara Watts posted on 12/17/16

I will miss Charlie so very much ... his kindness, generosity, his stories. He lived a long and remarkable life. Knowing him was a rare gift I will always treasure.


Sara Watts posted on 12/17/16

I will miss Charlie so very much ... his kindness, his laughter, his stories. He lived a long and remarkable life. Knowing him was a rare gift I will always treasure.


Bunny Olin posted on 12/11/16

Your loss is also mine, We have been friends for 76 plus years, Jean and I, and I wouldn't trade my friendship with her. We have laughed and cried, and I wouldn't trade my friendship with Jean for anything. We celebrated so many good times. Graduated from Springfield High School together and attended all our reunions. Friendship with a Smile. Love to all her family, and thanks for the wonderful care she had when it was needed.


Gina Cornell posted on 12/5/16

Celia was a patient of ours at Dr Breda's office. It had been some years since I had seen her, but I never ever forgot her. All of our patients were special to us but Celia definitely rose to the top, and she became my friend outside of the clinic. After leaving the surgical practice I didn't see her again but thought of her often. Today I googled her name and saw that she had passed away in 2012, and her wonderful husband Marvin followed in 2015. I don't know if anyone will read this but I felt it was important to say how kind she was and how much I adored her. She was a very special lady and I will never forget her and her husband.


sue ciurro posted on 12/3/16

My Dear Brett and Family, I am with you in thoughts and prayers today, as I remember and honor a very special lady, and my wonderful, most cherished friend of so many years; I'm very sad-but also feel joyful and blessed having shared a lifetime of countless and precious memories! And I hope you find peace and comfort in your memories and the love you shared...and always.... Love, Sue Ciurro


patrick fisher posted on 12/3/16

tom was a very smart fellow and i enjoyed working with him and appreciated his interested in politics, animals, apples, nicorette and feisty sense of humor. i have made a donation to the oregonhumane society in his name as per his wishes.


Brenda Allbaugh posted on 12/2/16

I met Bob 23 years ago when I started my new job at his credit union. Over the years we became friends. He was kind and always made me smile. I am going to miss you Bob very much.


John Garofalo posted on 12/2/16

I lost my dear friend Carlo today, a man of great love of life and faith in God. He is now and will always be a brother to me. He lived life with intention, would stop to notice even the smallest of wonderments. He lived as though life was a gift, living life half full, loving, giving, showing kindness and compassion. I love you Carlo! I will miss you brother, and still know you are ever so close to us, and with God who you spent a lifetime loving


Marilyn Davis posted on 12/1/16

My Dearesr Carlo, I'm in shock and disbelief that your gone. You ate life everyday! You were vibrant, funny and kind. I'm happy you were out in nature when God came for you..perfect. I know you just said ok let's go, you spend your life preparing for this moment. For us, it was too soon. Sweet Debbie, I am so sorry for your huge loss. He adored you and was very proud of the woman you became. Beautiful, strong and good. Do not hesitate to ask me for anything, if you need help. Carlo, adios til we meet again.


Kim posted on 11/30/16

Dear will be remembered as a vibrant man, full of life, with a heart so big! You will be dearly missed! Debbie, you were the light of his thoughts and prayers are with you as you navigate this most difficult path.


David O'Brien posted on 11/30/16

You will be missed Robert. I have lots of great memories talking to you at your house and the O'Briens. You were an encouragement.


David O'Brien posted on 11/30/16

Robert you will be missed. I remember lots of good memories together with him at his house and at the O'Briens. He was an encouragement


Jennifer Broadbent posted on 11/30/16

You will be missed, Carlo. Thank you for being a good friend and landlord to my mama Marilyn for 24+ years. Sorry for your loss, Deborah. Your dad was a great guy with a big heart.


russell miller posted on 11/22/16

rod you were my life long buddy and best friend. we shared a lot of love for 35 + years buddy. I am going to miss you very much rod. I will never stop loving you buddy. I hope we will see each other again some day. RIP ROD!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU FOREVER BUDDY!!!!!!!! YOUR LIFE LONG FRIEND RUSS



Lili and Pono Evensen posted on 11/20/16

We will always remember how much Roger meant to our daughter, Lara. A gentle and brilliant spirit, he will be truly missed. Our deepest sympathy to Renee, Randy and Rachel at this difficult time. Our heartfelt love and prayers go out to you in the months and years to come. Lili and Pono Evensen


Kate Muir posted on 11/19/16

We were so sorry to learn of Mr. Hobbs's death. My teenage son, (a reluctant reader), was inspired to read after finishing Mr. Hobbs's books. I was so grateful. Our condolences to his family and friends.


Francisca Velasquez posted on 11/19/16

Rod you are resting, you will not hurt any more, You will always be in my heart, I will miss you, You know that you were my my best sun in law every, you were always there when I need you, My Condolence to Condie, His wife,


Jeromy H posted on 11/17/16

I am sorry to hear about your loss. I know this is a very difficult time for your family. There is a bible scripture that i find very comforting. Revelation 21 3 With that I heard a loud voice from the throne say: “Look! The tent of God is with mankind, and he will reside with them, and they will be his people. And God himself will be with them. 4 And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.” This scripture along with has always been very comforting to me, and I hope it comforts your family as well.



Maria Gonzalez posted on 11/15/16

Offering us your home when I had my surgery in Portland, and being with me through every step of the way during time of need.



Maria Gonzalez posted on 11/15/16

I am so glad I met you in 2006 at the Portland conference for carcinoid. Thank you for offering us your home when I had my surgery. I love you and always will. I will recall you when I see a flower, feel the breeze, or see anything in nature you loved. Now you are with your beloved Delia and in my heart, until I too, succumb to this cancer. I love you, Mary Always, Maria



Maria and Bill Manewal posted on 11/15/16

Our dear Mary, we will miss you and thank you for all you did for us since my visit to Portland when you took us in. We loved meeting you at the Carcinoid conference in 2006 and loved that you took such good care of Maria when she had her surgery in Portland. Whenever I woke up from sleep after my surgery, you were always there, moping my brow and giving me encouraging words. We love you and glad you are free of this zebra cancer. May you fly amongst the stars and know that you will always be in our hearts and every time we see a star or feel the breeze, see a flower, we know it will be you. The night I heard about your death, a flock of hummingbirds surrounded me on my walk. I took a video so I could show everyone just how special you are! We will always love you, Mary. Now you are with your beloved Delia! Sincerely, Maria and Bill Manewal


Cheryl Fischer posted on 11/14/16

Mary was my neighbor and friend. We last saw Mary at our annual Christmas dinner where she was her usual lively and engaged self. I am sitting at the same table as I write this and I can hear her loud burst of laughter. She brought the usual blue tin that she had had for years filled with the most amazing walnut cookies. When it became apparent that my adopted son had a speech impediment, Mary was patient with him unlike anyone else. Mary and I would chat as she tended her front garden planted with native plants. She knew each one by name and treasured them, no matter how poorly they performed. Mary chose her house paint color to compliment the neighbors' houses. She was good to my dog who had a few "sleep overs" with Diliah when I needed to be with my dying mother or needed a vacation. I still have the beautiful paper napkins she brought back from Greece. We had tea, my sons and I, at her house and Mary told great stories about her doctor father and her mother. They sounded like good people. My older boy has outgrown the books Mary gave us but my little guy still loves them. i am rambling in a stream of conscious exactly the way Mary and I would converse. We covered a lot of territory hanging out as neighbors. When Mary moved, she took time to choose just the right neighbors. She was always thoughtful and kind. I missed her dearly when she moved. We tried to stay in touch. I would have invited her to our annual Christmas dinner again.


Heather Minnicozzi posted on 11/14/16

I spent summers as a child coming to visit my grandmother in Pinehurst, NC. Anne was one of her great friends, and we would often visit for tea, look at Duke's garden, or just sit a spell. I have wreaths in my home that she made, many, many years ago and fond memories of holiday meals we would share with her. I shall look for her light in the sky at night.


Judy Jones posted on 11/14/16

Mary was such a devoted friend. We worked together for several years and always enjoyed "picking each other's brain" when we worked with students who had challenges of various sorts. We always enjoyed hiking and sometimes just walking around her beloved Hawthorne neighborhood looking at Spring flowers. She will surely be missed.


Natasha Beck posted on 11/14/16

I remember Mary's joy in sharing John McCutcheon songs at Portland Folklore Society song circles.


Meryle A. Korn posted on 11/14/16

I'm still trying to come to terms with losing my dear and long-time friend, Mary Wiley. I feel blessed that I was able to come down from Bellingham to visit her just before she passed, and doubly blessed that she woke up and recognized me.


Trudi York Gardner posted on 11/14/16

Very sorry about your brother, Debbie. I remember him from when I was Temple and (I think) Camp Saratoga.


Mandy-lou posted on 11/6/16

The comfort I find in such a hard time of grief is that my grandpa would not want sadness. He told us all the time to be thankful and seek Jesus. He knew what life was all about. I'll sing his songs and speak his words forever. I love and miss my grandparents. I can't wait to see them in their perfect bodies, no pain, laughing and dancing down the streets of gold. May Gods grace and comfort be in us all until we meet again.


Margaret Herrmann taylor posted on 11/4/16

Dear Mike and family, i am sure you will miss your mom and wife. An amazing life lived. Two "pallets" full of hardbound books. Sounds like a true Cavalli.


TIM PANCAKE posted on 11/3/16

To the Cripps family I only got to meet Kenny one time but I felt like I have known him for years. I am so sorry for yall's loss. Prayers are sent yall's way from Georgia.


Victor and Kim Cruz posted on 11/3/16

Andy, Kathy, Rachael, Olivia, We are so sorry for your loss. May your cherished memories live on forever and help you through this difficult time. You are all close to our hearts and in our prayers. Love, Victor and Kim


Cassy Mathews posted on 11/3/16

Bro Ken, thank you for being so faithful to pick me up for Sunday school and your love for me and for the gospel. I'm so thankful you are in your reward now. To your family- I am so sorry for your great loss. My heart hurts for you and I pray that God will give you comfort.


K-Bell posted on 11/2/16

Thank you for being the best dad ever. ❤️ I love you.



Jennifer Stloff posted on 11/1/16

You will always be in my thoughts and prayers ❤️


Nancy Harrowitz posted on 11/1/16

Miriam was truly one of a kind and will be sorely missed. Deepest condolences from the Harrowitz family.


Nancy Firak posted on 10/30/16

I remember Aunt Anne standing over the tiny heat grate in Grandma's cold farm house trying to warm up before revealing her fantastic, elegant, generous trove of Christmas cookies. She was so lovely, so positive. And she had a such great laugh. My condolences to all.


Susan Dobrof posted on 10/28/16

I didn't know Anne, unfortunately, but her daughter Cedar is a dear friend who shared memories and feelings about her mother. I'm glad to learn more about her rich and productive life and send love and condolence to all who held her in the web of love at the end of her life.


sharon Ison posted on 10/27/16

Dearest David, you will always be my first love and best friend. I am missing you terribly. Love Always Sharon Ison


Mary M.Viens posted on 10/25/16

Rip. Col. You were an excellent professor at the U.Of Tampa, loved your classes and the swimming pool at 69 Martinuqe.


Candace Pratt posted on 10/24/16

Miriam was a a wonderful woman who I enjoyed being around as often as possible. I will miss her.


Lois Goodman Ralph posted on 10/24/16

I am so sorry to hear about Shirley's death. She and my mother, Ruth, were friends for so long. I always talked to her when I went to see my mom. I'm sorry for your loss.


Alyce Rogers posted on 10/24/16

I have just learned of Herbie's passing form this life. My memories of him are full of kindness, generosity and love toward his beloved wife and daughter. It was always a joy to be in his presence. I know he is missed by his family and we join them in their sorrow. Alyce and Richard


Randall Lakefish posted on 10/22/16

On behalf of the Lakefish family, we offer our most sincere condolences.


Audrey Loggia posted on 10/21/16

Dearest Bob and Phillipe, I have just found this obituary for Janine today. I ( and Cynthia) who happens to be visiting me, we're in Portland on Sept 27th. We stayed overnight, on our way driving from LA to Seattle. We tried to locate you both while there, without success. I called the only number I had, but they said you were no longer there, and could not give me any other information...We did leave a couple of messages on an answering service ( or machine?) at a number for Phillipe Kreiter, but never heard back. For some reason, it didn't occur to me to google Janine until today...please accept our most sincere condolences. This makes both of us very very sad. We have so many warm and wonderful memories of Janine .... We send you both much love. Audrey Loggia and Cynthia Armstrong.


Patricia Ariniello - Rojas posted on 10/20/16

Oh sweet baby David. I have the fondest memories of David, his sisters, and his mom and dad. Erin and Ester were my doll house playmates. I can still smell Claude's cinnamon roles and hear Callie's laughter. Boy, that kitchen was huge and the memories of Sunday meals remains deep in my memory. What an amazing gift to have been part of this families journey. David and my brother Peter were like two peas in a pod; soul mates living on the same parallel in the universe. An incredible phenomenon that most of us will never experience. Full of love, energy, and agony. I am very sad today to have learned that David has left us. I will continue to carry his joy for life and exuberance as I continue my own journey here on earth. David's death is part of a plan and he will be rewarded. With Love, Patricia Ariniello - Rojas



Patricia Ariniello - Rojas posted on 10/20/16

Sweet baby David, thank you for energy, humor, and love for life. A beautiful soul!


Gina Doss (Ariniello) posted on 10/20/16

I am so very sorry to hear of your great loss. I have clear memories of his infectious smile and David and Peter laughing and playing in our houses and yards, and being the best of friends to each other. My thoughts and prayers are with him and all of you.


Brian Murphy posted on 10/19/16

Good neighbor , dog lover , famous flat cap, A funny punster, solid , kind. Good memories of a man who will be so missed On the cul- de - sac. Rest with that smile and Know you'll always be in our neighborhood . Brian


sharon planer esquibel posted on 10/15/16

upor still with me every day. im a lot like you now that im 64. I don't miss our horrible relationship but you did everything you said you would for me I love you eternally for all you were and are to me oct 13 2016


Randall Lakefish posted on 10/15/16

On behalf of the Lakefish family, we offer our most sincere condolences.


Suzy (Snook) Garman posted on 10/14/16

Bertha (I always called her Bertie) was the first person I met on my first day of school at Washington High School. She was walking by and I rushed out the door and asked if I could walk with her. She was just the sweetest, dearest friend! She is a person who shines God's light in this world and it feels darker when she's not here. Her light is shining in heaven. I didn't see her for years and then I went to her Church with a friend and found her again. I didn't know she was sick. I'm so sorry I didn't. I wish I'd said things to her to let her know how she touched my life and will always be in my heart.


Bill McDonald posted on 10/13/16

Mike, my sympathy to you and family.


Anne Youmans posted on 10/7/16

Both Delynn and I remember meeting Alex and being so impressed by the love shown between father and son. While we know the love will live on forever, we are heartbroken that he won't be here in person to revel in it. Our thoughts are with you, Pete.


D. Harris posted on 10/7/16

Dear Family, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear loved one and send you my sincere condolences. May you find comfort from God's word at Revelation 21:3,4 and John 5:28,29. Heartfelt prayers are with you and your family.


TJ posted on 10/4/16

Offering sincere condolences. I am so very sorry for the loss of your young son. No doubt this is a very difficult time for the family. Please find comfort in knowing that soon our Heavenly Father (Psalm 83:18) will give those who have fallen asleep in death the opportunity to live again (Acts 24:15) and serve him in a world under much better conditions than what we see today. (Psalm 37:29; Rev. 21:4,5)



Xian posted on 10/2/16

Frog in a cup :^)



Marie Petrasy posted on 10/1/16

Alex was in class at Sunnyside with my son, Rowan. He was always very polite and definitely had a great interest and depth of knowledge in regards to war history. I am so sorry for your loss. May the almighty take you under his wings and protect and comfort you and your family in your time if need. Much love and strength to you!


Natalie Leissler posted on 9/30/16

I've known you for about only six months. You were a best friend and a brother to my friend. You had always welcomed anyone into your home and had always shared similar values that I had which made it fun and pleasant to converse with you. You were one of the smartest and most knowledgeable people I've ever met in my life. You are so missed, and it still severely disturbs me about your loss. May the Lord bless your family and my condolences go out to your parents Cyndi and Pete.. I cannot imagine what you feel but he will always be your baby. God Bless, I wish nothing but peace to you all. - Natalie



Shannon Hennessy posted on 9/30/16

I'll forever see him as a smiling, sweet little boy. He will remain in my heart and memory



Stefanie J Foster posted on 9/30/16

I have no words. My heart is heavy in hopes that I can take on some of your pain.... if only for a moment. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you or your family....anytime



Naomi Morton posted on 9/30/16

May all the Light brought to All by this dear one be remembered Always.



Lin posted on 9/30/16

Friends are pillars on your porch. Sometimes they hold you up, sometimes they lean on you, and sometimes it’s just enough to know that they are standing by.” Elizabeth Foley


Eve Celsi posted on 9/29/16

Such a tragic loss. I will never forget those eyelashes and that impish grin. So much love to you dear Cyndi. May you and your family find a path to healing and peace.


Megge Van Valkenburg posted on 9/29/16

Remembering Alex and Cyndi with great smiles, having fun on field trips and birthday parties. Thanks for sharing your love with us all Cyndi.



Susan Prior posted on 9/29/16

So sorry for your tragic loss, big love and good thoughts go to Cyndi and her family.



Susan Prior posted on 9/29/16

Alex had beautiful brown eyes and was very inquisitive as a youngster at Buckmam. big Love and Good thoughts go to Cyndi and her family.



Lorna Mcmullen posted on 9/29/16

Coronation street. she got me hooked line and sinker. I have sooo many memories, laughs, conversations over the last year and 10 months I will cherish my memories of my Dear friend Doris all the days of my life.


Elsie Litzenberger posted on 9/29/16

Lots of great memories of our families being together In Los Angeles. God has blessed you with a great family. My prayers are with you.


Maddy palmer posted on 9/28/16

Lex was the smartest person ive ever known there isn't one thing he couldn't tell you or a fact he wouldnt share daily. Not only that but he was a very supportive individual and friend we would hangout what seems like every other day and have important life conversations about echothers future and our goals for the year he was such an inspirational person and he always had my back. He is not here anymore and some days i want to break down and cry some days i do but i know hes looking over me and watching me protecting me and i can still feel his love around me, i love you alex i love your mom she's amazing she loved you like no other and your dad is a caring awesome person yout grandma is so sweet and loving we are all lucky to have had him in our lives now hes our angel watching over us and he will never be forgotten - to my bestfriend & his wonderful family



Julie Little (DePass) posted on 9/28/16

Remembering Alex. Our thoughts and Prayers.


rona and Jary Lesser posted on 9/28/16

Dear Alan and Glenda- we are so sad for both of you and know how much love and care you were able to provide in Doris's last two years with you. She was obviously a strong woman with an interesting life before her illness.


Harley Sachs posted on 9/28/16

On the few occasions I got to meet her she proved to be a remarkable, witty woman and a real presense in a room full of outstanding people. She shone.


Manda Bailey posted on 9/28/16

I miss you Grandma ❤️


Judy Santos posted on 9/26/16

Deepest and heartfelt condolences to Sandra and family. I was Brian's former Executive Assistant while he lived in NYC. He made an immediate impression on me from our first meeting. A true gentleman of pure heart and generous nature with an immense sense of humor. A truly great loss indeed.


Judy Santos posted on 9/26/16

Deepest and heartfelt condolences to Sandra and family. I was Brian's former Executive Assistant while he lived in NYC. He made an immediate impression on me from our first meeting. A true gentleman of pure heart and generous nature with an immense sense of humor. A truly great loss indeed.


Peter DeForest posted on 9/23/16

Bob was a kind Father-in-law and welcomed me into his family. I enjoyed his gentle good humor and give my condolences to his family.


Shahin posted on 9/22/16

Rest in peace Brian. You will be missed. Sandra, our heart goes out to you during this difficult time. We want you to know that we are here for you during this difficult time. Shahin & Marjan


Leslie O'Leary posted on 9/22/16

Bob and I send our condolences and all our aloha. There are no words that can express our deep sorrow.


Randall Lakefish posted on 9/22/16

Deepest Condolences from the Lakefish Family.



sarah posted on 9/21/16

I miss you Gram!!


William P. Kolbin posted on 9/13/16

Shalom Joshua and family. Through the years, I would always think of you all up there in Portland even though its been years since weve seen each other. And I will never forget being at your home as well. Goldie was always so sweet and kind to me and my family. She added so much to the Jewish community. My mother Becky died 4/1/13. She and Goldie were first cousins. All the get- togethers in Atlanta, New Haven and Portland will always be treasured. Tiffillos and Kiddush Hashem for Goldie. She was always "gold". Bill Kolbin nm.



Kelly O'Neill Cavalli Walsh posted on 9/13/16

Artistic, Beautiful, Considerate sister-in-law: Peace and grace be with you and your family!



Kelly O'Neill Cavalli Walsh posted on 9/13/16

Artistic, Beautiful, Courageous sister-in-law: peace and grace be with you



Sarah Barnett posted on 9/13/16

Miss u grammy, you will always be in our hearts!! Love you always



Debbie Bailey posted on 9/13/16

Love and miss u mom



Debbie posted on 9/13/16

Miss you and love you until we meet again.


Debbie Bailey posted on 9/13/16

Love you.Until we meet again.



Debbie Bailey posted on 9/13/16

Mom Love and miss you til we meet again. But time to be with the love of your life now. Tell dad and all our love ones hi Jim and his family too, we will meet again


Don Barnett posted on 9/13/16

Love you always.


Dallas Nowik posted on 9/13/16

I love you, and miss you so much grandma. love Dallas



Sarah posted on 9/13/16

I miss you grammy, love you always!!


Debbie Bailey posted on 9/13/16

LOVE YOU MOM.Time to be with the love of your life go in peace.Will see you again!


Charles Barnett posted on 9/12/16

miss you mom Love always


Matt posted on 9/12/16

Love you grandma.



Don Barnett posted on 9/12/16

In memory of Peggy Barnett, Don Barnett lit a candle



Beverly posted on 9/12/16

Always in our hearts. Love u grandma.



Zachary jones posted on 9/11/16

Love and miss you terribly, your grandson zach.



Leanne Fitch posted on 9/10/16

My Dear Cousin, Thank you for always having my back ! Even when I tnought I didn't need it, not


sharon knorr posted on 9/9/16

Judy and I were there at those hospitals holding hands as each of out Grandchildren were born. We had that bond.. that bond that those two children were very important to us. Judy you will be missed, but thank God the pain is over. ...... Blessings


Judy and Phil Seeley posted on 9/9/16

Our hearts are heavy with grief for you, Mike and the entire family. We love you and will miss that little girl. Big hugs.



Sandy Morse posted on 9/9/16

You will be missed by many.


Mark Sullivan posted on 9/9/16

Such a beautiful person. She will be missed. Love, Mark and Patti.


Don and Marilyn Sirianni posted on 9/9/16

Our love and prayers.



James Lippi posted on 9/9/16

God Bless


Milt Friesen posted on 9/7/16

I cherish the memories of my dear friend Bill Walden, singing with him in the Medford Apostolic Faith's Mens quartet along with Duane Jones and Bud Schleigh.


Andrea Overbeck posted on 9/3/16

I saw Bernie last month at Friday night services at Temple Beth Israel. He told me that he had just moved to the Rose Schnitzer. I saw him at services quite a bit throughout the years and he always kind. I am so sorry for your loss.


Jon Hirschbein posted on 8/30/16

I am forever grateful for the wonderful memories I have of spending time with you and Grandma. From my childhood days of having you magically pull quarters out of my ear and taking rides in the boat with the family, to spending time with everyone in Milwaukee while visiting with Great Grandma, these memories will stay with me for the rest of my life. May your memory always be for a blessing. Love always from Jon and Colleen.


Sheryl Hirschbein posted on 8/29/16

Rest in peace dad. I know you're suffering is over. I miss you terribly and think about you all the time. All my love.


Seamus Kennedy posted on 8/28/16

I am so saddened to hear about Todd's passing. Our short relationship ended on an unkind note on my end, and I have always regretted that. May all of his family and friends remember his kindnesses, my experience of him was short but his heart will find room and honor in mine. xoxoxo


Anthony DiGregorio posted on 8/27/16

I'm saddened by your mom's passing. She was a wonderful woman. I remember fondly all the time spent in her and Al's kitchen and making sausages and meatballs. She will be missed.


Michelle E. posted on 8/27/16

My condolences to you at this time of sorrow, dear family. And may these promises comfort you now and in the days to come, as you endure the loss of your loved one. Jehovah God is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. And he will wipe away the tears from all faces. Psalms 34:18; Isaiah 25:8.


Jim and Mary Ann Perryman posted on 8/26/16

Joe and Gloria were special friends from Venice, Florida. We've missed them at Bella Costa, but remember our many outings together. Dinners, special conversations, and especially ice cream at "Scoops" - Joe's favorite. Joe was always a true gentleman and a good friend. He will be missed. We send our love, sincere sympathy and prayers to Gloria and family.


Steve posted on 8/26/16

Happy Birthday Lashanda. I miss you my dear friend.


Steve posted on 8/26/16

Happy Birthday Lashanda. I miss you my friend.



Diane Felsenthal posted on 8/24/16

Rest in peace Joe


Beverly Blum posted on 8/23/16

Maya and Hank, My sincere sympathies on the unveiling of your father Aaron Langfus. He must have been very courageous in the Shoa. Maya, give me a call @ 296-523-7247, now you are in the same time zone.


Bev Blum posted on 8/23/16

Hank and Maya, I remember how hard he worked at Carpet city. Maya, before you leave can you call. E at 206-523-7247. Would like to hear from you.


Lisbeth Chvatal posted on 8/22/16

What started out many years ago as a business relationship between Joel and myself quickly became a warm friendship. It was a privilege to have known him and I will never forget his thoughtfulness and kindness. I have fond memories of Joel - like his beautiful wedding to Mary Jane. I am so glad I had a chance to visit with him last spring. I ask to share your loss and to extend my heartfelt sympathy. Lisbeth Chvatal


Lisbeth Chvatal posted on 8/22/16

What started out many years ago as a business relationship between Joel and myself quickly became a warm friendship. If was a privilege to have known Joel and I will never forget his thoughtfulness and kindness. I have many fond memories of Joel - like his beautiful wedding to Mary Jane. I am so glad I had a chance to visit Joel in Green Valley last spring. With great personal sorrow, I ask to share your loss and to extend my heartfelt sympathy. Lisbeth Chvatal


Dori/mojo posted on 8/21/16

So sorry. Just wished granddaughter Morgan was mention


Laura Connell, Ellianna and Dawson Plumridge posted on 8/20/16

Grandpa Art you are missed regularly, daily, and fondly.. We were blessed to be able to call you Grandpa to my children, and a mentor and man with much wisdom to me. You helped me and my children out often and we were and are forever grateful to your Love, guidance, and laughter we had with you many days.. Thank for what you represented in our lives, Thank you for loving Our Nana the way you did!! And we will always remember your kindness, love and Contagious laugh. God Bless You Grandpa Art. We Love you very much. Laura, Ellianna, and Dawson


Greg T Squire posted on 8/19/16

Art Senior was our second father who took us skiing many times to Manny park. One time we were driving up and Art noticed a large rock coming of the mountain ( eagle eyes) he reached over the complete length of the windsheild to protect us all. I will always cherish those memories. Gone but never forgotten...


Constance Petrik posted on 8/19/16

Joel married my Aunt Janie. She is my father James sister. We will deeply miss them both. I'm so sorry for this awful tragedy. My family will keep your families in our prayers.


Trudi York Gardner posted on 8/18/16

Deepest sympathy, Rabbi and family, on Goldie's passing. Trudi


Deanna Mueller-Crispin posted on 8/18/16

Arnie was one of our go-to attorneys when I was working on administrative rules and legislation for DEQ. He was always ready to take time to review drafts and help with legal advice. And he always took my questions seriously. I am very sorry to hear of his passing.


Glorianne Goorin posted on 8/17/16

I am deeply saddened by the tragic death of my good friends Joel and MaryJane.They will be missed immensely .I will never forget the kindness shown byJoel during my husband Al's long illness.My deep condolences to the family. Glorianne Goorin


JERRY LESHGOLD posted on 8/17/16



Trudi Schnitzer Stone posted on 8/16/16

I was so sorry to hear of Mrs. Stampfer's passsing. I remember when we were in the high school Sunday class at your home, she always so sweet to all of us and we all looked forward to seeing her each Sunday


Alice Rehns posted on 8/14/16

I am Lila's daughter. She was trying to reach your mom recently. So sorry to hear of your loss.


Richard & Laura Plumridge posted on 8/14/16

Growing up with Art and Carol was more than a child could dream of!!! The summers in BC were full of fun and freedom....Art made sure of it!!!! I have a ton of stories!!!! Brlieve me, A TON!!! Art was as kind to me as my own Father!!! My wife Laura Plumridge and I will miss a truly amazing man very very much!!! Goodbye Art will never be forgotten!!! We Love You!!! R&L


Nancy Jameson posted on 8/9/16

He was such a loving father and had a heart of gold...i remember my dad helping me when i need comferting


Drummond & Marlene Hudson posted on 8/8/16

Dear Diane, Carol, Carisu and Art. We all have so many wonderful memories of Art and the family, especially in our younger lives when we worked together and played together. Art was a kind and generous person, a brilliant designer and hard worker, yet he always had time for family and friends. He will be greatly missed.


Linda Pallini posted on 8/8/16

Art was very special. We appreciated his wit, wisdom and care for his family. With heartfelt condolences, the Pallini's


Dianne Noort posted on 8/8/16

Dear Carol, Diane, Carisu and Art I will remember my second cousin Art, as kind and welcoming. Although I was not so present for a number of years after moving away to Quebec at age 2, my mum, Phyllis, kept a 'presence' alive of all the extended family. I fondly remember a visit to BC one summer when I was 14, spending time at the Sunshine Hills hobby farm. I think young Art was about 4. We all attended great-uncle Drum's 100th birthday celebration in Florida and came together again in 2012 in Costa Rica for a fun filled family reunion. Great family times too, at the Boxing Day gatherings. All my love, Dianne


Dianne Noort posted on 8/8/16

Dear Carol, Diane, Carisu and Art, I will always think of my second cousin Art fondly, such a kind and welcoming person. I was not so present after moving away to Quebec at age 2, but somehow my mum Phyllis kept a 'presence' of the goings on in the extended family. I fondly remember a visit to BC one summer where we spent time at the hobby farm in Sunshine Hills. I think young Artie was only about 4 then. All of us gathered in Florida for Great-uncle Drum's 100th birthday and again in 2012 for a family reunion in Costa Rica. Great family times. Love Dianne


Erica Campbell posted on 8/7/16

My lovely cousin, with whom we had lots of laughs & memories, will be sorely missed. So glad that Terry & I were able to see you & spend time with you when we visited from New Zealand. RIP.


Carey,Reg, Cole and Alyra posted on 8/7/16

We are all so sorry to hear of Art's passing! We will always remember the family gatherings and Art's wonderful smiling jovial soul. He will be dearly missed. Our hearfelt sympathy to all.


Rick posted on 8/7/16

If everyone had as good a brother-in-law as you, the world would be a better place. We'll miss you. Rick & Annemarie


Jackie posted on 8/7/16

Guinness mug xx


Jackie posted on 8/7/16

Gunneiss mug xx rip


Suzanne Perna posted on 8/6/16

I miss my Aunta Nancy everyday, have not stopped thinking about her, and most likely never will. She was always so happy when we were all together! I am so happy I had a chance to be with her during my last business trip to Portland... I will never forget her......XOXO SO MISSED! love, Your middle niece....xoxoxo


Shawn Downing posted on 8/2/16

Though I have not seen Jeff in 15 + years I always thought our paths would cross again in this lifetime. I always thought of him of being like a Brother to me and we were great friends. I am deeply sadden that we will not see each other again and the world seems a little more empty knowing he is no longer here. Love and prayers to Jeff and his Family.



Cory Yilmaz posted on 8/1/16

Danny and his energetic, uplifting spirit will be missed :(


Alina posted on 7/31/16

I miss you so much :( I wish I got to know you better, but every time I saw you around the halls you would always be smiling and hanging with friends like everyone does. I wish you didn't have to leave so soon. Everyone in the Franklin community loves you. Going to Mandarin class won't be the same without you. I hope you're doing okay up there and I know we'll all see you again.



Brenda Strong posted on 7/29/16

Donna McQueen was my second mother. When I met my childhood friend Becky, Dick and Donna and their children became my other family. I never had a little brother and Jamie became the little brother I never had. They were there to support me when I hurt myself at six years old and had to be taken to the hospital for 26 stitches. Donna was there as a dear friend of my mothers, who shared an artistic sensibility and respect for nature. Becky and I thrived under these two women's shielding arms. Donna was more nervous and sensitive, my mother more earthly and grounded, but between the two of them it was more love than I could imagine. Donna was a gentle spirit who was able to capture the essence of natural beauty and bring it to life in her paintings. She was a devoted mother and daughter. Some fond memories include her making us milkshakes late at night when we were teenagers after swimming all day, or teaching me how to drink Tab, or her Sunday afternoon family meals of ham and pineapple and green beans. Or how clean her house always was, vacuuming and dusting were our jobs and it taught us responsibility and respect for our environment. She was a light spirited being, who was sensitive and conscious and caring. She didn't deserve this. I wish her peace, I wish her family peace. I wish the young woman whose life is inextricably altered peace. Thank you Donna for everything that you did for the young spirited little girl that I was. I am so proud and honored to have had you in my life. I will be forever grateful to you for your love and affection. You were a blessing to me and my family. May your soul finally rest.


Janice Hurley posted on 7/25/16

I was stunned and saddened to hear about Danny's passing. I remember him fondly as a strong, trustworthy dance partner, and as an all-around wonderful person. My thoughts and prayers go out to Gail and her entire family. Janice Hurley



Hope LaFave posted on 7/23/16

Wings, now


Hope LaFave posted on 7/23/16

So Many Good Times with You, and Then with You & Tammy...Time was Stolen from Both of You, and You Both were Stolen from Us. Happy together again, the 3 of You..I'll see You All again. Tears


Dorothy posted on 7/22/16

My deepest sympathy



Kelly Evans posted on 7/21/16

My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. May your dad RIP!


Gay Fantz posted on 7/11/16

I did not know Donna, however her cousin Peggy and I are friends. Over time I've heard so many lovely stories about this very special woman. I'm so sorry about her untimely death, and hoping happy memories provide peace and comfort during this very difficult time.


Peggy Trees posted on 7/11/16

Donna was my cousin. Because of that we have similar backgrounds and have shared her 80 years and my 67 years in many different ways together.She was a friend, a best friend. Donna was a very intelligent women. She was well read and always kept up with current events. She was always interested in others people's opinions of what was going on in the world, especially this year's election. We also shared our views on spirituality. We shared books. We were able to talk about our beliefs with no judgment. For years she was my movie partner. And we always had a lively conversation afterwards. She loved the old movies as well as modern. She also liked sci-fi. Donna was a beautiful woman inside and out. I loved her natural curly hair. I loved it best the last couple of years when it was silverly grey. I loved her head bands and her hats. I remember when she had a hat tea party. I loved the colors and clothes she wore. She had such style. She was a great artist. Those of you who ever saw her apartment would agree with me. It looked like an artist's studio from her bedroom, bathroom, to every room of her house. Even outside her front door she had a large basket filled with large seashells and a plant and something hanging on her door. Out her back door was was patio of flowers and plants. She had an artist's touch about her that came out in anything she did. Donna was kind. She loved others. She was fun. She had a great sense of humor. She wrote a children's book even though it wasn't published. She was giving to others in need. She loved her family passionately. She loved me. And, I loved her. I will miss her.


kathy bakke posted on 7/10/16

Donna and I met way back when we were young mothers. She was my much valued 'upstairs' neighbor. Too soon time and geography separated us. It's nice to know she will have her final resting place in the wonderful Oneonta Gorge. My thoughts and prayers are with the family who loved her. Kathy Bakke


Michelle Miller RN posted on 7/10/16

My condolences to her loving family.


Sandy Strong Pearson posted on 7/10/16

Becky, I am so sorry for this sudden and tragic loss and the shock of it all. Donna was such a gifted artist and caring, tender-hearted and unique person. Besides our Brightwood family friendship memories and babysitting occasionally, I have a special memory of her. When I lived for about a year in those apartments she managed in NE Portland... I asked her to paint a peaceful mountain scene with trees laden with snow and she graciously did so in a short period of time, as I wanted to give it as a gift.. still treasured today. She will be missed greatly.


Lisa Myers posted on 7/9/16

I always really liked Lloyd Hulse and his approachable friendly wife in the LC Language Lab Ana Maria. I majored in Hispanic Studies and was in the same class (89) as Francisco Hulse. I thoroughly enjoyed his classes especially a couple of new classes (at the time they were new) on the History of Brazil and Basic Portugese. I remember Francisco Hulse commenting once "My dad LOVES linguistics and grammar. His personal heaven will be some sort gigantic language lab where he's listening to and analyzing who knows how many languages..." The quote was something like that anyway, I laughed, it sounded just like Dr. Hulse! His son would certainly know. Anyway, Professor Hulse, I hope you are enjoying your Celestial Language Lab, I'm sure you are! Go in peace.



Doris Marilyn McQueen posted on 7/8/16

One highlight that I can remember sharing with Donna, is that she would carry a camera, and take photos of patches of clover, or bleeding heart, and then would use her photos to create large paintings, with all the small details. Later on, she would use some of her favorite photos as greeting cards. She could see beauty all around her.


Ellen (Wyatt) McCartan posted on 7/8/16

I have so many very special memories of Dr. Hulse from my time at Lewis and Clark College. He taught me Spanish and Linguistics, but more importantly he was a friend. He invited me and others to his house several times, where we were pleased to talk to his kind, gracious wife and hang out with his son Jose and daughter Maria Ines. I will never forget his truly remarkable ability to sing and play the guitar - songs from all over Latin America. He'd sing in the accent or dialect of a certain region in a particular country! We could say, play a song from the highlands of Bolivia, or from the lowlands of Chile - and there he'd go - and his Spanish accent would adjust...I am so glad to have been able to see him again a few years ago at a reunion. He was an absolutely wonderful person.


Albert and Bette Lynn Menashe posted on 7/5/16

Somehow we just noticed this. So many beautiful memories of your family. And so sorry to read of the passing of your mother. Heartfelt condolence and love from your cousins, Bette Lynn and Albert


fam Fachiol posted on 7/5/16

Sincere condolente,suntem alaturi de voi,Domnul sa va mingaie


Jenny Ursan posted on 7/5/16

May our God give you peace until the trumpet will sound to meet Him in the Glory. I remember Iudita as a high school colleague, a member in the same church in our home town and also as a dear friend. God Blessings and condolences to all those you dearly loved.


Bernadine Lyman Thomas posted on 7/2/16

Remembering your beautiful mother and handsome dad. My good friend Jan, her sis and brothers were very fortunate to have such lovely parents. My condolences.



April Powers posted on 6/29/16

My mother made me who I am, her strength and beauty will never be forgotten



Ronda Sowders Gallant posted on 6/29/16

Terry took my sister and I to a movie when we were very little girls. She curled our hair and dressed us up. I loved her very much.


Derse Hartwick posted on 6/27/16

Lynette, Hope this note finds its way to you. I worked nights with your husband in the VA ER for many years and just prior to his passing we spent a great day catching up at Jury Duty. I was out of town when he passed and was unable to attend his service. My heart goes out to you and the rest of the family...including all the new felines that Steve caught me up on! Please know I enjoyed working with him even tho as you can guess we had our moments.... him practicing with his putter and us nurses squirting him with a syringe full of water to wake him up. It was all good. Hugs to you from me... Derse' Hartwick


Lorelei motter posted on 6/27/16

Praying for y'all... A wonderful life was extinguished far too soon.. GOD BLESS...


Marita Kovalik posted on 6/23/16

Mary, you are in my thoughts and prayers.....


Marita Kovalik posted on 6/23/16

You are in my thoughts and prayers....


Sharon Howell posted on 6/22/16

We are so sorry to hear of Betty's passing. She was always very special to me! We love you all!


Nurit Gillath posted on 6/22/16

Dear Mary, our thoughts are with you. To lose a parent is always a sort of an end. Even when we become orphans at middle age, we still feel like lost children. Love Nurit and Chaim


Baruch Bashan posted on 6/22/16

I remember Betty as a sweet, kind lady. I'm glad that she was with family as she passed on, and hope that they will be able to keep her "alive" in their hearts. Baruch Bashan


Karen Hansen posted on 6/21/16

It's been a long time since I've seen Aunt Betty but I remember her sense of humor and if I remember correctly, her laugh reminded me of Great Aunt Linda. My sympathy to you all and cherish those memories.


Jan LaRocca posted on 6/21/16

Dear Mary: Thinking of you and your family at this sad time. So thankful you had a wonderful mother and that she was able to live a long life. Hugs. Jan


Randall Lakefish posted on 6/21/16

Although I am unable to recall vivid memories of the Raskin family from my childhood, I know that Betty and the rest of her wonderful family were a part of my history. And for that, I wish to offer my most sincere condolences.


Zoe Boltak posted on 6/21/16

I hurt my kneees and.elbows in a fall, Ross treated me for a long time doing a great job. He loved to talk about his daughter Michelle, who just started college. He was such a proud father and a good family man. I knew him for about 12 years as a very nice man, who was kind and caring to his family, friends and patients.


Stacy Kaufman posted on 6/17/16

I saw a woman today wearing a bright yellow shirt with black and white striped skirt and tights. It made me chuckle and think of my old friend Ellen. We work together in the mid ninetys and became friends. When she moved out west we kept in touch for a while but life got in the way… I will always remember Ellen as a kind, comical soul with a very big heart. RIP Ellen… Your friend Stacy


Janis Sunseri posted on 6/16/16

My condolences to all who knew Gloria. She was a quiet, happy friend to all. Always caring and interested in what was going on in your life, she made me feel special. She was my aunt affectionately known to me as "Do Do" and my friend. I remember spending many weekends at the family's home on Alberta, such fun and great memories.. Love and prayers Janis Sunseri



Howard carlston posted on 6/15/16

aunt gloria always had a smile and cindy and I will miss her greatly.


Trudi York Gardner posted on 6/7/16

My mom, Martha Gevurtz York, used to always enjoy Goldie and talked fondly about her. Seeing Goldie's photo brought back memories. Sorry for your loss!! Trudi


Charlie Hysmith posted on 6/6/16

Mel & I worked together 17 years and spoke nearly every work day. He was a great friend & we had a lot of fun together. Each of us were always working on the next prank we could pull on each other. Good memories. You will be missed my Friend.


Dr joseph hamlin posted on 6/3/16

Our deepest sympathies in this time of passing.


Rachel Salter posted on 5/26/16

I will miss seeing Mary Lou coming to lunch at Joseph's Deli once in awhile & she taught 2 of my kids in 6th grade at Ventura Park in David Douglas school district quite a few years ago!! She was a special lady!!


Jane Krichevsky posted on 5/24/16

Sorry about your loss.


Linda Lock posted on 5/24/16

Jeff, Kris, Patti, Vonnie and family I'm so sorry for your loss. Wish I had the perfect words to comfort and ease your pain but I don't. Only time will make losing Mel less painful. RIP Mel. I have so many fun memories as a teenager with your family. I could always count on a laugh out of your dad. His cheering us on at the ball games or me prank calling his friend. That patio room that he'd build a fire in and we'd all be ran out because it got so hot. His pranks and smile. I'll never forget him. God bless


Linda Lock posted on 5/24/16

Jeff, Kris and family I'm so sorry for your loss. I'll always remember the old days at Portland Little League and your parents always cheering us on. All the times just hanging out at your house and the prank calls. Oh I know that's bringing a smile on his face. How he loved Donna Summer's love to love you baby and Tom Petty's running down a dream and free falling. RIP Mel. Give your Mom and mine a hug for me. God bless.


Dennaly posted on 5/24/16

I love the way you made every one happy and most of all you made me happy we all love you even though wanted to say im so so sorry i saw everthing. Love Dennaly you will always be in our heart


Susan Poff posted on 5/22/16

Gail, The Poff household is very very sad to hear of Dannie's passing. He was a creative and talented dancer, teacher and gentle man. He brought joy to so many people, audiences and dancers. I must also add he had the patience of a saint. So I'm sure he has center stage in heaven. I'm so sorry for your loss. Always, Susan Poff


Joan Hillyard Nichols posted on 5/20/16

I probably haven't seen Mary Lou since high school. But I remember her very well. She was a likable, pretty girl. Always had a smile. Our graduating class is having our 60th class reunion this year. We will miss Mary Lou.



Joan Hillyard Nichols posted on 5/20/16

I haven't seen Mary Lou since high school. But I remember her very well. She was a very likable, pretty girl. Always had a smile. Our graduating class will be having our 60th class reunion in this year. Mary Lou will definitely be remembered.


Sherri and Chuck Gold posted on 5/19/16

Our sincere condolences to the family.


Nikki Lee posted on 5/18/16

Our condolences to Sarah, Michelle, Zach and the rest of family. We really wish we could have made it up to Oregon. Our thoughts are with you and we love you all. Nick & Nikki



Abi beck posted on 5/17/16

I was a caregiver for Ava while she was at Beaverton rehab. Her kind humor and sweet heart will forever be remembered.


debra smith posted on 5/17/16

I did not directly know/meet Ross, but knew him thru many conversations with Sarah @ MJCC pool. So I know he was loved very much and his family was very important to him.. my thoughts & prayers are with ALL of his family and friends...


Jackie Obrist posted on 5/15/16

it wouldnt have have mattered if i hadn't spoken to Amy for 1 week or 1 year. She is always a smile in my heart and a friend that will forever be.


TJ posted on 5/13/16

Offering sincere condolences to the family and friends. May the future promises our Heavenly Father guarantee's will soon come about, comfort you, strengthen your faith and give you hope. (Acts 24:15; Ps. 37:29)


TJ posted on 5/13/16

Offering sincere condolences to the family and friends. May the future promises our Heavenly Father guarantee's will soon come about, comfort you, strengthen your faith and give you hope. (Acts 24:15; Ps. 37:29)


Shannon Lee (Koch) posted on 5/13/16

Growing up just down the street from your family I have many of many memories of your father. The most recent was running into him with my parents a few years back and all I could think was "does that guy ever age" .. His spirit and his smile were so big that he will be remembered by many . May you each be comforted with joyful memories during this time and always.


tina mantia posted on 5/12/16

My condolence to the Cavin family. Jeff and Kris you should be proud of the men you have become because of your mother and father. Love you guys!


The Krinsky Family posted on 5/12/16

We are all so saddened by the loss of beloved Dusty; But we are smiling at all of the wonderful memories of time spent together; at the fire at the ocean and so many other places. We are sure that if anyone gets a front row seat in heaven then it must be Dusty. With all of our love, Bob, Delilah, Jana, Ross and Ginger Krinsky


Barbara Adler posted on 5/11/16

dad! I miss you every day, until I see you again in heaven. love Barb


Rhonda Vaught posted on 5/11/16

Dear Mel, We have lost an archive of funny memories and sentimental treasures with your passing. I will endeavor to remember your telling of those stories. The way they made you laugh will always be the most profound part. I wonder if you took that penny with you??? I know that would make you smile!!! XO, Rhonda


Kelly Swick posted on 5/11/16

Mel was one of a kind. I will truly miss you. He always had a way to make people smile and laugh, especially when they were feeling down. I will miss our many talks and texts on the phone my dear friend. Prayers to your family


Lisa Buenger posted on 5/11/16

I met the most wonderful lady on the plane from Portland to Minneapolis St. Paul last weekend. She was introduced to me by her parents who had recently along with the rest of her family and friends laid her to rest. I just wanted to share that I sincerely know I would have loved to have been friends with Michelle! She is a compassionate, energetic, devoted, service oriented friend, fun, creative wife, aunt, daughter, sister, physical therapy healer and "driv-in movie entrepreneur!" that will live in memories as she is shared with strangers like me. Please accept my condolences, prayers for peace, and some smiles as you go through your day. She obviously is still living on!


Shannan Cavin posted on 5/11/16

My Father in Law Mel will be missed. He loved his two boys Jeff and Kris and was so very very proud of them. Mel loved to talk and gab, he talked to Jeff just about every day. He could make a whole room of people laugh with his fun humor and others were drawn to him. The good times will not be forgotten. My love to Jeff and Kris at this time..


Pat McGuire Walquist posted on 5/11/16

Remembering your last visit to independence, was shocked to see you with hair, you said the curly Afro was the result of having crew cuts all your life till then. Wish I had a photo. Love from all here.



Jeff Holmes posted on 5/11/16

Mel, you were one hell of a guy. You were a great friend to those around you. I remember our bantering back and forth about the value of your 1962 Chevy pickup. I could never spend what you thought it was worth. Rest in peace old friend.



Chad Itami posted on 5/11/16

I will always remember your Dad during holidays at the flower shop. He would take a bouquet and a few balloons and walk out the front door like he bought them. He then came around the back and did it again. It just cracked him up. He was our walking billboard.


Lisa Downey posted on 5/11/16

Your Dad was one of a kind. He will be missed. Thinking of the family and praying for you all.


d mullins posted on 5/10/16

So very sorry to read of the tragic loss of your Stephanie, Our heavenly Father promises us that very soon he will 'swallow up death forever, and wipe the tears from all faces' Isaiah 25:8. What a wonderful future hope that is. There is much Bible based comfort to be found on


Luann and Rick Contois posted on 5/10/16

Rick & I are so very sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Michele. May she rest in peace.


Sandi Bittler posted on 5/7/16

I am deeply saddened to hear this news and devastated for all who knew and loved Stephanie. Your family will remain in my thoughts and prayers.


Loren Skogland posted on 5/4/16

Losing our friend has affected all of us here at MIlo's. Our thoughts are with you.


Kelli Durham posted on 5/4/16

A person who departs this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds, through us they live on. Please accept my condolences, she will never be forgotten.


Kelli posted on 5/4/16

A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds, through us, they live on. Please accept my condolences, she will not be forgotten.


Corrine Salinas posted on 5/4/16

Deepest condolences for the entire family - thoughts and prayers with you all.


Vita Ciullo posted on 5/4/16

Our most heartfelt sympathy with the loss of your beautiful wife, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin and friend to so many. Michelle accomplished more in 37 years on this earth than most people do in a lifetime. Love, Cousin Matt & Vita Ciullo


Randall Lakefish posted on 5/4/16

Please accept my deepest sympathies.


cheryl samborski posted on 5/4/16

Michelle was a gift to us all. Words cannot begin to express the sadness I feel at her passing from our joy to heaven. Her brief time on this earth touched so many and I pray that the loving arms of God will hold all who have loved her in his arms and surround her family and friends with support and comfort.


Sue posted on 5/4/16

So sorry for your loss! ! Hold your happy memories close as you journey through your grief. I provided foot care for your Mum @ the foster home in West Linn. She was a joy to visit.


Sue posted on 5/4/16

I am so sorry for your loss. Hold your happy memories close. I provided foot care for your Mum @ the foster home in West Linn-- she was such a joy to visit



Nick, Alyssa and Lucy Ciullo posted on 5/4/16

Rest peacefully Michelle.


Jennifer Schell posted on 5/3/16

I am so very sorry for this loss. I knew her years ago and she was an amazing woman!


Robert Huff posted on 5/3/16

Dear Peruzzi family and friends, I'm very sorry for your loss. Michelle was a very special an inspiring person. Peace and love to you all. Bob


Jennifer Zagorski posted on 5/3/16

My sincerest condolences to the Petruzzi family. My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time.


Jan Kuhl-Urbach posted on 5/3/16

i am so saddened learning just now that Eric is gone. My deepest sympathies go out to his family, his children, his groupies and many friends-I am so sory for our collective loss. I first met Eric when I took the first of my 2 sons to MAC for a sing-a-long class over 20 years ago. What a gem-he could bring out the best even in a shy child and his creative figure play and instrument jams gave much joy to so many children. His delightful songs, their playful lyrics and catchy melodies, have become part of our family canon-just awaiting my grandchildren. He really deserves recognition as a great American children's songwriter! I continued to have many conversations with Eric over the ensuing years-peppered by his laugh, buoyed by his sincerity, warm, wit, wisdom and intelligence. It was my good fortune to have shared time with Eric. The world id a better place for his having spent time with us. Jan Kuhl-Urbach, Portland, OR


Ruththella White posted on 4/28/16

I attended UP with Gregg and remember our special conversations. What a gentle and special man he was. I was one of the few African-American women at UP. Gregg never made me feel like I was different. We lost touch after I left UP, but I always thought of him throughout my life. It is wonderful that he fulfilled his dream. I am the first woman in my family to graduate from college. Gregg made such an impact on my life that I named my first-born son Gregory. My second born son Daniel was also born on February 8th. They both honor this special man that made such an impact on my life. Rest in Peace and Love Gregg. My prayers and condolences go out to your family.


michael horowitz posted on 4/27/16

I will miss her. My best wishes Carol and her family and friends



Susie Goldsmith posted on 4/25/16

My deepest sympathy to Sue and her family on the loss of such a wonderful person. Even though I did not see Joe and Sue often, I always looked forward to our visits. My best to all of you.....Love Susie Goldsmith